Christ Currency?

It seems this is how the evangelists have begun to spread their message across in India. Defacing currency is a criminal offense, BTW.

Christ stamp on ten Rupee note



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3 responses to “Christ Currency?

  1. – Top Bible scholar leaves Christianity

    I feel pity for Indians, they were slaves and nu-united a 1000 years ago and still are. They got the hang of it now, I guess. There is tremendous disconnect. Dharma and religion is not the same. Moslems ruled India for over 600 years yet they are still in squalor. English empire meant India and not England. But they got stung for their stupidity and had to leave (although they still perpetrate as using proxy). They used Alexander Cunningham as stooge.

    I shan’t blame Christians but blame gross ignorance of sleep walking mass who called themselves Indians. Of course if I don’t know my heritage I am susceptible to dilution and even conversion thus proselyte is on the rise. But look at the class of them!! They still live in filth with no moral and transcendental upliftment. Yes, we see them driving top range Mercedes, but they are the one who break traffic rules.

    Rights and privileges can not be given, it has to be earned. Distributing plunders is what the western few stand for. Its a pity that great man like Devid Kelly, JFK, Martin Luther King, Bob Beck, Alberto Rivera, Lal bahadur Shastry, Udham singh and needless to say Shri Rajiv Dixit are dead.

    I do NOT despise Christianity, in fact I revere it but disdain the way is it being interpreted by the Vatican. Tell your readers to read Mathew, John themselves before start following blindly. Just to highlight,

    Matthew 23:9 – call no man father (yet we have fathers all over the church establishment)
    Matthew 16:18 – You are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church (is it literal or metaphoric)

    Repair North-South relation before winging and moaning because you would do the same had you found a bunch of half wits elsewhere.

  2. Indian

    Hi Indranil Chakraborty
    Looks like you are one of the Sepoy of this desert cult called Christianity. There never was an HISTORICAL JESUS CHRIST. Understand that fact first. The God of Christianity is an egocentric, vengeful, perverted sadistic mass murderer. Stories of Jesus are man made fairy tales. Christianity is a curse on humanity.
    Now, what were you saying about Indians?

  3. i feel pity on people who ever is spreading these type of messages. i feel they are mentally handicapped.

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