Telangana: Seeds of Separatism?

I am somehow never comfortable with this KCR dude of Telangana. He doesn’t look patriotic enough and hates other Indians. One is never sure about his background linkages. Is the following a shape of things to come?


Telangana separatism



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5 responses to “Telangana: Seeds of Separatism?

  1. Samir

    TRS are the products of the incest BETWEEN Commies (Chinese Russaian bedwarmers) and the Vatican Escort and Entertainment Services called Sonia & Family Pvt Ltd.

  2. Samir

    This Italian Imposter the 5th grade gutter born christian inquisitor broke all rules of democracy in Lok Sabha. Would not have happened without Vatican-Opus Dei interest. Who ruled India under that white skinned monster from gutters of Italy?? K.V Thomas rushed to VATI-CUNT to get the stamp on Food Security Bill WHY?? CBI Director was sent to Vati-Cunt in 2014 Jan . Why?? The Italian Mafia work through “associates” for dirty jobs, so that Boss and Underbosses are protected. However, as FBI did in 40s, Bosses and Underbosses NEED to disappear and NOT arrested

  3. Makarand Sane

    mr samir, the barking dog togadia’s deciple…the whole India will become christian…it is just a matter of better book your ticket fo rvatican today itself…..enough with the worshipping of penis,donkey,monkey and elephants and rats as GOD…..wake up you asshole from the manuwadi gutter …oh you the cow urine drinker..wil you? remember what your shankaracharya said “sai baba is not a Hindi God…stop worshipping him”….but you idiots are still worshipping stone,insects and the shit of the animals…..a time woudl come when your own Shankaracharya woudl command you to stop worshiping all these demigods and animals…shankaracharya woudl proclaim one day that hindu religeon is a fake religeon and that all shoudl get converted to thre real GOD and true religeon …Jesus christ and christianity……till such time enjoy with your pagan worshipping you slave mentality scum…..

  4. Jaipal

    @Makarand Sane,

    Dream on. India is HINDU nation. Christianity will never win.
    It is dying in the West, a fact admitted by the Church itself.
    Many Indian Christians have been reconverted to Hinduism by Hindu
    groups like Arya Samaj, VHP ect ect. But you wouldn’t be aware
    of these facts as you are just a “rice Christian”, busy picking up one
    grain at a time.

    Christianity is Shit. The Bible is full of pornography and contradictory
    garbage which is an insult to human intelligence.

    Christianity= Shitty Insanity/Shitianity. Hinduism will win.

  5. Jaipal

    @Makarand Sane,

    Christianity is dying all over thwe world. It is being wiped out in the
    Middle east as we speak. Look what’s happening in Iraq. Christians
    are being forced to convert to Islam by ISIS, The Islamic group.
    Christianity is being gradually replaced even in Europe by Islam!. There
    are more Mosques in Britain than Churches today. Some Churches
    have been converted into Mosques.

    In India, Christianity can never win because you Christian pussies can’t
    fight the Muslims and will cowardly give in to them. Hindus on the other
    hand, have a history of fighting and winning against Islam, which is
    why India is still overwhelmingly Hindu upto today. Islam failed against
    Hinduism but has always succeeded against Christianity.

    Much of the Islamic world you see today is based on captured and conquered Christian territory. Now tell me, where was your Jesus Christ
    then and why he couldn’t prevent the elimination of two-thirds of Christendom at the hands of Islam?? Your God is a fake.

    India’s future will be either Hindu or Muslim but not Christian.
    There won’t be any place for you Christians then as we Hindu Nationalists
    won’t allow you losers to live in our country, neither will the Muslims
    allow you either if they win. In other words you and your faith don’t have a future.

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