Kashmiri kids in Madrasas brainwashed to blow up and kill Indian Kafirs

Catch ’em young — Islam is a religion of pieces



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7 responses to “Kashmiri kids in Madrasas brainwashed to blow up and kill Indian Kafirs

  1. nparamasivam1951

    Spoiling their future.

  2. je suis charlie- I am charlie (agnostic Yupp!!!)

    I am sure they are currently being taught about the attacks in paris and are probably having a debate on how they could have killed more people. Je Suis Charlie Hebdo!!!

  3. Convert the Muslims

    All of India, and Hindus, should be taught the disgusting teachings of the Quran and Hadith.

    And Hindus should be going on the offensive, obtaining conversions/reversions left and right. No need to enact Anti-Conversion laws. We should be pro-conversion/reversion

    • Mrs Precious Edgar

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  4. Dee

    Like you say, it’s time we stop being so tolerant … Oppose conversion, even in marriages.

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