Malaysia court bans use of the word ‘allah’ by non-Muslims

Like in India, missionaries have been trying inculturation tactics in Malaysia too, calling the Christian God as Allah, devoting their churches to Allah, and calling Jesus as son of Allah. This had been creating a lot of resentment among Muslims as many gullible Muslims had been falling to the trick. The Malaysia high-court has now put an end to the practice.

Malaysian appeals court upholds government ban against use of ‘Allah’ by non-Muslim minority
A Malaysian appeals court on Monday upheld a government ban against the use of the word “Allah” to refer to God in non-Muslim faiths, overruling claims by Christians in this Muslim-majority nation that the restriction violates their religious rights.”Allah” is the Arabic word for God and is commonly used in the Malay language to refer to God. But the Malaysian government insists that “Allah” should be exclusively reserved for Muslims because of concerns its use by others would confuse Muslims and could be used to convert them.



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4 responses to “Malaysia court bans use of the word ‘allah’ by non-Muslims

  1. why they are not calling God as Krishna and Jesus as son of Krishna?

  2. Sad thing is similar things are happening in India, where Christianity is Hinduised. We see three headed Jesus, Sari-clad so-called virgin Mary.We can not do anything about it. If we try,we willbe branded as communalists.
    Other interesting thing is, they are calling Jesus as son of Allah in Malaysia, but Jesus was born before Allah came into esistence.

  3. S

    RoL meets the RoP. Last time they met in Europe it was not nice, let’s see what happens now.

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