Subramanian Swamy on Babri Masjid

Excellent interview by Subramanian Swamy after he joined BJP.

Dr. Swamy offers a unique insight into the nature of the mosque at the Ramjanam Bhumi in Ayodhya.

A mosque is not a religious place. I don’t know whether you know this. I got this from the Saudi Arabians. A mosque is just a felicitation centre for reading Namaz. Have we got any Indian proof for this? Yes — the 1994 constitutional bench judgement of the Supreme Court, Farooqi v/s the Union of India.What does the judgement say? It says a mosque is not a religious place. During British period, mosques were broken regularly for construction of roads, etc. In Saudi Arabia, they break mosques all the time for building roads, new buildings, etc. They have, in fact, broken the mosque where Mohammad used to read his Namaz — the Bilal Masjid in Mecca.

A mosque is thus just a building. But in Hindu tradition, a temple belongs to the Lord himself. So if there was a temple at Ayodhya before, which was demolished and a mosque built on it, which in fact has been proved by a commission of inquiry set up by the Allahabad High Court, then the mosque should become a temple again. We will build another mosque some distance away. And by the way, the Babri Mosque was a Shia mosque, and Shias are quite willing to agree with the Hindus. It is only Sunnis who don’t agree.



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3 responses to “Subramanian Swamy on Babri Masjid

  1. Sindhus

    I cant understand what do Muslims gain by obstructing a temple to be built in the birth place of Lord Rama?

    • Jaipal


      Muslims do not like to see Hindu resurgence and Hindu pride.
      Building a temple reflects that.

      So I say, fuck the Muslims. Hindu pride all the way.

  2. abc

    @sindhus… the place where your ancestral home is was mine some time in the history… can you pls move it aside so that i can build my home?

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