Get ready to recieve tortured Indian maids from Saudi Arabia

Tortured Maids from Saudi Arabia

Tortured Maids from Saudi Arabia

This looks like UPA’s parting gift to India. Get ready for horror stories of our women coming back with nails drilled in bodies, bashed up faces, skin burns, broken teeth and rapes. Modi needs to step in and cancel this arrangement — notice that while quality restrictions have been imposed on maids, no reciprocal obligations of good behaviour exist on Saudi employers, most of whom are illiterate tribal sadists salivating at kaffir women who they consider as worse than cattle. Mr. Modi, please rethink sending our daughters and sisters to that torture chamber.


Saudi Arabia begins hiring housemaids from India

Riyadh: Facing acute shortage of housemaids, Saudi Arabia has started recruiting female domestic helps from India under a first-ever labour pact inked between the two nations in January.

Saudi Deputy Minister of Labour Mufarrij Al-Huqbani said the joint Saudi-Indian working team has finalised the recruitment contract that contains provisions to ensure the authenticity and implementation of the employment contract.

It also contains provisions to ensure recruitment cost, action against hiring agencies violating laws and a mechanism to prevent cheating by middlemen, the Saudi Gazette reported.

The agreement, which remains in effect for five years and will be renewed automatically for similar periods, seeks to establish a mechanism to provide 24-hour assistance to the domestic maids.

The contract was signed by Minister of Labour Adel Fakeih and then Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs Vayalar Ravi in New Delhi in January.

There are 2.8 million Indian workers in Saudi Arabia and Indians form the largest expatriate community in the Kingdom. Of the around 500,000 domestic workers, mostly working as maids, helpers, drivers and cleaners, around 10 per cent are women.

This was the first time India has entered into a labour cooperation pact with Saudi Arabia.

A committee of senior officials from both countries will monitor the implementation of the pact to straighten out any difficulties.

The agreement also includes putting specific conditions for accepting domestic workers, the report said.

The conditions include good conduct, they should not have legal or criminal cases. They should pass medical check-up, abide by the laws and traditions during the period of work in the Kingdom.



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6 responses to “Get ready to recieve tortured Indian maids from Saudi Arabia

  1. I absolutely agree. This contract with the Saudis should be cancelled by Modi and the BJP. These Indian women must be protected.

  2. Anonymous

    Hope BJP will do the right thing!

  3. je suis charlie

    Send muslima maids. Less they are, the better India will progress.

    • I totally agree. No Indian women of Hindu faith should ever go to an Islamic nation. Particularly for the purpose of work. The gov’t of India must work hard to create an alternative means of work for these women within India itself. Unfortunately, the Prophet of Allah’s book is used to subjugate, humiliate, torture and murder those who follow a different faith.

      • je suis charlie

        Yes my friend. Just rid us of that 15% moslem population and India’s economy will skyrocket while there will be a new low in crime rate. With better economy and less population will come more and better jobs for these women. There will be no need of ‘making them time travle to 8th century'(sending to Saudi)

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