Momins doing what they do best when they see animals

Not for nothing is it said that the brain of Muslims is in their penis. They will screw anything that walks on two legs (or maybe four).

Pakistani Accused of Raping 30 Sheep

RIYADH – MNAHI AL SHIYBANI: Pakistani resident is facing charges of raping 30 sheep belonging to a citizen in Al Aflag. The arrest came following a complaint received by the police station from a citizen reporting the capturing of the accused offender in the sheep yard before midnight to conduct a sexual intercourse with the animals.

The sheep owner filed a complaint to the security authorities to analyze his cattle, Ministry of Agriculture will execute the analysis on the animals to complete the investigation procedures with the accused offender.

Now, where in the hell are the sheep going to get four witnesses from? The Paki’s defense would be that the sheep were not wearing a burqa and, in fact, were butt naked. Hence, they were easy meat and fit to become “sheep whom the right hand possesses.”


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  1. S

    I think there’s something in the Koran about raping goats, but their meat becomes haram and it’s okay to sell the goats in the next village, not one’s own. I foget the chapter and verse though.

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