India before the coming of Islam

A fantastic write-up by a “secular African” about the glory of Indian civilisation before the invasion of blood-crazed Muslims. She is none other than Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the famous atheist activist who frequently takes on Islamic bigotry. She also runs a Twitter account @SecularAfrican

India Before the Coming of Islam

Very well researched stuff — while enlightened Africans have no problem in talking about the goodness of ancient Indian civilization, brainwashed Indian Marxists deliberately spread falsehood and hatred about it.

Also read Will Durrant’s The Case for India



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5 responses to “India before the coming of Islam

  1. A “secular African” might be accomodated, even celebrated, but a “secular Indian” is to be condemned as a “pseudo secular” at best and a “sickular” at the worst. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Muslim by birth deriding Islam is secular, but a Hindu (by birth) questioning his past is a renegade. Hipocricy, thy name is Hindutva.

    • X

      Actually the hypocrisy is best found in “secular Indians” such as yourself. Do you understand why the “pseudo-secular” moniker is used?

      It is because the “secular” Indians fail to call for things such as a uniform civil code, which would eliminate the right of Muslims to have four wives, amongst other provisions entitled to them by their religion. And that is the point, secular is separate from religion – ALL religion. It does not give favors to Islam in particular.

      Thus they, and yourself, are well deserving of the pseudo-secular and hypocrite (not “hipocricy” – please learn how to spell!) label. Ali, on the other hand, deserves to be called secular because she is against a religious state, whether Islam, Hindu or Christianity. Unlike Indian “secularists” who are too weak to get Muslims to conform to real secularism.

    • Indian Realist

      There is a good reason for that. “Secular African” is rightly contesting monotheistic beliefs like Islam and Xianity which don’t concede the right of other faiths to exist and believe in eternal war against infidels / pagans. In India, on the other hand, secularists bat for monotheistic beliefs and are hostile to native traditions which are pluralistic and under attack from predatory church and mullahs. Indian secularists are dishonest and hence hated by all right thinking people.

  2. som

    Yes,”Woodoo”,a pagan african religion has been still existed in some part of the continent.

  3. Sindhus

    Read this and guess where most communal riots take place – in Muslim dominated areas.

    Government releases data of riot victims identifying religion

    The government has released religion-wise breakup of communal riot victims till September 15 this year, putting the number of Muslims killed across the country at 66 and Hindus at 41. In the 479 incidents of communal violence this year, apart from 107 people killed, 1,647 people including 794 Hindus, 703 Muslims and 200 policemen were injured.

    In 2012, the country had seen 640 incidents of communal violence and 93 deaths – 48 from the Muslim community, 44 Hindus and one police official.

    A total of 2,067 people were injured last year. The injured included 1,010 Hindus, 787 Muslims, 222 police officials and 48 others.

    Uttar Pradesh, which witnessed nearly 50 deaths in the recent Muzaffarnagar riots, recorded the highest casualties until September 15, 2013 at 62 deaths, of which 42 victims were Muslims and 20 Hindus.

    According to Union home ministry figures circulated during the NIC meet on Tuesday, UP saw 93 riots and 108 incidents of communal tension. A total of 219 Muslims and 134 Hindus were injured.

    India’s most populous state had recorded the highest number of deaths (39) in communal unrest in 2012 as well. It recorded 117 incidents of communal violence, in which 20 Hindus and 19 Muslims were killed. Among the injured, 266 were Hindus, 197 Muslims and 25 police officials.

    The home ministry compiles the data on the basis of reports from the state governments.

    In Maharashtra, 10 people were killed and 271 injured in 56 incidents of communal violence until September 15 this year. Seven of the 10 killed were from the minority community. Of the injured, 101 were Hindus, 106 Muslims and 64 police officials.

    Bihar saw 40 communal disturbances, 25 incidents of tension-like situation and recorded nine deaths – five Hindus and four Muslims.

    Among the injured, 123 were Hindus, 66 Muslims and 19 police officials.

    Gujarat saw 54 cases of communal violence, 21 of tension and recorded six deaths – three Hindus and three Muslims.

    The injured included 85 Hindus, 57 Muslims and five police personnel.

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