How Yasin Bhatkal was caught

The Open magazine has a fantastic piece on how the dreaded terrorist Yasin Bhatkal was caught from Nepal by Indian sleuths.

The manhunt for Yasin Bhatkal was India’s most meticulously planned undercover operation. An Open Exclusive chronicles India’s most sensational stakeout

The article proves what we all feared — the Intelligence Bureau sleuths are demoralized and scared of taking action against Islamic terrorists after some of them were targeted in the Ishrat Jahan encounter case. They are driven by doing good for the country and protecting India, otherwise money is in short supply, salaries are pathetic and they often pool their own money to conduct operations! At least 30 percent of their salary goes in this!! What can be more ridiculous? Hope Modi sets this right. Also, Nitish Kumar seems hand in gloves with some anti-national forces. He did not allow Bihar police to interrogate Bhatkal and recalled his officers so as not to lose Muslim votes! Something very sinister is going on with this guy, considering his unexplained Pakistan visit.

Meanwhile, the Love Jihad continues unabated against Hindu girls:

‘Love Jehad’ cases on the rise in Tamil Nadu

“My sister and my family owe it to Vellaiyappan for saving us in time,” said Venkatesh, a cab driver in Vellore. His sister Gayathri (name changed) was working in a tannery to supplement the family income when she was approached by a good looking youth. “He always expressed sympathies with me for working at a young age and told me that I deserve much better life. He told me that if I marry him, he would take care of me as well as my family. I was told that his brothers were in West Asian countries and it would not be a problem for him to get a good job for my brothers. His only condition was that I should get converted to Islam which I agreed though I knew that my parents and brothers would never approve it,” said Gayathri.

When his efforts to persuade Gayathri could not succeed, Vellaiyappan and Venkatesh went in search of the family of the youth. “To our shock we found that there was no such  family and there were no brothers working in Gulf countries. We found that the youth had a criminal past and had married two Hindu girls in the past from Vellore district itself. The parents of the girls did not file police complaint fearing societal remarks,” said Venkatesh.

Apparently, some Muslim youth have taken this as a full-time profession. They lure Hindu women, take her to a notary to convert her, marry her, make her pregnant, and then run away, leaving the pregnant Hindu lady in the lurch. They then begin to target some other Hindu girl. Apparently, some mosques pay them money for every marriage and conversion of a Hindu lady (maximum money for Brahmin ladies) and many Muslim men have made this their full-time job.



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8 responses to “How Yasin Bhatkal was caught

  1. Balaji

    why Hindu organizations/individuals take up the task of demolishing caste-system? (or, at least creating environment of weaking/demolishing caste-system?)

    What is stopping them? Such Hindu organizations/individuals must work at ground level – of course, it will be an effort at mass scale for many years.

    How many have the guts?

    • caste system doesn’t need to be “demolished”, just made more flexible, which is already happening. the Hindu orgs should be using their resources to start mass conversions of Muslims and Christians.

  2. Cynical

    The moot point is why Hindu girls get so easily lured, even when they know that the seducer is a Muslim, as in this instance of Gayatri.
    Besides a lot many Hindu girls marry Muslim men out of their own volition.

    • SC

      Muslims go after either vulnerable girls (broken families, emotionally weak), girls under financial stress or girls who watch too many Bollywood movies. And it is not only Hindu girls. In UK, Muslims are after white girls. They lure them and instead of marrying them, they use them as sex slaves. Sikh Girls in UK are also their targets. In Kerala, they are after Christian girls too. In fact, the issue of Love Jihad was first raised by Church, not by RSS. Muslims targeting women of other faiths with a malicious intent has become a worldwide problem.

  3. The Hindus must also begin to start mass converting Muslims. If that is how they want to play the game then so be it. I’m not recommending actual love jihad but if say a Hindu is engaged to a Muslim the Hindu must demand the Muslim convert (whether female or male).

    Also, Hindu organizations should be on the lookout for villages who are ripe for conversion.

    • agnostic Yupp!!!

      Entry to Islam is a one way ticket. Once a muslim, always a muslim. According to Islamic laws, a muslim who leaves Islam is to be killed. Its the law of Mohommad the pedophyle.

  4. S

    Why he was caught is beyond me. Indians must learn to treat these vermin like bacteria or viruses and exterminate them instead of spending more money on them. This is the sole way that the jihad was stopped historically, both in India as well as Europe.

  5. agnostic Yupp!!!

    Don’t you know this love Jihad is a fake thing invented by RSS to alienate innocent muslims. How do I know this? Pappu and his Italian mommy told me this. We have to believe everything they say. Who am I? I am a classical example of self hatin(hindu hating), muslim sympathysing, leftist. I condemn what modi did in gujarat and Ignore the proscecution of Kashmiri Pandits. I sympathise with christians missionaries but ignore christian terrorist of North east. I believe in Hindu muslim unity. Watching Jodha Akbar makes me so happy! Akbar is great! MAHRANA pratap was a trouble creator. I despise fellow hindus and lick the arse of my muslim master. Aurangzeb and mughdls ki jai ho! Nehru ki jai ho. Bhagat singh and Shubash chandra bose were evil. I know some muslims are but all muslims are not terrorist, whereas all hindus are saffron terrorists. I wish I was born in a muslim family. Hindus are fools. Israel is bad, gaza is good. Pakistan is India’s friend. The people who behead soldiers are not paki soldiers, they are terrorists funded by RSS, ZIONISTS AND AMERICA. who told me so? Defence minister of UPA govt. which is controled by Pappu and his italian Mommy and we have to believe each and every word they say.

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