Rohtak sisters: The darker side

See this video below shot by a concerned citizen. It interviews the people of the villages and passengers of the bus. It appears that the girls are professional extortionists. They beat men, shoot video and blackmail them for money.



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4 responses to “Rohtak sisters: The darker side

  1. Save India from becoming Americanized!!! I am gutted…

  2. Sai

    Till now I have known about one side of Rohtak sisters story.
    I am shocked seeing other side of Rohtak sisters after reading this post.
    So now in India there is no justice for people who are genuine. whether women or men.
    Thanks for this post. Otherwise I would never have known about other side of these Rohtak sisters story.

  3. Not only in India, genuine people do not get justice anywhere round the Globe. Its very clearly written in old texts of ‘Veda’. In Ghor kali, Dharma has only one leg. Sooner or later it will collapse, its only mater of time.
    Indian failed to make proper use of their females thus they irretrievably fell in wrong hand. Surpanakha an woman was sent to harm lord Ram and likewise Putana an woman was sent to kill ‘balak Krishna’.
    So, brother Sai, please don’t get surprised. Nothing is happening which is new. Its all reiteration.

  4. Prem Pratick kumar

    I remembered some one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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