Pure Arab momin thrashes impure, dirty “Hindu Muslim”

Here is a video of a pure Saudi Arabian momin, highest on the totem pole in the global Muslim fraternity, thrashing an impure, converted, South Asian Muslim, a tribe which is mocked by Arabs as “Hindu Muslims” because they are converted from Hindus and are of inferior racial stock compared to Arabs who are considered as original Muslims. And these “Hindu Muslims” spend their life copying Arabs, aspiring to be like them, learning their language, wearing their clothes, carrying their names and supplying their women to them. Monotheism is colonization of other races, considered inferior, by one master race — Arabs are the master race of Islam, Whites are the master race of Christianity. All the converts have to copy them and try to become their mirror image, but the master race is careful to maintain distance.



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19 responses to “Pure Arab momin thrashes impure, dirty “Hindu Muslim”

  1. After all an original is, well an original. Copycats can’t expect the same status. Look closer at home. The ‘certified’ and ‘registered’ pure Hindus always look down upon Seculars, Liberals, atheists, socialists etc. and call them ‘Hindus only by name’. Bigots are bigots, whatever god they worship.

    • Vineet

      HIndus dont look down upon seculars – they look down upon psuedoseculars – learn the difference. For a philosophy that encourages people to follow their beliefs and gods they choose and even no issues on being atheist – dont give us this nonsense.You are always hell bent on relating ills of any other religion with Hindus no matter if it is relevant or not. And just dont teach liberalism / secularism to hindus. Your definition of secularism is that of psuedo variety

    • jo

      After all an original is, well an original. Look closer at home. The is no ‘certified’ and ‘registered’ pure Hindus exist but Hindus Seculars, Hindus Liberals, Hindus atheists, Hindus socialists etc.exist.
      Copycats can’t expect the same status.
      and call these abrahmanic elder and younger brother (both are spreading their bigotry through “my god is true your god is false” ) in any names.
      Bigots are bigots, whatever god they worship.

      • Wann’a look at a copycat. Look at the mirror, you will find him staring at you. Atleast come with something original, even if that’s gibberish. Poor joker!!!

        • ravi

          @Cynical the baptist
          Why so hurt???

          • @ravi
            I’m not Baptist. Now what?

          • John

            Baptists are Christians who comprise a group of denominations and churches that subscribe to a doctrine that baptism should be performed only for professing believers (believer’s baptism, as opposed to infant baptism), and that it must be done by immersion (as opposed to affusion or sprinkling). Other tenets of Baptist churches include soul competency (liberty), salvation through faith alone, scripture alone as the rule of faith and practice, and the autonomy of the local congregation.
            Baptists recognize two ministerial offices, pastors and deacons. Baptist churches are widely considered to be Protestant churches, though some Baptists disavow this identity.

            • John

              The term “Catholic” means “Universal”. It generally refers to the “Roman Catholic Church”, which for most of these last two thousand years has been the largest and most organized religious group “within” Christendom.

  2. american yogi

    Patna blasts: The radio silence on a failed assassination – By Smita Barooah

    – See more at: http://blog.tehelka.com/patna-blasts-the-radio-silence-on-a-failed-assassination/#sthash.sNciGOvX.dpuf

  3. Truth Will Prevail

    Cynical above is a funny as well as an angry character. This guy claims to be secular but at the same time starts getting angry when Communist, Catholic or Islamic agendas are questioned. He is either a troll or some fool that believes in either of these religions or ideas. Even atheism is a form of idea. The idea that God does not exist. Keep any of your ideas but don’t hide behind secularism and say Hindus are less tolerant when you can’t tolerate Hindus questioning jokers like you. If your form of secularism is bowing down to YOUR form of worship or Communism, then it is known as Sickularism. No one is forcing you to think otherwise. Follow your path but don’t act smart Beta.

  4. I know Hindu’s are dirty but these arabs they are fucking unhuman and wahabis…u cant beat any human…fuck these arabs the wahabis bastards xx

  5. more than two million Hindus are living in the Islamic Middle East earning lot of petro dollars and they were living in huts before they reached these Islamic countries; each and every Hindu family in Kerala has at least one member or relative living in the Islamic Middle East. These Hindu expatriates behave like slaves always calling their Arab bosses ‘sir,sir’sir, repeatedly bowing down in humility. As the oil rich Arab Shaikhs,many of their secular, drinking and womanizing, like slaves, they give employment and business partnership opportunity to more Hindus. There are HIndu expatriates who have been living in these countries for more than fifty years and they still bring their relatives and grand grand sons and daughters to work and live in these countries and they dream of maintaining this process for another century. The generosity and secularism of GCC nationals prompt these Hindu expatriates to erraneously believe that they do not consider Indian and Pakistani Muslims their Muslim brethren.But the fact is that there are many Indian and Pakistani Muslims who have nationalities of these Arab countries and have married Arab women.Hundreds of Indian Muslims are working as English-Arabic translators even in ministries of these Islamic countries. Many Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims are working as prayer leaders and prayer callers in the mosques of these Islamic countries and pray with their Arab Muslim brothers. Many Hindu expatriates who were found working against Indian Muslims and Islam were expelled from these countries. HIndus dream of continuing to earn petrodollars in these countries even as they massacre their Muslim neighbors in India and hence this article.

    • yeahright

      Pakistanis weren’t Hindus, that area was pre vedic religion before

    • Srinivas

      1.Muslims are not being massacred in India. India is a very secular place .A concept that Arabs do not undertand.
      2. Secularism isn’t just allowing Hindus live in the GCC..Practising Hinduism is banned in most countries in the gulf. Countries like KSA,Kuwait do not allow temples to be built ..Arabs are in no way secular
      3.Many people of indian,pakistani origin do not citizenship in GCC countries..Most GCC countries deny citizenship to the bedouins who are the original settlers of the land ,let alone indians or pakis.
      4.Arabs are very very racist ..there is no denying that ..

  6. In this video you can find that an Arab national is beating an expatriate cleaning worker resembling an Indian or Bangladeshi or Sri Lankan asking him about a Saudi and what he told his wife. It is very difficult to understand the religion of that worker and the nationality of the Arab who beats him . But the Hindu fascist owners of this website decide that the worker is a south Asian Muslim and his tormentor is a Saudi national and want to prove that Saudi Muslims consider all south Asian Muslims ‘Hindus’ and of inferior racial stock compared to Arabs, so all the Muslims of south Asia should convert back to their original religion’Hinduism’. It is noteworthy that Indian expatriates living in the Islamic Middle East remit to India not less than USD.70 Billion per year. 45 of the richest fifty Indian expatriates in the Islamic Middle East are Hindus. Many kin and relatives of the anti-Muslim fascist RSS/BJP/Leaders are among these Hindu NRIs living and earning in the Islamic Middle East. The huge amount of petrodollars earned by Hindu expatriates in the Islamic GCC countries also prompts Hindu fanatics to argue that Arab Muslims are different from Indian Muslims and guess that they can continue earning from these countries even if they massacre Muslims in India. They ignore the fact that Many Indian and Pakistani Muslims have married Arab women and have received nationalities of these Islamic countries. There is an Indian Muslim doctor who has ministerial position in Saudi Arabia. Many Indian Muslims are working as English-Arabic translators in Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries. There are many Indian,Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims who lead prayers and work as ‘Mu’adhins in the mosques of these Islamic countries. Muslims of all countries, irrespective of their nationalities and languages, pray with Saudis and other GCC nationals. It is true that some Arab nationals who are drunkards and womanizers love non-Muslims for the benefits of their immorality and corruption and also large number of them are secular unlike Hindus most of whom are fanatics. Also many Arab businessmen select Hindus to work with them as they feel Hindus are very obedient, always calling them sir repeatedly in humility and bowing down and Muslim expatriates will not stoop to such a mean level for money.

  7. ahmad

    ok!!! this saudi arab man is wrong…. but who know what this indian did to him?????? i know arabic, and this arab men is saying that this indian has stoled something from him i think… this arab saudi is angry from him…..

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