Meenakshi Lekhi on ISRO spy case and the traitor cop who framed India’s top scientist



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4 responses to “Meenakshi Lekhi on ISRO spy case and the traitor cop who framed India’s top scientist

  1. jo


  2. Who is confused ?

    Who is more confused ?

    Is it CBI , Central Government or the Supreme Court ?

    Yesterday , Supreme Court granted a stay to the Guahati High Court order declaring CBI unconstitutional / illegal

    Reason ?

    Chief Justice of India , P Sathasivam said ,

    ” Many people are seeking stay of their trials based on HC verdict ….. We are concerned about all other cases ”

    SC will now hear the case on 6th Dec

    Till then , CBI can continue with its 9,000 trials and 1,000 cases under investigation

    And , Department of Personnel and Training ( DoPT ) will get ready with its defense by :

    > Removing entire reference about CBI from the Lokpal bill , already
    passed in the Lok Sabha on Dec 27, 2011

    > Cancelling proposed amendments to DSPE Act(1946), regarding
    procedure for the appointment of the CBI Chief

    > Delinking amendments in DPSE Act from the Lokpal Bill and move these
    separately in Rajya Sabha

    > Amend the DSPE Act with fresh provisions and explanations related
    to CBI’s functioning

    > Providing for a fixed tenure of not less than 2 years and for the
    prosecution of CBI Director

    > Providing legal backing to commitments given by the Government
    to SC , on financial autonomy and non-interference in cases being
    probed by CBI

    If SC accepts DoPT proposals on 6 Dec, CBI may continue to exist but confusion will only get confounded !

    But then Governments , Courts and the lawyers thrive on keeping laws complex and people confused ! Their survival depend upon that !

    The UPA – 2 government seems to be telling the citizens :

    ” When we are doing all the thinking for you , why do you wish to exercise your little brains ?

    In our Poll Manifesto , we have clearly stated that , if you vote us to power in the forthcoming elections , you will never need to think again !

    Why trouble your little brains , thinking about

    > Roti / Kapda / Makan / Pani / Sadak / Bijlee
    > Rapes / Murders / Suicides / Dowry deaths / Honor Killings
    > Dengue / TB / Polio / Malaria
    > Garbage / Open Gutters / Dirty Drinking Water / Air Pollution
    > Poverty / Starvation / Unemployment
    > Land Mafias / Scams / Floods / Droughts

    Why ? Why ? Why ?

    If you must think , then think about the heavenly Nirvana under UPA-3 ”

    * hemen parekh ( 10 Nov 2013 )

  3. som

    @hemen parekh
    Well said.
    CBI would continue with its 9,000 trials and 1,000 cases under investigation.
    Then we must think about the heavenly Nirvana under UPA-3 !!!

  4. World is Watching !

    It is not only India

    Entire world is watching what has happened – and continues to happen – in Delhi

    Oppressed people of Tunisia , Libya , Iraq , Egypt , Yemen , and now Syria , took up arms and fought bloody battles to liberate themselves from the tyranny of dictators

    Of course , in no small measure , due to covert help from the Western world

    But India is the land of Gandhi ( – the ancient one , not the Dynasty ! )

    And peace-loving people of Delhi needed no outside help to throw out Congress and give a mandate to BJP and AAP

    But a fractured mandate that gives no party a clear majority !

    Apparently , people of Delhi failed to appreciate that a coalition government is a government that gets blackmailed by its coalition partners , whose sole aim is to make a ton of money !

    Exactly what has been happening at the Centre for the past 5 years , rendering UPA -2 , a Spineless Spectacle !

    Arvind Kejriwal realized this a long time back and over the past 6 months , repeatedly said ,

    ” We will neither support any party , nor seek support from anyone ”

    He is absolutely right when he refuses to form a minority-led government , under constant threats from corrupt partners

    What next ?

    Although President’s Rule is an immediate possibility , it is a pointless postponement of what is inevitable , viz :


    Let us get over it fast

    Let us face the harsh reality of parliamentary democratic process

    If people of Delhi want a stable / accountable / corruption-free government , then let them go to the polling booths ONCE AGAIN , and give AAP , at least 40 SEATS

    Let their message ring loud and clear , across the length and breadth of India , proclaiming :

    ” Brothers and Sisters,

    If you want to get rid of corruption , give AAP , an ABSOLUTE
    MAJORITY in 2014 National Elections


    If you hesitate , and split your vote , you will have only yourself to
    blame for your continued suffering ”

    * hemen parekh ( 10 Dec 2013 )

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