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Rohtak sisters: The darker side

See this video below shot by a concerned citizen. It interviews the people of the villages and passengers of the bus. It appears that the girls are professional extortionists. They beat men, shoot video and blackmail them for money.



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Ignoble Resident Sepoy Gets Noble

Kailash Satyarthi, a little-known, self-proclaimed crusader against “child slavery,” has recently been awarded the Noble Prize for Peace. Many Indians — including journalists — were perplexed as they had never heard of the man. On scratching the surface, the truth has come out: Satyarthi is just another opportunist sepoy who was quietly being groomed by the Whites for years and used against India’s national interests. The agenda was to target some of India’s industries in the guise of activism and thwart competition with Western firms.

Satyarthi has been a smart sepoy, only too happy to offer his services as long as Western awards and funds were made available. India Facts has published a brilliant expose of this charlatan and his links with Western churches and manipulative American politicians who are known for running operations in third-world countries. A pox on Indians like Satyarthi and their Western awards.

Kailash Satyarthi –Nobel Prize for advancing WTO’s agenda

By Arvind Kumar

The choice of Kailash Satyarthi for the Nobel Peace Prize is the result of an old tussle between India and the US. Throughout the 1990s, the US used trade sanctions as well as the World Trade Organization to foist its version of the so-called “free trade” which came complete with patent laws, genetically modified seeds, Enron’s shenanigans, and stringent standards related to environmental and labour laws. The Indian government as well as Indian activists resisted these moves at that time and there was friction between the US and India.

The environmental and labour laws were intended to make it expensive for businesses to run their operations in India by forcing them to go through a costly certification process, and one such law that targeted the Indian carpet industry was the Child Labour Deterrence Act which was passed in the US. The law was first proposed in 1992 by Democratic Party politician and American Senator Tom Harkin who drafted it with inputs from Kailash Satyarthi.

Not only did the American law grant NGOs in India the status of inspectors of Indian businesses, but Satyarthi also demonstrated his entrepreneurial skills and set up one such NGO named Rugmark in 1994 with venture capital from a German Protestant group named Bread for the World. He thus profited from his venture while also effectively becoming an inspector on behalf of Western forces ensuring that Indian businesses would lose their competitive edge.

Satyarthi’s benefactor, Bread for the World, does not hide its political agenda when it declares on its website that it seeks “to influence political decisions in favour of the poor.” Many cables on the whistle-blower website Wikileaks too show that money from the group has ended up with churches in at least one country (South Korea) where these churches attempted to foment political trouble.

In 1994, Kailash Satyarthi appeared before a Senate subcommittee chaired by Tom Harkin instead of raising the issue with either the Indian parliament or the Indian government thus calling into question not only his motives but also the veracity of his claims made before his international audience.

When USA passed Tom Harkin’s law, India already had laws against using child labour and the American law, rather than helping families of children who were employed in the carpet industry by finding them alternative means of earning their livelihoods, merely aimed to help Western firms by weeding out competition. This point seems to have been noted by Dr. Subramanian Swamy who was appointed the Chairman of the Commission on Labour Standards and International Trade by the then Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao.

Dr. Swamy writes in his book, India’s labour standards and the WTO framework, ‘It would be of interest here to note that Section 2 of the Child Labour Deterrence Act of 1993 — Tom Harkin’s Bill — introduced in the House of Representatives and the Senate in USA says brazenly: “adult workers in the United States and in the other developed countries should not have their jobs imperilled by imports produced by child labour in developing countries”.’

Children who worked in the carpet industry did so out of desperation but Tom Harkin and his assistants cynically portrayed it as a case of exploitation. In many cases, the employer too was from a similar socio-economic background as the children they employed, and both parties viewed the arrangement as a means of providing a livelihood for the families of children involved in the manufacture of carpets. The result of the Harkin-Satyarthi effort was that scores of families of carpet manufacturers as well as families of their employees were reduced to misery and many of them even faced starvation.

Satyarthi’s NGO, Rugmark, later changed its name to Goodweave International and it is pertinent to note that a majority of its board members have Christian names and at least two of them are from Western churches that use the alleviation of human suffering as a cover for proselytism, a strategy that has been effectively used by Western governments to destabilize several countries. While one board member, Rev. Pharis J. Harvey, is from the United Methodist Church, another board member, Pat Zerega, is from the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

It also turns out that Tom Harkin was responsible for nominating Kailash Satyarthi for the Nobel Prize, effectively making the prize a quid pro quo for Satyarthi’s services rendered to American politicians.

Although Satyarthi was unknown in India and around the world until he was named as the recipient of this year’s Nobel Prize – making the award even more questionable – Western countries seem to have decorated him with many prizes such as the Robert F. Kennedy Award, Defenders of Democracy Award, an award from the US State Department and other awards from European countries. Many of the awards he has received are known to have been used in the past as rewards for advancing the agenda of American and European governments.

Despite the US government honouring Satyarthi with awards, a Wikileaks cable acknowledges that they understand he exaggerates the number of children who are engaged in child labour in India. Others have complained that Satyarthi has made tall claims of rescuing up to 50,000 children but has been unable to provide details of the identities and whereabouts of the children when challenged to do so. Satyarthi has also been accused of staging a ‘rescue’ operation for the benefit of Dutch television cameras by using a child who acted out the part of the victim.

The West has shown that its relationship with India is in bad faith and has sent the message that working for its mercantile agenda by acting against India’s economic interests can be rewarding. It should be noted that among the five Norwegian politicians who form the panel that decides the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, two of them have a history of actively interfering in Sri Lanka and supporting the Sri Lankan terrorist group LTTE. Of the two, Gunnar Stålsett is a former bishop and served as the state secretary of the Ministry of Church Affairs and Education while Thorbjørn Jagland is a former Prime Minister and a member of the Labour Party in Norway which grew out of the Communist movement. It is time for Indians to realize that the Nobel Peace Prize is just an award given by a group of politicians from Norway who pursue their own agendas, and the process of awarding this prize too has had its share of corruption scandals.

[The author can be reached at]

Talking about sepoys and House Negros, also read  R Jagannathan’s article published today in First Post: Behind Pankaj Mishra’s rants: A pathology of self-hate and Hindu-phobia


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Swami Nithyananda Controversy: Rajiv Malhotra’s Take

Well-known commentator Rajiv Malhotra on why Swami Nithyananda is very valuable for Hindus and why cases against him were hit jobs. Under the rule of Sonai Gandhi, a rabid Christian, all Hindu religious leaders came under attack one by one and faced arrest on charges which are yet to proved in any court. They were based on mere allegations. You have to go through the case details to actually realize how flimsy the charges and evidence are.

The idea seems to be to raise some wild allegations (usually of a sexual nature), create a stink in the media through paid hacks, and make Hindus lose faith in their religious leaders. Once they lose their faith in religious leaders, it is a matter of time before they lose faith in Hinduism too. I think it is the church behind this drama. It has been trying to take over India for 500 years, and most Hindus act as useful idiots in this game.

Rajiv Malhotra writes:

My criteria for evaluating Swami Nithyananda matter

I already gave my initial impressions on Swami Nithyananda’s Persecution 2.0 in this write-up. Now I wish to explain my methodology for reasoning on these matters. There are multiple factors to consider. Following are the criteria I use to evaluate where I stand:

Criteria 1: Impact on Hinduism
Criteria 2: Future benefits versus harm caused to society
Criteria 3: Legal merits of the case itself
Criteria 4: Should the media be encouraged with a victory?

I will explain each of these briefly.

1) Impact on Hinduism:

I have already explained the devastation caused each time anti-Hindus manage to bring down any Hindu icon, ritual, festival, guru, ideology, etc. Other religions (including Leftism) close ranks and deal with internal issues without letting opponents intrude and divide them. Hindus must learn to do this quickly. On this very important criteria alone, I support Swami Nithyananda against his opponents — all of whom have a very anti-Hindu track record. Hindus must send the message of solidarity.

2) Future benefits versus harm caused to society:

I personally know a large number of individuals receiving great benefits from his teachings. Those who are not his students are entitled to their opinions, but they are unqualified to evaluate his teachings with competence because our tradition is all about experience. Those who have received benefits will not get swayed by critics, and the final proof of benefit is in such voices of the practitioners of his techniques. Of course, this must be weighed against any harm being produced. But there is only one isolated complaint against him in court now. That too is very unconvincing as the item below explains. So going forward, he is likely to offer huge benefits to large numbers, and the argument that he will cause harm is unsubstantiated. Huge numbers of people who benefit are speaking out, but media is muzzling their voices. One lone complainant gets massive media support. This is nonsense.

3) Legal merits of the case itself:

The original Persecution 1.0 that happened in 2010 was 100% based on video clippings claiming to show Ranjitha in sex with Swami Nithyananda. That was played 1000s of times to sensationalize and push police into trumping up charges. But that case collapsed. The videos were declared morphed by forensic labs in USA.
Ranjitha lives as a devotee in his ashram. She has spoken out denying all the alleged events. Her lawyers have filed cases in court to this effect.
A US Federal Court ruled in favor of Swami Nithyananda, and fined half a million dollars to a person who had smeared his name on false accusations. So now the media has stopped mentioning Ranjitha. Why? Because their entire sensation is declared a false accusation. First you accuse, and when proven wrong, you don’t have the decency to make public apologies.
Why do they feature Ranjitha on TV, given that it was her alleged “victim hood” that was used as fodder in the first place? Alternatively, her video testimony could be recorded by an independent interviewer and posted on Youtube. Her side of the story matters.
Now the arrogance of the police has been stirred up recently, because Swami Nithyananda’s lawyers petitioned the Indian Supreme Court that the matter was dragging endlessly without merit. No concrete evidence of the charges had been supplied. The SC reprimanded them for being lazy. This is why the police suddenly swing into action against him. Should the police be driven by revenge and vendetta?
Now a different woman has emerged with allegations. She is the only one complaining now to the police. I was shown some papers on this matter. The charges look fraudulent to my novice eyes. Earlier she had complained of being raped. But when asked why she continued to travel with him on his talks for almost a decade (during the time period when she was supposedly being raped), she changed her story. Her latest story is that it was not rape, but consensual sex.
So if was consensual sex, why is that a sex-crime?
Most important: Her medical records from USA doctors were produced in court. These show that she had a STD (sexually transmitted disease) for the past 10 years — which is incurable and highly contagious. So if she was regularly having sex with the accused man, he would have certainly acquired STD from her. But medical tests of Swami Nithyananda produced in court show that he has no such disease whatsoever. She has zero credibility as the accuser.

4) Should the media be encouraged with a victory?

The media selectively cut-paste factoids and rumors, add their own speculations, prevent any opposing voice a chance to speak, and reach sweeping conclusions. Most of Indian media lacks not only intelligence but also integrity. I do not wish to hand them a moral victory. Just the opposite – this whole matter is mainly an ideological war between media and the institution of gurus. Thankfully, we now have social media to denounce the mainstream media’s behavior. They have not yet learned their lesson and are still living in the arrogance of old school pomp.

Each of you must do your own analysis and draw your own conclusion. Mine is never a simplistic evaluation. Many factors must be considered.
Issues like “he teaches x or y ideologies” are irrelevant to the matter. Some people are against him on irrelevant grounds. Whether you like his rituals, meditations, dress, etc. – this is your choice but it has no bearing. I personally like our symbols and rituals. I like to understand them as yajna – enactments of cosmic theater in one’s own self. Many of the arguments I read by those opposing him show their ignorance.

Rajiv Malhotra


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How Yasin Bhatkal was caught

The Open magazine has a fantastic piece on how the dreaded terrorist Yasin Bhatkal was caught from Nepal by Indian sleuths.

The manhunt for Yasin Bhatkal was India’s most meticulously planned undercover operation. An Open Exclusive chronicles India’s most sensational stakeout

The article proves what we all feared — the Intelligence Bureau sleuths are demoralized and scared of taking action against Islamic terrorists after some of them were targeted in the Ishrat Jahan encounter case. They are driven by doing good for the country and protecting India, otherwise money is in short supply, salaries are pathetic and they often pool their own money to conduct operations! At least 30 percent of their salary goes in this!! What can be more ridiculous? Hope Modi sets this right. Also, Nitish Kumar seems hand in gloves with some anti-national forces. He did not allow Bihar police to interrogate Bhatkal and recalled his officers so as not to lose Muslim votes! Something very sinister is going on with this guy, considering his unexplained Pakistan visit.

Meanwhile, the Love Jihad continues unabated against Hindu girls:

‘Love Jehad’ cases on the rise in Tamil Nadu

“My sister and my family owe it to Vellaiyappan for saving us in time,” said Venkatesh, a cab driver in Vellore. His sister Gayathri (name changed) was working in a tannery to supplement the family income when she was approached by a good looking youth. “He always expressed sympathies with me for working at a young age and told me that I deserve much better life. He told me that if I marry him, he would take care of me as well as my family. I was told that his brothers were in West Asian countries and it would not be a problem for him to get a good job for my brothers. His only condition was that I should get converted to Islam which I agreed though I knew that my parents and brothers would never approve it,” said Gayathri.

When his efforts to persuade Gayathri could not succeed, Vellaiyappan and Venkatesh went in search of the family of the youth. “To our shock we found that there was no such  family and there were no brothers working in Gulf countries. We found that the youth had a criminal past and had married two Hindu girls in the past from Vellore district itself. The parents of the girls did not file police complaint fearing societal remarks,” said Venkatesh.

Apparently, some Muslim youth have taken this as a full-time profession. They lure Hindu women, take her to a notary to convert her, marry her, make her pregnant, and then run away, leaving the pregnant Hindu lady in the lurch. They then begin to target some other Hindu girl. Apparently, some mosques pay them money for every marriage and conversion of a Hindu lady (maximum money for Brahmin ladies) and many Muslim men have made this their full-time job.


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Telangana: Seeds of Separatism?

I am somehow never comfortable with this KCR dude of Telangana. He doesn’t look patriotic enough and hates other Indians. One is never sure about his background linkages. Is the following a shape of things to come?


Telangana separatism


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Get ready to recieve tortured Indian maids from Saudi Arabia

Tortured Maids from Saudi Arabia

Tortured Maids from Saudi Arabia

This looks like UPA’s parting gift to India. Get ready for horror stories of our women coming back with nails drilled in bodies, bashed up faces, skin burns, broken teeth and rapes. Modi needs to step in and cancel this arrangement — notice that while quality restrictions have been imposed on maids, no reciprocal obligations of good behaviour exist on Saudi employers, most of whom are illiterate tribal sadists salivating at kaffir women who they consider as worse than cattle. Mr. Modi, please rethink sending our daughters and sisters to that torture chamber.


Saudi Arabia begins hiring housemaids from India

Riyadh: Facing acute shortage of housemaids, Saudi Arabia has started recruiting female domestic helps from India under a first-ever labour pact inked between the two nations in January.

Saudi Deputy Minister of Labour Mufarrij Al-Huqbani said the joint Saudi-Indian working team has finalised the recruitment contract that contains provisions to ensure the authenticity and implementation of the employment contract.

It also contains provisions to ensure recruitment cost, action against hiring agencies violating laws and a mechanism to prevent cheating by middlemen, the Saudi Gazette reported.

The agreement, which remains in effect for five years and will be renewed automatically for similar periods, seeks to establish a mechanism to provide 24-hour assistance to the domestic maids.

The contract was signed by Minister of Labour Adel Fakeih and then Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs Vayalar Ravi in New Delhi in January.

There are 2.8 million Indian workers in Saudi Arabia and Indians form the largest expatriate community in the Kingdom. Of the around 500,000 domestic workers, mostly working as maids, helpers, drivers and cleaners, around 10 per cent are women.

This was the first time India has entered into a labour cooperation pact with Saudi Arabia.

A committee of senior officials from both countries will monitor the implementation of the pact to straighten out any difficulties.

The agreement also includes putting specific conditions for accepting domestic workers, the report said.

The conditions include good conduct, they should not have legal or criminal cases. They should pass medical check-up, abide by the laws and traditions during the period of work in the Kingdom.


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NGOs: Enemies of India

The recent IB report on the foreign funding of NGOs in India has raised fake outrage among the usual suspects (mostly Indians riding on the gravy train). Westerners are nothing but a bunch of mercenary traders, who even bombed Iraq back to stone age to extract its oil for cheap. So why would they be sending more than 2.5 billion dollars every year to India for NGOs? What profit do they see in it? The answer: They use NGOs strategically to run campaigns to thwart the infrastructural and industrial development of India. The objective: Prevent India from rising as a threat to the hegemony of the Western civilization and emerging as a alternative supplier of goods and services which Western companies would have to compete against.

The billions of dollars pouring into India is subversion money which goes straight for conversions and bankrolling traitorous Indians who don’t mind stabbing their own country in the back as long as they fatten themselves with Western money. Here is a letter I recently read by someone posted online. It relates to the Vedanta mining project in Orissa and the role Western NGOs played in scuttling the project as that would have led to global domination of India in aluminum production. The letter was written in response to an article on NGOs, written by R Jagannathan and published in First Post. You can read it here.

Dear Mr. Jagannathan

Where do I start? Slightly long response but read on if you will. I am self confessedly pro-development and have case-by-case patience for activists who claim to be pro-conservation (environment, indigenous rights, green cover, etc). From personal experience, the activist organisations I engaged with were duplicitous at several levels — relying on outdated reports to make their case, stalling legitimate interaction with villagers by scare mongering, shouting down government officials at public hearings, and so forth.

I can speak about Vedanta Resources’ alumina/bauxite mining project in Lanjigarh as I was personally involved with the company for several years. In my experience, the chain of events went like a race relay.

The NGOs first protested that green cover would be eroded. This argument was countered with the proposal to reforest and create a parallel green cover. The first NGO vanished and a second came in its place! They next said that the proposed mine-site was a forest area and an elephant corridor and project would also be harmful to rare medicinal plants and herbs. An independent government study found last traces of elephant dung from over three decades ago. Further, their argument on Niyamgiri (where the proposed bauxite was to be mined by Vedanta) being a 21st century Sanjeevani Hill was thrown out of the window. When these arguments failed, the second NGO (I forget whether it was Action Aid or some other organisation) vanished, only to be replaced by Survival International.

Survival International projected itself as a champion of rights of the Dongria Kondh tribe in that area. And what a tragedy it was. Half the Kondh tribes wanted jobs for themselves and their children and not remain foraging on nuts and berries. The other half wanted to remain in their natural state. Survival International exploited this division and carried out a huge campaign against — human rights violation, violation of indigenous peoples, etc.

Every offer Vedanta made for R&R was turned down. As a company, Vedanta lost this battle recently. (I had moved on a few years ago). The cost was a staggering $6 billion or roughly Rs. 36,000 crores in HARD investment dollars on a plant that was forced to be mothballed. Add to this the ongoing losses due to lost production, alternative bauxite sourcing, etc. and it does not paint a lovely picture.

It also galls me personally that these NGOs were helped every step of the way by clueless politicans — Jairam Ramesh specifically and his lord and master, Rahul Gandhi. Mr. Gandhi famously went to Lanjigarh and told the Kondh tribes people there, “I am your soldier in New Delhi.” Well, finito. Forget Survival International and any other NGO campaigner. I would say Mr. Gandhi did in one visit what the NGOs could not accomplish in 7-8 years!

The lesson I have learnt personally is that NGOs change their agendas/campaign rhetoric to suit the material on hand — most of the time, ill informed. Ask these same NGO volunteers (and I have met and had tea and biscuits with several of them) to practice the rustic lifestyle of the Kondh for a few days — well, it is easier to get an alcoholic to blow up a distillery.

A NGO protest funded by overseas interests to weaken our domestic aluminum production capabilities, Vedanta is just one example. You see similar instances when you dig deeper into iron ore mining as well as a host of other minerals. I believe you are very charitable when you speak of bringing just these NGOs to account. Lynching is not lawfully permissible in India today; However, for the economic loss these NGOs have caused India and the way they have kept us mired to 1994 thereabouts, I wouldn’t mind having a go. Assuredly, this is not a knee jerk reaction from me.


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