Hillary’s Whores

A brilliant article in Sunday Guardian by Madhav Nalapat about how the US government operates through NGOs in India. These NGOs are funded indirectly and used to run campaigns to suit US interests and target politicians not toeing the US or church line.

Obama quietly reverses Hillary’s ‘get Modi’ policy

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, the old hag who has been hounding Modi

Hillary Clinton, according to a retired US official that Madhav Nalapat spoke to, has been the main culprit in targeting Modi over the years. She likes to operate through NGOs indirectly funded by the CIA or the US State Department through Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, and other Scandinavian countries as these tiny, insignificant nations stay out of the radar of global power politics.

The Scandinavian NGOs are Hillary’s Whores in India. They were active in the agitation against the Russian nuclear power plant at Kudankulam in Tamil Nadu. No action has been taken against them because these NGOs have high-level backing from UPA leaders. This is worth repeating: There are politicians in Congress who support and protect foreign agencies operating in India and allow them to carry out anti-national activities. Hope Modi identifies these traitors when he becomes the PM.

The US official also says what has been long-known: Undercover operatives work in India in the guise of NGO workers. Many of them have been stationed in Gujarat looking for mass graves of Muslims with the help of Congress politicians in Gujarat and Center.

In the entire episode, one thing comes up again and again: The cooperation of Congress politicians with foreign intelligence agencies to bring down Modi. Lot of Jaichands in Congress.


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