Meet Shahnawaz Malik, a journalist of IBN7

This is the reality of Indian media reporters. This Shahnawaz dude working as a reporter in IBN7 channel abuses Indian army in a Facebook post.

TV 18 Journalist

The post says: Jis Sena ki pesha hi hatya aur balatkar Karna hai, Modi ki najar mein woh Dhruv Tara hai.
“An Army whose occupation is murder and rape, in the eyes of Modi, it is nothing less than the pole star”

But in his Twitter post a couple of months back, the guy is full of humility and respect for the terrorist Hafiz Saeed of Pakistan.

TV 18 Two

The guy is I think an example of the “nationalist Muslim” that Nehru kept telling us about.



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22 responses to “Meet Shahnawaz Malik, a journalist of IBN7

  1. Jaipal

    @Indian Realist,

    Do you know what Hafiz Saeed’s e-mail id is?
    I want to give him a good dose of medicine and humiliate
    him by pointing out how great Hindu warriors of the past
    defeated his “Jihadi’ terrorism and put Islam down.

    This bastard has been making provocative speeches
    against India and Hindus, saying garbage like “The Hindu
    is a mean enemy, we should do what our forefathers
    did, crush them with force…'”

    What this half-breed bastard doesn’t know is that Hindus
    did not allow themselves to get crushed then. They
    actively fought the Muslims and inflicted HUNDREDS
    of defeats on the Muslim pigs and finally put them
    down with the rise of Marathas and Sikhs.
    The very fact that India remained Hindu is proof of the
    success of the Hindu military resistance in the past.

    Hafiz Saeed needs to be taught a lesson in history.
    I want to humiliate him with real facts and put him out
    of his delusional wet-dream.

    • Hari Om

      Yes,poor mugal Shah Alam ( eighteenth ruler of mugal empire)had been given pension by Maratha King Mahadaji Shinde of Maratha empire., that was the good time to eliminate them.
      But our law of war is different.

  2. Jaipal

    To Cynical and other Indians who still believe in secularism,
    here is the real face of Islam and its agenda, from the mouth
    of Hafiz Saeed: The LeT founder adds: “The Prophet [Muhammad] connected this jihad to the Jihad in Hind [India] against the Hindu so that the greatness of this jihad [against this culture of pigs] could be evident. And what is the reason for jihad? The reason is shirk [idolatry, i.e. believing in numerous gods or sharing others in the entity of Allah] by Hindus who are the biggest representatives of shirk right from the ancient age…. [The prophet] said that the one who waged jihad in Hind, that jihad will be superior. [The Prophet’s companion] Abu Huraira narrated: ‘The prophet of Allah explained so much greatness of jihad in Hind, jihad against the Hindu, that – oh, people remember – if the door opened for this jihad there in my lifetime, then Abu Huraira will run to participate in that jihad… And if Allah granted me martyrdom, I will not be a martyr like others, but among the Greatest Martyrs….'”[50]

    Do you now see that Islam is anti-Hindu and fascistic?
    Why should we Hindus be secular and tolerant against
    an enemy that has an agenda to make war against us,
    sanctioned by their criminal “prophet”??

  3. Jaipal

    For those foolish Indians that think peace is possible
    with Pakistan and believe in talks, here is what is going on
    in Pakistan: At the December 18, 2012 DPC rally in Lahore, where tens of thousands of supporters could be seen waving the Jamaatud Dawa flag, Hafiz Saeed gave a call for jihad and declared that the U.S.’s New World Order is being replaced by the Muhammadi World Order, i.e. the Islamic order of Prophet Muhammad. The jihadist leader, who is banned by the UN Security Council for his role in the terrorist attacks of November 2008 in Mumbai, told the crowd: “Jihad will continue until the Indian Army leaves from there [i.e. from Kashmir], Allah willing. [Crowd chants:] ‘Insha Allah, Sabeelona, Sabeelona – al-Jihad-o-wal Jihad; Sabeelona, Sabeelona—al-Jihad-o-wal Jihad. Only one cure for America – jihad, jihad. One cure for India – jihad, jihad. Hafiz Saeed March on, we are with you.'”[51]

    Anyone have anymore doubts about Pakistan being an
    eternal enemy?

  4. @Jaipal
    Why don’t you commit suicide? It will take you out of your misery i.e. the misery of self-loathing.

    • Jaipal


      I think your advise is meant for people like you.
      It is self-loathing secularists like you who should
      commit suicide to be free from your own self-hate.

      I want my nation and religion/culture to be safe in
      my own motherland, India. I am a nationalist who
      has pride and feeling for my people and culture,
      and I want to see it be secure and safe from our enemies.
      I have no self-loathing at all. What made you think that?

      Its people like you who suffer from self-hate, which you
      try to cover up by appealing to secularism. Tell me
      Cynical, why can’t you say with pride that you are a
      Hindu? India’s strenght, well-being and vitality is
      due to its Hindu heritage. Why can’t you understand
      that? Is it because you are mentally colonized?

      Can you process in your mind what I wrote above
      about Islam having a mandate to wage war and kill
      Hindus simply because we have different way of
      believing in God??

      Tell me, Cynical, why should we Hindus allow traitors
      like you to live among us and abuse our capacity for
      tolerance, simply because you secularists suffer from

      • cnm


        Look how pathetically escapist this atrociously anti-Hindu cynical can be ! Anyone who runs away from realities and scared of facing them can only suggest suicide as a solution. Little does this son-of-a-bitch know that we Hindus consider suicide one of the worst kind of vices ever committed by a person.

      • ravi

        Cynical like Shahnawaz mentally colonized suffer from self-hate.

    • cnm


      Look how pathetically escapist this atrociously anti-Hindu cynical can be ! Anyone who runs away from realities and scared of facing them can only suggest suicide as a solution. Little does this son-of-a-bitch know that we Hindus consider suicide one of the worst kind of vices ever committed by a person.

      • cnm

        So this bastard Shahanwaz Mallick is a journo at CNNIBN. Where else can he be? The entire MSM in India has become the last resort of the anti-Hindu scoundrels and CNNIBN’s track record is unquestionably unblemished in this regard. I wish this bastard traitor a death in the hand of the brave , dutiful, able and ever alert Indian soldiers

        • cnm

          This is what conversion be it into Islam or Christianity does to a man who gets converted to them. He disgraces , disrespects and heaps contempt on the very objects which he used to hold in high esteem before his conversion.Only a few hundreds years ago this bastard’s Hindu ancestors must have been forcefully converted to Islam and thanks to this conversion, now he is slandering his own motherland’s the most disciplined soldiers because of whom India is still unconquered despite having enemies all around India.

    • ravi

      Why don’t you commit genocide with you foreign connection of abrahmanic cult? It will take you out of your misery being called a traitor i.e. the misery of self-loathing of soilder of country where your belongs to..

  5. Hari Om

    India ready for world war 3

  6. Dr. Vinay Kumar

    Hi Sanjay,

    Can you carry some coverage of the horrendous gang rape of 11 year old Hindu Pinki Rani Mondal in Bangladesh? Her rape ordeal continued for over 50 days. You can find details on asansolnews, which is a wordpress blog. Indians are completely unaware of this tragic case. Thanks – Dr. Vinay Kumar

  7. X


    You seem to be spending a lot of time on the net, instead of at the mosque worshiping the child-rapist Mohammad. Don’t you realize the hellfire awaits you for failing to worship appropriately?

    You might as well commit suicide and get it over with.

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