Arun Shourie at Manthan Samvaad 2013

Arun Shourie, India’s most respected public intellectual, speaks on ‘What will it take to face up to China?’ at Manthan Samvaad 2013, at Hyderabad, India. Oct 2, 2013.



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8 responses to “Arun Shourie at Manthan Samvaad 2013

  1. Arun Shourie for India’s President, PM and Chief of Army; all at the same time. China and Pakistan will be Indian colony and Indians will eat free chowmein and free biriyani.

    • Indian Realist

      He is a brilliant strategist. How can you be so frivolous in matters of national security, especially with a communist dictatorship that is constantly sending army patrols inside Indian territory? Is there anything he says that you don’t agree with, or did you just have too much gosht this Eid?

      • cnm

        @Indian Realist
        This is how the anti-Hindu bastards sidetrack the issue. They know that they cannot, I repeat cannot, prove wrong a single point raised by the Hindu nationalists therefore they just switch over to adhominemism , the anti-Hindu bastards last resort to escape a good debate.

      • My goodness! What’s wrong with you guys? Actually I am wishing General Arun Shourie, the brilliant strateigst to take charge, so that we can beat the shit out of these communist China and Muslim Pakistan for once and all, so that there are no incursions into Hinduland from either the Chinese, or the Pakistanis.

        • Sajeev Kumar

          I express sorry for these people misinterpreting what you wrote. For all of us have the same opinion, let there be peace.

          • Jaipal

            @Sajeev Kumar,

            How do you think peace will come?? It certainly won’t come just by
            wishing for it or expecting food to come from the heavens!

            If you want peace, you have to be prepared for war and have a
            war mentality. Only then will your enemies think twice before
            attacking you. Then you will have peace. Otherwise, your peace
            will be in pieces!!

    • Shlok

      @Malaydeb, idea bura nahin hain. Anycase, enmities aside Happy Diwali

  2. jo

    To me the problems confronting Hinduism today are because we haven’t begun doing what Christians and Muslims are doing: proseletysation. We might want to be proud of our open mindedness but the political situation in the world isn’t favouring us. Yes I am worried and concerned about the survivability of Hinduism. In past the attack was from outside and hence though we were meek we just survived by being slaves.
    Today we are attacked not from outside but by our own people who have taken to other religions namely Christianity, Islam and of course the communists.
    If we have to survive this we need a good leader who can unite us. A leader who can help Hindus unite cutting across caste barriers. We need someone who can fight throng the machinations of Secularists and communists.

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