Have you done Jesus Namaskar today?

In Kerala, Surya Namaskar has become Jesus Namaskar. Unable to come up with anything worthwhile itself because of restrictions on free speech and thought in monotheism, the church adopts a dirty trick: steal the output of superior non-Christian cultures and repackage it as Christian. This plagiarism is done shamelessly and in broad daylight, and the church has been doing it for the last 1,500 years. Even the Christian festivals are nothing but repackaged pagan festivals. Christian myths are repackaged pagan myths. Only fools follow this religion because their brains have been addled with monotheistic fundamentalism which, I have to admit, is very addictive.

Jesus Namaskar

Another shameless repackaging: Jesus with many hands:

jesus as BrahmaAfter enjoying Muslim ghettos over the last 50 years, folks, now it is time to get ready to enjoy Christian ghettos. These monotheists have pickled brains and their behavior is so predictable. I can easily tell in advance how they will behave once their population goes up. Their moves are quite easy to read.

Christian Ghetto.jpg large

Finally, in some good news, meet Sergeant James Farrlam of the US ARMY who has adopted Hinduism. He says he was feeling lost in life until he discovered Hindu philosophy and spirituality.

US Soldier Hindu.jpg large



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9 responses to “Have you done Jesus Namaskar today?

  1. Harish

    Christian myths are repackaged pagan myths with SURYA NAMASKAR, THE 11000 YEAR OLD VEDIC SUN SALUTATION which needs deep understanding of Sanskrit Vedic literature and Sanatana Dharma.

    It is a complete Sadhana, inclusive of Yogasana ( exercise ) , Mantra ( sound longitudinal waves ) , Pranayama ( breathing ) and Chakra meditation( scalar energy vortex transceiver )
    This was properly understood by modern science only 70 years go.

    Our lymphatic system has vessels just like our circulatory system, but does not have a pump (whereas the circulatory system has the heart).

    In order to clear the “lymph” (the clear extracellular fluid that is collected by the lyphatic vessels and filtered by the lymph nodes), the lymphatic system must be pumped manually. The lymph movement relys on contraction of smooth muscle tissue lining the walls of lymph vessels (peristalsis).

    Women who do Surya Namaskar do NOT get breast cancer.


  2. american yogi


    Cooks Bishop condemns Diwali celebration as blasphemy
    A Cook Islands church leader says holding a public celebration of the Hindu festival of Diwali on Rarotonga is a blasphemy against the Christian god.
    Tutai Pere, Bishop of the Apostolic Church of the Cook Islands, strongly opposed the Diwali ceremony last week on the grounds that Cook Islands is a christian country.
    He says that Cook Islanders desecrated their old idols with the arrival of Christianity in 1821, and what he sees as idol worship should not be allowed to take place in the country today.



  3. Anonymous

    Does it matter what one call his/her God. God does not have a name.
    God is the creator of all things. We, humans create stuff to annoy others to gain superiority.

  4. Anonymous

    Seriously, get a life! Stop being so narrow-minded. Use your own logical thinking sense for once. All I can say is you do not know what our great nation stands for and are a blot on it. Just to satisfy your own narrow-minded fetishes

  5. Anonymous

    You answered your question. Now, get a life.

  6. Anonymous

    What a closed mind to differentiate between Hindus, Muslims, Christians,Educated people are liberal. It does not matter which ritual you borrow from which religion. Please change your thinking!

  7. Rajesh

    Bankrupts, cheats use and rename others peoples ways etc to claim their own. Very cheap people.

  8. TBD AFK

    The early Christians of India stayed put with their inherited symbols and ways, maintaining exclusivity of their community vigorously while condemning Hindu idol worship as pagan.
    Today, now as foreign funds’re drying up, alongside church forecasts for more converts to create robust votebank pockets, they’ve begun to adopt deplorably lame ways to spread Christianity. Christ is portrayed as sitting on a lotus, pretending to belong to the Hindu Pantheon, perhaps quietly proclaiming ancestry from Lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu.
    However, this will result less in conversions and more with their Christian grandchildren themselves embracing mainstream Hinduism. Seeing through their ancestors’ desperate duplicity, they’d more likely conduct honest inquiries into their quasi-Hindu Christian rituals and symbols and be more at home with Hindu practices and beliefs. This process is also called Assimilation wherein the minority merges with the majority.

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