NGOs: Enemies of India

The recent IB report on the foreign funding of NGOs in India has raised fake outrage among the usual suspects (mostly Indians riding on the gravy train). Westerners are nothing but a bunch of mercenary traders, who even bombed Iraq back to stone age to extract its oil for cheap. So why would they be sending more than 2.5 billion dollars every year to India for NGOs? What profit do they see in it? The answer: They use NGOs strategically to run campaigns to thwart the infrastructural and industrial development of India. The objective: Prevent India from rising as a threat to the hegemony of the Western civilization and emerging as a alternative supplier of goods and services which Western companies would have to compete against.

The billions of dollars pouring into India is subversion money which goes straight for conversions and bankrolling traitorous Indians who don’t mind stabbing their own country in the back as long as they fatten themselves with Western money. Here is a letter I recently read by someone posted online. It relates to the Vedanta mining project in Orissa and the role Western NGOs played in scuttling the project as that would have led to global domination of India in aluminum production. The letter was written in response to an article on NGOs, written by R Jagannathan and published in First Post. You can read it here.

Dear Mr. Jagannathan

Where do I start? Slightly long response but read on if you will. I am self confessedly pro-development and have case-by-case patience for activists who claim to be pro-conservation (environment, indigenous rights, green cover, etc). From personal experience, the activist organisations I engaged with were duplicitous at several levels — relying on outdated reports to make their case, stalling legitimate interaction with villagers by scare mongering, shouting down government officials at public hearings, and so forth.

I can speak about Vedanta Resources’ alumina/bauxite mining project in Lanjigarh as I was personally involved with the company for several years. In my experience, the chain of events went like a race relay.

The NGOs first protested that green cover would be eroded. This argument was countered with the proposal to reforest and create a parallel green cover. The first NGO vanished and a second came in its place! They next said that the proposed mine-site was a forest area and an elephant corridor and project would also be harmful to rare medicinal plants and herbs. An independent government study found last traces of elephant dung from over three decades ago. Further, their argument on Niyamgiri (where the proposed bauxite was to be mined by Vedanta) being a 21st century Sanjeevani Hill was thrown out of the window. When these arguments failed, the second NGO (I forget whether it was Action Aid or some other organisation) vanished, only to be replaced by Survival International.

Survival International projected itself as a champion of rights of the Dongria Kondh tribe in that area. And what a tragedy it was. Half the Kondh tribes wanted jobs for themselves and their children and not remain foraging on nuts and berries. The other half wanted to remain in their natural state. Survival International exploited this division and carried out a huge campaign against — human rights violation, violation of indigenous peoples, etc.

Every offer Vedanta made for R&R was turned down. As a company, Vedanta lost this battle recently. (I had moved on a few years ago). The cost was a staggering $6 billion or roughly Rs. 36,000 crores in HARD investment dollars on a plant that was forced to be mothballed. Add to this the ongoing losses due to lost production, alternative bauxite sourcing, etc. and it does not paint a lovely picture.

It also galls me personally that these NGOs were helped every step of the way by clueless politicans — Jairam Ramesh specifically and his lord and master, Rahul Gandhi. Mr. Gandhi famously went to Lanjigarh and told the Kondh tribes people there, “I am your soldier in New Delhi.” Well, finito. Forget Survival International and any other NGO campaigner. I would say Mr. Gandhi did in one visit what the NGOs could not accomplish in 7-8 years!

The lesson I have learnt personally is that NGOs change their agendas/campaign rhetoric to suit the material on hand — most of the time, ill informed. Ask these same NGO volunteers (and I have met and had tea and biscuits with several of them) to practice the rustic lifestyle of the Kondh for a few days — well, it is easier to get an alcoholic to blow up a distillery.

A NGO protest funded by overseas interests to weaken our domestic aluminum production capabilities, Vedanta is just one example. You see similar instances when you dig deeper into iron ore mining as well as a host of other minerals. I believe you are very charitable when you speak of bringing just these NGOs to account. Lynching is not lawfully permissible in India today; However, for the economic loss these NGOs have caused India and the way they have kept us mired to 1994 thereabouts, I wouldn’t mind having a go. Assuredly, this is not a knee jerk reaction from me.



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5 responses to “NGOs: Enemies of India

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your firsthand experience from the project. I share your pain as a cultivated human. No matter whether its in India or elsewhere in the World, its unfair play.
    There are still very wealthy and powerful Princedoms in India (was over 500 during 1944). They sold themselves to western materialism and nudity. If I consider myself a world citizen instead of an Indian, it all makes commercial sense. A company grows on another company’s strategic failure. Commercial, political espionage are the consequence of civilization, which is being perpetrated since Chanaky’s time (Gupta empire). We can not have without it. In fact we Indian’s have thought the West all these stunts.

    Now the question is why the losers are capitulating for short-tern gain, knowing that their posterity will suffer!!!
    Because its deep rooted. Mogul empire made a mess of 1000s of years old social system and British completed the destruction by pumping their modern sense of materialism and passing equality bill.

    British have standards, Indians Don’t. British rooted their values over 200 years ago and still are following the same ethos. But look at Indian’s, all have different ways as we saw in case of Gandhi-Nehru-Bose. Too may saints in India spoiled the core value of India.

    On the other hand, I hear from working Indian migrants in the west saying, “India is doing well”, exactly as proletariat in England would say about their own country. There is a tremendous disconnect.

    India is a massive country with preponderance of deliberate disinformation for centuries that can not be undone. Each is trying to ditch one’s neighbor by hook or by crook and never mind with outside assistance. The current Indian generation is sleep walking in covet of fulfilling western dream that doesn’t exist. Schools curricula are being tinkered exactly like west.
    Therefore, it would be incorrect to blame the west for any damage done to India because the West is indifferent in treating themselves and others. Its the ingenious Indians to blame for their own sell off.

  2. ravi

    One of the big shareholder of Vedanta Groups is CHURCH OF ENGLAND,rest is clearly understood.

  3. May I know why you never use Read more feature?

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