Series of Rapes Behind Muzaffarnagar Riots?

If Muslims are here, can rapes be far behind? It seems Muzaffarnagar riots were the result of momins doing what they usually do when they see women.

Series of Rapes Behind Muzaffarnagar Riots?

Is a series of rape incidents and support of politicians to the accused a reason behind communal riots happening in Muzaffarnagar? If you go through recent incidents happened in the town, such a question definitely arises. Before concluding that an eve-teasing or a youtube video caused the violence, we need to go back to these incidents happened in last one year.

Here is a list of such incidents reported.

Dec 21 2012: Muzaffarnagar panchayat offers rape victim Rs 1.5 lakh to keep quiet (Source)
Dec 24  2012: Minor girl gang-raped by three youths in Muzaffarnagar (Source)
Dec 29, 2012: Girl, school teacher sexually assaulted (Source)
Dec 30, 2012: Two women injured in acid attack in Muzaffarnagar (Source)
Feb 18, 2013: Woman gang-raped by four men, filmed in Muzaffarnagar (Source)
Apr 3, 2013 Acid attack on three teachers, student in Muzaffarnagar in UP (Source)
June 03, 2013: Minor girl raped Muzaffarnagar (Source)
July 8, 2013: Man shot dead for demanding arrest of gangrape accused  (Source)
July 29 2013: Woman forcibly married and gang-raped as ‘honour’ punishment after her brother eloped with village girl  (Source)
Aug 24, 2013: Class IX student raped by youth in Muzaffarnagar (Source)
Aug 23 2012: Schoolgirl gangraped by 5 youths in Muzaffarnagar (Source)
Aug 30, 2013: Muslim cleric arrested for abducting 11-year-old girl (Source)
August 27, 2013: In Kawal village, an eve-teasing incident led to clash, burning bikes and the murders of three youths
Aug 28, 2013: A mob returning from the cremation ground indulges in arson.
Aug 29, 2013: Stoning between both sides. Women devotees molested near a place of worship.
Aug 30, 2013: Huge mob assembles at a mosque in Shaheed Chowk after Friday prayers.
Aug 31, 2013: Nearly 40,000 people assemble at Nangla Mandoud  Panchayat. Mob attacks a family going in a car on Khatima road, sets fire to their car.
Sept 1, 2013: Police files FIRs against leaders who had spoken at meetings in Shahid Chowk and Nangla Mandoud. Affected family in Malikpura threatens self-immolation.
Sept 2, 2013: Walls of places of atemple broken in Sanjhak and Titavi. BJP calls Muzaffarnagar bandh.
Sept 3, 2013: Case filed for circulating fake video of Kawal incident. Violence in Shamli town.
Sept 4, 2013: Sporadic violence in Muzaffarnagar.
Sept 5, 2013: Mahabandh call given across Muzaffarnagar district. The Khap panchayat then announced to organize a ‘Bahu Beti Samaan Bachaoi Mahapanchyat‘ on September 7, at Nagla Mandaur
Sept 7, 2013:  The panchayat was organized by the Jat community at Nagla Mandaur, 20 km from Muzaffarnagar city, where over 1.2 lakh people participated. People going to panchayat attacked.
Firing  in Muzaffarnagar town as stoning, arson go unabated. Army called in and town put under indefinite curfew.  21 killed, more than a score injured in violence.
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Elsewhere too, momins are busy chasing kuffr women (literally). In Islam, kuffr women are declared as war booty and women of the right hand, and it is the right of every Muslim male to have sex with them.

Biker gang chases girls for 19km on Bengal highway, molests them

HOWRAH/KOLKATA: Two teenage girls and their DJ friend were chased for 19km on NH6 by six men on bikes, molested and battered with beer bottles, fists and kicks around 11pm on Thursday.

The girls, who are budding DJs themselves, are in trauma. “I shudder to think what the rowdies would have done to us if some passersby hadn’t stopped to help. We could have been raped, murdered and God knows what else!” one of them said. The other girl has a broken nose after being punched by the assailants.

The lone accused to be arrested—23-year-old tailor Rahim Mollah—told police that he and his friends were “celebrating” his purchase of a new bike.

The victims are with a music performance group and were returning from a college fest in Chandrakona, West Midnapore. Half way home, they stopped at a restaurant in Kolaghat, 70km from Kolkata, for a quick dinner. The harassment started here. “Six young men at the table next to ours started hurling indecent words at us, particularly the girls. Without saying anything, we left the place,” said DJ Sudip Ghosh, who headed the group. “They were leering at us all through and used filthy language,” said one of the girls.

The group got back in their car and set off for Kolkata. The six men followed on three bikes. They tried to intercept the car, veered dangerously, and threatened the driver to stop. The DJs asked him to speed up, and the chase went on for 19km at speeds in excess of 100kmph. “In the car, the girls were panicking. We have had never such an experience,” said Ghosh.

All the while, they kept dialing 100 but every time police personnel said they would forward the complaint to the “right police station”. “We got more panicky after this,” said Ghosh. “It was a hellish ride. All the while, they kept thumping on the car windows as the girls screamed in fear inside.”

The bikes kept pace with the car, which finally had to stop at Bir Shivpur because of a truck that suddenly emerged from a service road. They started smashing the windows, dragged the driver out and beat him up. When Ghosh tried to help him, he was beaten up. The girls, screaming in terror, locked themselves in. Many motorists passed by but no one stopped to help. The girls finally got out to help the two men.

“The youth immediately surrounded us and tried to drag us to their bikes. When we resisted, they beat us,” said a girl. Finally, workers of a factory and hotel and NHAI employees working on a bridge site responded to their calls for help. “I saw a girl collapse on the ground after being hit,” said factory worker Kartik Das. Seeing themselves outnumbered, the bikers sped away, but in their hurry, they dropped a mobile phone.

Police used it to locate Mollah, a resident of Uluberia. Mollah admitted having a few drinks with friends but denied molesting anyone. He and his friends got into a scuffle with the group because their car wasn’t letting them pass on the highway, he said.

Howrah ASP-rural Sukhendu Hira said: “We have zeroed in on the gang and the other five will be arrested soon. A case has been started under Sections 354 (molestation), 323 (voluntarily causing hurt) and 325 (grievous hurt).”

Another one — eight momins against a single kuffr woman. Bong Marxists must be enjoying this.

India Kamduni gangrape case: Charges framed against eight accused

Kolkata: A city court today framed charges against eight accused in the gang rape and subsequent death of a college girl at Kamduni on June seven, which had led to a public outrage in West Bengal. Additional sessions judge at Bankshall Court, Sanchita Sarkar framed charges against the eight accused who were arrested following the heiknous crime. One of the accused is still absconding.

Charges were framed under sections 376-A (causing injury during the course of rape that leads to death), which invites a punishment of life imprisonment not less than 20 years, 120-B (criminal conspiracy), 342 (wrongfully confining a person) and 109 (abetment) of IPC. All the accused – Saiful Ali, Ansar Ali, Amin Ali, Imanul Ali, Bhola Naskar, Aminur Islam, Gopal Naskar and Nur Ali – were produced before the court today when the charges were framed against them. Evidence in the case would commence from September 18, the judge directed.

The 20-year-old girl was brutally raped while she was returning home at Kamduni village under Barasat police station area in North 24 Parganas district after sitting for an university examination. She died of her injuries later. Residents of Kamduni village, who had come to the court for the hearing, later blocked the busy Council House Street nearby and engaged in a scuffle with policemen expressing reservation over the investigation by the CID. They shouted slogans demanding that the probe be conducted afresh by CBI.

All this goes to prove my theory that the brain of Muslims is located in their penis.

One thing is there though — Muslims believe in equal opportunity for every woman. They do the same with Christian women too, providing them equal opportunity of getting raped. I had never heard of equal opportunity rapists before! This one is from Pakistan.

Christian girl, 12, kidnapped, beaten and raped for eight months until she converted to Islam

Asian Human Rights Commission claim girl was lured on shopping trip by friend before she was kidnapped.
Abductors drove her 120 miles before raping her, then forced her to sign marriage papers
Victim managed to escape eight months later, but police refuse to prosecute rapists because they are tied to militant Islam group


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85 responses to “Series of Rapes Behind Muzaffarnagar Riots?

  1. Cynical

    This is bad omen for India’s future. The opportunistic and inefficient govt. of UP is playing with fire. What SP doesn’t understand is that it is giving BJP an opportunity to fish in the muddy water. At times I wonder if SP and BJP are playing a fixed match to divide the political space of UP between themselves at the cost of BSP and Congress. Having said that, even BSP and Congress are not above playing their narrow political games without taking the bull by the horn.

    • nitha

      Unlike Bangaladesh which is the large concentration camp for Hindus ,it is two way obviously.

    • Jaipal


      What Secularist idiots like you never understand is that Secularism is
      responsible for all the bad things happening in India.

      Had India been a Hindu Nationalist state right from the beginning,
      then none of this bloody Islamic-induced rape nonsense would be
      happening. This is what you get when you don’t stand for Hindu
      pride/Hindu Dharma and actively work for its implementation
      at national level.

      All this Congress and Regional parties are basically the same except
      BJP,in that they are all anti-Hindu and pro-Muslim, therefore they
      won’t do anything against Muslim misbehaviour. Only BJP has the
      guts to do something about this nonsense. That is because they
      have some Hindu nationalist spirit unlike KHAN-GRESS, and
      regional parties which thrive on splitting Hindu society in name of
      caste politics and consolidating Muslim vote-bank.

      Only solution to this growing Muslim problem, is Hindu society must
      come together and vote as a bloc for only and only a Hindu nationalist
      party. Hindus must repudiate Secularism which is just a fancy word
      for anti-Hinduism and Pro-Muslim. Be proud to be Hindu and act like

      Did you understand, Cynical?? Stop being a fool in the name of
      secularism. Muslims don’t believe in secularism. They are using
      secularism as a way to subvert Hindu society and prevent Hindu
      action against them by appealing to this bullshit called secularism.

      Wake up and get wise at least now.

    • cnm

      @all Hindu brothers and sisters

      I have always said this and I am saying it now pay back the Muslims in their own coin. There is no Govt. be it the BJP, the Cong or any other Govt. which can provide protection to the ever innocent Hindus from the Muslim hooligans. We have arrange our own defence.

      • Jaipal


        exactly. But we should support BJP because at least it has some
        Hindu consciousness whereas Congress and other regional parties
        has absolutely none at all. We need a govt that will be loyal to
        and take into account Hindu interests. Once we have political power,
        we can effectively deal with the Muslims and put them down once for

        • cnm


          You are right we need a govt at the center that will be loyal to the Hindus and will always be all set to serve Hindu cause at any cost. But so far as I understand Bjp it is never loyal to the Hindus though only to garner Hindu votes it unfailingly pretends to be a party that is committed to safeguard Hindu rights and interests. If wiki leaks cables on Arun Jaitley are to be believed then there remains no doubt that BJp’s Hindu face is a only a vote bank gimmicks. It is in this context the question arises that except for paying lip service what did the BJP really do for the uplift of Hindus when it was in power ? You may try to justify BJP’s betrayal of Hindus by saying that NDA was a coalition govt and as such it was just not possible for the BJP to carry forward its Hindu Agenda.But such an argument really does not hold water. At least I find it untenable. What on earth in the late nineties had prompted the Bjp to forge an alliance with parties like DMk and TMC? Had it not known that given the rabid anti-Hindu character of these two parties Bjp could have never pursued its policies like 370, ban on cow slaughter, construction Sri Ram temple at Ayodhya? Yet it forge an alliance. What for ? Only to quench its thirst for power. Am I right?
          In my state of Orissa, the Bjp had been sharing power with the BJD the present ruling part, till it was thrown out of the alliance in 2009. However, during the period when it was in power along with the BJD what pressure did it exert on the then govt. to bring the murderers of Swami Laxmananda Sarswati to book. On the contrary, I have information that only to save Naveen Pattnaik from an embarrassment LK Advani had effectuated in 2008 (the year the Swami was killed) the cancellation of a massive Bandh planned to be organized to put pressure on the Orissa govt to nab the murderers of the slain Swami. Such was the audacity of the BJP, the so-caaled Hindu party. BJP’s back stabbing never ended there. It was the party which had allowed unhindered slaughter of cows in my state only to stay in power.

          • Jaipal


            You are right about the BJP. I feel we need a new political party
            that is purely commited to Hindu nationalism.
            Such a new party needs to be formed, no doubt.

            In the meantime, we should vote for Narendra Modi as he is a better
            option and he is a BJP member.

  2. karan

    Hindus of different political parties did not wanted to surrender,this is the only reason ,so we called it “Commual clashes”.

    • Hariharan

      Yes obviously,we could not call it silent procecution .

    • ravi

      The core of the problem is muslim appraisal which card had been snatched from congress by Samajwadi party.Congress is facing identity crisis.which is almost dead in UP and BJP is in usaual role to play.
      It is not match fixing whatever is propogated by main streme media(so called) intellectual which is maxist,leftist oriented pro congress,then why congress in not following their usual agenda ,why they are not
      following the order of their central leadership.
      Obviously situation is communal but the first party
      is motivated by friday prayer and other is not surrendering.
      It is not simply political ,because friday prayer is a
      geo-political agenda to finish the unfinish target .
      Narendra Modi is only solution and his Gujrat model
      where communal clashes stopped and muslim majority area are supported Modi ,after not caring the serman or gospal of geo political agenda.

      • Hariharan

        Well said.

      • Jaipal


        Yes, Narendra Modi is the only solution but it has to be followed up
        with suppressing and eliminating Islam from India. Muslims are
        an eternal enemy of Hindus and won’t stop their agenda until they
        manage to convert each and every Hindu.

        My suggestion is to machine gun down all the Muslims in India and
        wipe them out. Or gas them to death for the well-being of Hindus.

        Islam cannot be accomodated in India, just as one cannot accomodate
        a snake in ones’ home. Finish of the green snake once for all.

        • cnm

          with due respect I beg to differ with you with regard to Narendra modi. I think Narendra Modi will be no different from leaders who take great pride in pandering to the undeserving demands of the Muslims at cost of Hindus.

          • Jaipal


            I disagree with you about Narendra Modi. Namo has principles and
            is a staunch Hindu. He was involved in the RSS, therefore he has
            Hindu consciousness. He doesn’t and does not believe in pandering
            to the Muslims. Thats what makes him different from other politicians.

            Modi openly called himself a Hindu nationalist. Which other politician
            in India has the guts to say something like that in the present politically
            polluted atmosphere?

            • som

              Yes Modi is huge, powerful, and very strong force to discredit and defeat this venal, corrupt, incompetent and traitorous force which is semi feudal, mostly illiterate, unfortunately got immediate brand recognition and so this rotten dynasty is severe burden for people of India.
              Apart from that, according to their mindset ,the recognition of INDIA is just “Jewel in the crown “of British Raj not BHARAT named after King Bharata should be remembered for his great courage,strength and wisdom.
              So,we need this BHARAT through Bharat Nirman.

        • som

          The then Chief Minister Karunanidhi’s scandalous act of releasing nine jihadis from prison on the birth anniversary of Annadurai and commuting their specified sentences has to be viewed in the backdrop of the fact that 12 most wanted terrorists are prowling free in Tamil Nadu. They include Abu baker Siddique alias Kakka (7 cases), Ayub alias Ashraf Ali (9 cases), Mohammed Ali alias Yunus alias Mansoor (3 cases), Mujib-ur Rahman alias Muji (5 cases), Rasool Mydeen (2 cases), Jaguar Sadiq alias Tailor Raja alias Valarntha Raja (5 cases), Toufeeque (2 cases), Mushtaq Ahmed (Chennai RSS headquarters blast case), and Ibrahim, Ashraf Ali, Noohi NP alias Mankave Rasheed and Kunju Mohammed alias Gani (all Coimbatore blast case).
          Jihadi attacks resulting in death of Hindu leaders:

          · July 4, 2012 – Jihadis murder BJP functionary Pugazhendi in Nagapattinam

          · October 23, 2012 – Jihadis kill Dr. Aravind Reddy, Secretary BJP Medical Wing, Vellore

          · March 19, 2013 – Jihadis murder BJP functionary Murugan in Paramakudi, hometown of BJP senior leader H Raja who was attacked in October 2012

          · July 1, 2013 – In Vellore, Jihadis hack to death Vellaiappan, State General-Secretary, Hindu Munnani

          · July 19, 2013 – Jihadis kill BJP State General-Secretary Auditor Ramesh in Salem

        • som

          There is also an interesting thing about elections in UP. Whichever constituencies have under 15% Muslim population, in general BJP does not perform good in these. Whichever ones have 15% – 25%, BJP performs better. But wherever Muslims are between 25% – 40%, BJP performs excellent. Watch the last disastrous Vidhan Sabha elections, BJP won in Firozabad, in Meerut, in Agra, etc, all heavily dominated by Muslims. Last Lok Sabha they also won in Azamgarh, the home of so many terrorists.
          AND ALSO Gujarat chief minister NarendraModi will soon get a Rakhi sent by Muslim sisters from Varanasi. They themselves prepared the big-sized Rakhi for their Gujarati brother wishing him to lead the nation.

          Marking the holy month of Ramzan, a group of local Muslim women prayed for the well-being of Modi at a brief programme held in Lallapura locality on Sunday afternoon. The burqa-clad women associated with Muslim Mahila Foundation (MMF) hailed Modi, describing him as a charismatic leader.

          WHAT IS BEHIND THAT???
          AND ALSO the point is that whenever BJP speaks about Hindus, Hindus and Hindus, they get good outcome. Whenever they speak of Thakur, Brahmin, Lodh, etc.. they get ‘egg in the face’ because if you have to be casteist, why not vote for Congress, SP or BSP whose staple diet consists of casteism?

      • karan

        @ravi…..some correction suggested … is not just geo-political agenda …but geo-political agenda through divine revelations OR religious sanction as per instruction issued to the war zone (darul -ul-herb) i.e.India by their holy book……100 time edited …..not similar to Yaman manuscript…
        ..and always new edition was accepted and older one rejected……that is also divine revelations OR religious sanction divine authoritative right of mullas.. ..of desert cult,obviously. .

  3. S

    Koranimals up to it rapes and killing again. This scum should have been kicked out in 1947, now we’ll pay the price for not doing so.

    • Jaipal


      We need to understand something. Muslims are never going to
      change their anti-Hindu behaviour. So, what we have to do is
      find a way to unite Hindus across the country and get them somehow
      to vote for BJP this election so that Modi can become Prime Minister.
      Spread the news to as many people as you know, so people can be
      informed to vote correctly next election in 2014.

      S, what I think is that the only way to save India and Hindus is to
      genocide the Muslims in our country. According to Hindu scriptures,
      it is permitted to kill Muslims. Atatayis or gangsters must be killed
      in order for Dharma to live and survive. We should do Dharma
      Yuddha against Muslims and give up secularism once for all.

      • S

        Jaipal – The concept of killing humans en masse goes against the basics of Sanatan Dharma, and this is why Hindus lost territories from Afghanistan a thousand years back to West Punjab and East Bengal in 1947. Islam gives Kaffirs no other choice and this was understood by the Crusaders in Europe, and the Sikhs and Marathas in India, who were the only people to win the war against the Islamics, instead of the countless battles fought and won by the Kaffirs, only to be lost to the demographics bomb. In my opinion, the Islamics should be deported to the Islamic paradise of Pakistan, or Bangladesh. Unfortunately this is not possible because Civilization with it’s human values has allowed the cancer of Islam to spread over the centuries and unless the world has a substitute for oil, these people can’t be get rid of. Just look at what happened to Serbia and nationalist Slobodan Milosevic.

        • Jaipal


          Sanatan Dharma does not allow killing of humans en masse provided
          they are innocent and not opposing Dharma. But there are always
          exceptions. Killing humans en masse is permitted in Sanatan Dharma,
          if they are supporting the Adharmic party in any way. Muslim society
          is a good example of a criminal society that is steeped in sin and
          Adharma. It is this same society that provides and nurtures the
          Islamic terrorists. Therefore, Muslims can be killed en masse according
          to the needs of Dharma and to protect Dharma. It is Hindus’ ignorance
          of this concept of Dharma which is why they unnecessarily lost
          Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Sikhs had reconquered Pakistan
          under Maharaja Ranjit Singh but they didn’t eliminate or reconvert
          the Muslims due to a misplaced sense of mercy and ignorance of
          the needs of Dharma and the venality of Islam.

          • Jaipal


            In your above write-up, you mentioned how countless battles were
            fought and won by the Kaffirs ect. Which Kaffirs are you referring
            to who fought and won countless battles against the Muslims?
            Could you tell me?

            • S

              Jaipal – The Muslims refer to non-Muslims as Kaffirs, and that is what I meant. This site has the history of jihad, against India as well as other countries. Non-Muslims defeated the Islamic armies several times, but did not kill them, and this is why this virus called Islam continued to spread.


              • Jaipal


                Are you aware of the fact that there are HUNDREDS of inscriptions
                recording Hindu battle victories against the Delhi Sultanate?
                Our history books never mention the stiff Hindu military resistance
                against the Delhi Sultanate and the hundreds of Hindu military
                victories against the fucking Turkic Muslims. Are you aware of this?

                Even before the rise of Marathas and Sikhs, Hindu kings were actively
                fighting and beating the Muslims. Thats why India could remain a Hindu
                country. Yet our history books never mention the aspect of Hindu
                military resistance and its many triumphs. They give the impression
                that Hindus did nothing and meekly accepted the Muslim atrocities.

                What do you think?

                • S

                  Yes, I know that Hindus won thousands of battles against the Islamic invaders, but they followed the Kshatriya Dharma – not to kill anyone begging for his life, and this is what the Islamics did. One example of this is Prithviraj Chauhan who defeated Muhammad Ghouri nineteen times, but let him walk away with his life when he grovelled at Chauhan’s feet. And what did Ghouri do the one time he managed to win ? Human values are lost on Islamics, and the sooner the Kaafirs read the history of Jihad, and realize this, the better. The Sikhs and the Marathas didn’t let any Islamic invader live once they had defeated them, and this is why, even 300 years after their victory, Central India remains free of this vermin. Unfortunately, we lost Western Punjab and East Bengal, and are still ignoring Kashmir and Assam. This scum is an organized cult with a centralized HQ, but most Indians still don’t get it.

                  • Jaipal


                    You mentioned that Hindu forces won thousands of battles against
                    the Islamic invaders. Wow, that is a big number. I was thinking
                    it was in a couple of Hundreds, which is still substantial number.

                    Where did you get the information on the thousands of Hindu battle
                    victories? Could you please tell me? The reason I ask is because
                    I am planning to write a 3-volume encyclopedia on Hindu military
                    resistance to the Islamic invaders, with a focus on Hindu battle
                    victories, spanning a time period from 636 AD-1840 AD.

                    Are these thousands of Hindu battle victories recorded in inscriptions?
                    Also, are these victories largely against the Delhi Sultanate?

          • Shlok

            @Jaipal and S, I do not agree with any of your suggestions. Definitely not with Jaipal’s. I am well versed in Hindu scriptures, there never was any such thing as genocide. If the raskashas or other terrorists created mayhem in society, those elements were dealt violently. Nobody went and killed the common folk among them or the women and children. This genocide concept comes begins from the Old Testament, and we have nothing to do with this. SImilarly, the suggestion of S to deport the Muslims en masse is an idealistic position, but not practical. Who is going to take this step? And which Muslim country will accept them? We can see that Bangladesh doesn’t even want to accept back the Rohingya Muslims,who definitely are Bengali Muslims even though they are aware that the Rakhine Buddhists are going to kill them. So, if that can be the situation there, what do you think is going to happen over here? I think that we need to be realistic. And not romanticize on something that will not happen. So does it mean that nothing can be done. No of course not. Everything can be done. We have to learn to tackle them.
            For that, I would like to give the example of Malaysia, which I consider to be a fanatic state and definitely I would not like our Hindu Rashtra to be like Malaysia. But, it can be a crude example. Malaysia’s Muslims were just 55% of the population, about 30 years back. Now they might be somewhere around 65%. Yet they were able to establish the dominance of Islam upon their so called secular state. They were able to overpower the 45% non-Muslims (at that time). The bumiputras (the local Malays) get special benefits in everything. Despite all the doomsdayers, Hindus even today are at least 77% – 80% of the population. So, we need to work upon the principle that we need to control the parliament, BJP or no BJP. We need to make the Hindu vote important. For that if we have to vote for a strong non-BJP party in places where BJP is not strong, no problem. But that candidate must understand that he is getting the vote only only because he will speak for Hindus. This is just a rough sketch of how it should be. Then we have to work for the goal of Hindu Rashtra. Make an idealistic target of 50 years, but if we can do it by 30 years, will be great. The state will be based on the principles of Dharma, so obviously no one will be discriminated. But there would be no options to learning the Vedas or Ramayana, everyone must be taught this. And also, Muslims will not be allowed 4 wives. At the same time, to keep up with the declining rate of Hindu growth, every Hindu who has a 3rd child in urban areas, his family will be supported by the state, etc.. So, we can do it. And this is just one of the ideas it must be done. A Hindu state cannot be theocratic, at the same time it will be established on the basis of Dharma. And we all have to play a part in it. Influence your friends, your neighbors. Every Hindu must strive to have at least 3 children. Rather than lamenting that Muslims have 5 or 6 or 7 children, why can’t we have at least 3 or 4. And charity must begin at home. We cannot tell others to do, and not do it ourselves. I am confident that sooner or later, we will achieve Hindu Rashtra

            • S

              Shlok – My suggestion sounds impractical, but it is fully implementable. While I agree with you that there should not be a seperate Muslim Personal Law allowing 4 (actually about 10) marriages and divorces just by uttering words, you seem to be unaware that the Indians don’t have the time left, and you are too optimistic about the percentage of Hindus in India. Just about 70 years back, India used to have West Punjab (Pakiland now) and East Bengal (Bangladesh now), and now both are almost perfect Islamic paradises.

              • Jaipal


                I agree with you. We need to act in a decisive way to get rid of the
                Islamic enemy in a permanent manner. Only then will we Hindus be
                safe. About eliminating Muslims from India, my suggestion would be
                using sleeping gas to incapacitate the Muslims and then kill them
                on the spot. Or, gas them with sleeping gas and incapacitate them
                , put them on trains to detention camps where they will be isolated.
                Either let them starve to death or have them shot in the detention
                centres. Destroy all mosques and madrasaas and kill off the entire
                Muslim clergy class/ulema.

                  • som

                    @Post-Godhra violence
                    FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY, Gandhinagar on 28 February. Violence spread to the largely rural districts of Panchmahals, Mehsana, Hansot, Kheda, Junagadh, Banaskantha, Patan, Anand and Narmada the next day. Over the next two days, Bharuch and Rajkot and later Surat were hit.
                    The first incidents of attacks on the Muslim community started at Ahmedabad, where Hindus began throwing stones at and later burned a Muslim housing complex known as Gulburg Society, and then spread elsewhere.

                    The initial violence was believed to be instigated by unsubstantiated rumours, endorsed by a senior VHP leader, of Muslims having kidnapped three Hindu girls during the Godhra train attack.
                    In Ahmedabad, the dargah of the Sufi saint-poet Wali Gujarati in Shahibaug and the 16th century Gumte Masjid mosque in Isanpur were destroyed. The Muhafiz Khan Masjid at Gheekanta was ransacked.

                    Police records list 298 dargahs, 205 mosques, 17 temples and three churches as damaged in the months of March and April.

                    According to Human Rights Watch Report, May 2002, State officials of Gujarat, India were directly involved in the killings of hundreds of Muslims since 27 February and then commenced engineering a massive cover-up of the state’s role in the violence.

                    “What happened in Gujarat was not a spontaneous uprising, it was a carefully orchestrated attack against Muslims,” said Smita Narula, senior South Asia researcher for Human Rights Watch and author of the report. “The attacks were planned in advance and organized with extensive participation of the police and state government officials

            • Jaipal


              There is an error in your understanding. In Malaysia, the reason the
              Muslims there could dominate the non-Muslim population even at 55 %,
              is because the non-Muslims were /are a peaceful community, inherently
              non-confrontational. The non-Muslims are basically Hindus and
              Buddhists there. But in a reverse situation, if Muslims are 40-50%
              and the non-Muslims are only 50-60%, then it will not be possible to
              dominate Muslims as the situation will erupt in civil war. Peace not.
              A good example of this is Lebanon. Once Muslims there got to 40-50
              percent, civil war erupted and now Muslims control Lebanon even though
              Christians are at 60 % there.

              The only solution is genocide of Muslims if Hindus have to live in peace.
              We can’t allow ourselves to be restrained by morals particularly
              against an enemy that doesn’t have any morals as to what level it
              will stoop to kill and annihilate non-Muslims. We have to use our
              common sense to defeat the Muslim enemy. Moral scruples won’t
              help us.

              Shlok, according to Sanatan Dharma, Adharma has to be put down
              no matter what. The Asuras of the past were not ideological
              in nature but Muslims today are an ideological enemy that seeks
              to do evil because their religion sanctions it. Since all Muslims
              are loyal to the Islamic mandate which is to kill non-Muslims,
              there are no innocent Muslims. Therefore, according to Dharma,
              Muslim society is a criminal society that needs to be put down.
              All Muslims can be killed. You need to understand the fine nuances
              of Dharma.

              Hindus can be safe only if Muslims are eliminated.

    • som

      Koranimals has been committed crime against women of different faith specially girl teachers,student & devotees i.e. girl teacher sexually assaulted (Dec 29, 2012), acid attack on three Girl teachers (Apr 3, 2013), class IX student raped by youth (Aug 24, 2013),Women devotees molested near a place of worship(Aug 29, 2013),

      It means they are against girl education AND their religious rights
      So,they are against freedom of women,their empowerment and thus against their better economic condition and freedom from man’s slavery and also religious rights, in case of women devotee(Muslim girl are not allowed in Mosque ,because Muslim men have such poor self control between their legs when women enter mosques. This religion is all about sex, and they have such poor concentration that with the entry of women Allah becomes secondary)


  4. som

    Dr Subramanian Swamy talks about Need of Virat Hindus at Thiruvan

  5. karan

    This desert cult(a person or thing that is popular or fashionable among a particular group or section of society) is a violent totalitarian political movement cloaked as a religion and thus preys on democracy and it’s protection of religion. This desert cult needs to be declared a political party and the religious protections removed. Then, let those who truly want peace, reform it.

    Without the violence and political aspirations, we then could be at peace with this desert cult.

    • OM

      Hinduism believes in pluralism (more person or thing that is popular or fashionable among different groups or sections of societies) is not single violent totalitarian political movement because it is a eternal way of life (Sanatana Dharma) and thus do not preys on democracy and it’s protection of religion. Hinduism needs not be declared a political party and the religious protections needs not be removed BECAUSE OF ITS VENERABILITY, DUE TO BASICALLY TOLERANT AND NON-VIOLENT IN NATURE .Then, let those who truly want self realization, join it.

      With the violence and political aspirations, nobody could stay with Hinduism.

      • karan

        BUT UNLIKE HINDUISM HINDUTVA is the set of movements advocating Hindu nationalism. Members of the movement are called HINDUTVAWADIS,and they say “We must look after the Muslims and treat them as part of us.”
        According to a 1995 Supreme Court of INDIA judgment the word HINDUTVA could be used to mean “the way of life of the INDIAN people and the INDIAN culture or ethos”.

        Leaders subscribing to HINDUTVA have been known for their demands for a Uniform Civil Code for all the citizens of INDIA. They believe that differential laws based on religion violate Article 44 of the INDIAN Constitution and have sowed the seeds of divisiveness between different religious communities.
        HINDUTVA oppose the theory of Indo-Aryan migration to INDIAN, a number believing in the alternative Out of INDIA theory.

        The description of HINDUTVA as fascist has been condemned by pro-Hindutva authors such as Koenraad Elst,academics Chetan Bhatt and Parita Mukta .

        BUT Lord Macaulay had stated, “We must at present do our best to form a class who may be interpreters between us and millions whom we govern—a class of persons Indian in blood and colour, but English in tastes, in opinions, in morals and in intellect.”
        He had also written “No HINDU who has received an English education ever remains sincerely attached to his religion. It is my firm belief that if our plans of education are followed up, there will not be a single IDOLATER among the respected classes 30 years hence.”
        ACCORDING TO HINDUTVAWADIS .this attitude of “WHITE MANS’S BURDEN” which he believes shaped the English education system in INDIA and British version of INDIAN history.

        AND ALSO in engaging essays from “The Argumentative INDIAN : Writings on INDIAN History, Culture and Identity” ,NOBEL LAUREATE Dr. Amartya Sen lucidly (???) explains the strategy behind the attempts of HINDUTVA supporters to re-invent INDIA’s history,
        BUT ANOTHER NOBEL LAUREATE V.S. Naipaul rejects these allegations and views the rise of HINDUTVA as a welcome, broader civilizational resurgence of INDIA and as INDIA is a “wounded civilization”,
        she needs HINDUTVA.

        Hindutva groups are supportive of the Jewish State of Israel.

        • OM


          • karan

            Akhand Bharat is a Hindi term used to represent the Undivided India as it existed prior to the Partition of India in 1947 and the Independence of Bangladesh in 1971.
            The call for recreation of the Akhand Bharat has on occasions been raised by some mainstream Indian cultural and political organizations such as the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).
            Other major Indian political parties such as the Indian National Congress, while maintaining positions against the partition of India on religious grounds, do not necessarily subscribe to a call to reunite South Asia to recreate Akhand Bharat,espousing the philosophy that only Akhand Bharat and sampoorna samaj (united society) can bring real freedom to the people of India.

  6. karan

    In April 2012, Zhang Chunxian, Communist Party secretary of the Muslim-majority Xinjiang-Uighur “autonomous region,” had alluded to the same threat. At the time, he addressed a high-level government meeting in Urumqi, capital of China’s western Xinjiang province, outlining new plans to boost security deployments in remote areas and towns near the border with the Pakistan-held part of Jammu and Kashmir to combat “growing” and “imported” extremism. At the time, Xinhua quoted an unnamed security expert saying the government was concerned by “growing religious extremism” that was “imported from neighboring volatile central and southwest Asian regions.”

    • som

      A rebellion against Chinese rule led to the establishment of the short-lived Turkish Islamic Republic of East Turkestan (1933–1934) with secret aids from Soviet Union (Russia took consistent effort to annex Chinese territory since the 17th century). Sheng Shicai (a secret member of the communist party of Soviet Union) came into power after a military coup. He disobeyed the decree and order from the central government but still ruled the region under the name of the Republic of China.

  7. Harish

    बिहार के कल्याणपुर प्रखंड के कैथवलिया में बनने वाले राम मंदिर के लिए जैनुल हक खान ने अपनी डेढ़ बीघा जमीन दान में दी है।
    जहां देश में राम मंदिर बाबरी मस्जिद विवाद कई वर्षों से चल रहा है और कोर्ट में लड़ाई जारी है वहीं, कुछ ऐसे भी लोग हैं जो इस मंदिर मस्जिद की दीवार से ऊपर उठ चुके हैं।

    धार्मिक सदभाव की मिसाल पेश करते हुए बिहार के पूर्वी चंपारण में दुनिया के सबसे ऊंचे राम मंदिर के निर्माण के लिए एक बुजुर्ग मुस्लिम ने अपनी जमीन दान दी है।

    जैनुल खान ने अपनी जमीन बिहार राज्य धार्मिक न्यास परिषद के अध्यक्ष आचार्य किशोर कुणाल की उपस्थिति में मंदिर ट्रस्ट को सौंपी। आचार्य किशोर ने बताया कि मंदिर निर्माण का काम जल्दी शुरू होगा।

    उन्होंने कहा कि इस मंदिर को लेकर सभी वर्गों के लोगों में उत्सुकता है और कई मुस्लिम परिवार इसके लिए जमीन देना चाहते हैं।

    • som

      Hi Harish
      Very good news!!!
      Muslim danated land for Ram Mandir.
      This temple will be taller than the Brihadeshwara Temple in Tanjavur, Tamil Nadu, and Vishwanath temple in Varanasi, and larger than the Akshardham Temple in Delhi.

      • @som
        Do you think, its a good idea to build a Ram Mandir on the land donated by a Muslim? My fear is that such an arrangement will create a goodwill between the two communities and the image of the Muslims will improve in the minds of simple minded, innocent Hindus. Worst still is its effect on the future generation of Hindus. This will used by secular historians as an example of Muslim’s benevolence to the cause of Hindu religion. So in my opinion this offer of land should be rejected. There are many pious, religious Hindu who can donate their land for a Ram Mandir, I am sure. We should not support any such act that creates an atmosphere of love and understanding between Hindus and Muslims. What do you think?

        • Jaipal


          It seems that you are finally beginning to understand that Secularism
          is a hoax perpertrated on Hindus. The aim of secularism is to undermine
          Hindus and Hinduism and promote Islam/Muslims. You need to clearly
          understand that. Stop being a secularist.
          To be secular in India means to be anti-Hindu, Cynical.

          India is a Hindu country with Hindu culture and heritage.
          Islam is a political movement dedicated to Arab racial supremacy
          disguised as a religion. You need to understand that.

          Are you convinced now or not?

        • karan

          Do you think, isn’t it a good idea to build a MOSQUE on the land donated by a HINDUS? My OPTIMISM is that such an arrangement will create a goodwill between the two communities and the image of the HINDUS will improve in the minds of simple minded, innocent MUSLIMS. BEST still is its effect on the future generation of MUSLIMS. This will used by ALL historians as an example of HINDU’s benevolence to the cause of MUSLIM religion. So in my opinion this offer of land should be ACCEPTED by them. There are no pious, religious Hindu who can donate their land for a MOSQUE, I am sure. We should support any such act that creates an atmosphere of love and understanding between Hindus and Muslims. What do you think?

          • hari

            The Ghuman family of Sarwarpur, near Ludhiana, cannot understand what the fuss is about. Ever since Sajjan Singh Ghuman, an NRI Sikh living in England, rebuilt a mosque in his native village that was damaged during Partition, the shrine, as well as his family back home, have attracted the curiosity of outsiders. “We never imagined we would be on a Punjabi TV channel just because my elder brother rebuilt this small mosque for the poor Muslim families of our village. For him, it was just a gesture towards restoring the collective heritage of our village,” says Sajjan’s brother, Joga Singh, who manages the family’s lands in Sarwarpur. Sure. But what Joga and his family, or even the TV channel, do not know is that the sentiment that inspired his brother’s act is being manifested in scores of villages across Punjab, with Sikhs and Hindus joining hands to either rebuild old and damaged mosques or build new ones. Odd? Perhaps. But Punjab, as admirers of its unique religious synthesis say, has always defied stereotypes to do its own thing.

            • hari

              Being a CYNICAL (believing that people are motivated by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity ,doubtful as to whether something will happen or is worthwhile ) ,your view is different,i.e “THAT IS NOT GOOD IDEA.”
              What do you think?

          • singh

            @Cynical the bapatist
            Yes ,yes please. All attempt to create goodwill and peace should create good environment . We should do everything possible to unite Hindus and Muslims to join hand to fight against CHRISTIAN TERRORIST WITH THE MASK OF MAO ON THEM-WHICH ARE THE REAL ENEMY.

          • Hari Om

            “You will encroach, having finalized the girls I will capture i.e. Katrina Kaif and Nargis Fukrey.”
            This would be awarded to you after participation in such organized activity,otherwise you would not deserved that,remember.

        • raj

          I think, isn’t it a good idea to build a MOSQUE on the land donated by a CYNICAL (believing that people are motivated by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity ,doubtful as to whether something will happen or is worthwhile )HINDUS.As I am NON-CYNICAL(trusting )my OPTIMISM is that such an arrangement will create a goodwill between the two communities and the image of the HINDUS will improve in the minds of simple minded, innocent NON-CYNICAL MUSLIMS. Worse still is its effect on the future generation of CYNICAL (believing that people are motivated by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity ,doubtful as to whether something will happen or is worthwhile ) MUSLIMS. BUT this will used by ALL historians as an example of HINDU’s benevolence to the cause of NON-CYNICAL(trusting )MUSLIM religion. So in my opinion this offer of land should be ACCEPTED by them. There are no pious, religious NON-CYNICAL(trusting ) Hindu who can donate their land for a MOSQUE, I am sure. We should support any such act that creates an atmosphere of love and understanding between NON-CYNICAL(trusting ) Hindus and NON-CYNICAL(trusting )Muslims. Being a CYNICAL (believing that people are motivated by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity ,doubtful as to whether something will happen or is worthwhile ) ,your view is different.

          • raj

            As India waits for the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid title suit verdict amid security concerns, a small village in north Karnataka shows the way to communal harmony. In Purtageri north Karnataka, Hindus are helping Muslims restore a mosque that was on the brink of collapse. It’s a century-old mosque that’s been crying for attention since last October. The roof of the mosque started leaking and a portion of it was badly damaged in the heavy rains that lashed many parts of north Karnataka last year.

            Read more at:

            • som

              Being a CYNICAL (believing that people are motivated by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity ,doubtful as to whether something will happen or is worthwhile ) ,your view is different,i.e “THAT IS NOT GOOD IDEA.”
              What do you think?

            • Jaipal


              I agree that unfortunately, Hindus never learn the lessons of history.
              Why they are helping to build a mosque?? Haven’t they figured out
              by now that Mosque is a place for Muslims to gather and conspire
              the murder of innocent and unsuspecting Hindus?? These stupid
              Hindus are as much an enemy for Hindu society’s quest for survival
              with dignity! In my opinion along with Muslims, such stupid bleeding
              heart Hindus should also be killed for the larger interest of Hindu

              Cynical, answer me if you don’t mind, but are you still a believer in
              secularism or not?

            • Jaipal

              Yes, Cynical, genocide of Muslims is the only way forward.
              I am not joking when I say this. If Islam/Muslims are not removed,
              then it is guaranteed that India will turn into an Islamofascist state,
              resembling Taliban Afghanistan. If this happens, then we will go
              backwards into 7th century, not forwards into 21st-22nd centuries!
              Is this really what you want, Cynical?? Do you like what you see in
              Afghanistan under Taliban rule??

  8. nikhil

    There were two prominent players involved in cleansing out Pandits from the Kashmir Valley. Syed Ali Shah Geelani was the Amir of Jamait-e-Islami which controlled the network of mosques in Srinagar. It was these mosques that broadcast the message 24 hours a day to terrorize the Pandits. The message as translated from Kashmiri was: “We do not want Pandits in Kashmir. We just want their women.” Its ominous import was unmistakable. Little wonder that Pandit families with young women were the first ones to run away. The other leader was Muhammad Yasin Malik who led his then underground group JKLF in carrying out selective target killing of prominent Pandits. This added to the terrorization and accelerated the exodus. The Hurriyat has cleverly kept a few Hindus and Sikhs for window dressing to give their ‘freedom struggle’ a façade of secularism. These minorities are intended to be kept safe only till the ‘freedom’ is attained and then they along with the Shia Muslims will meet the same fate as the Pandits. Kashmir Valley is envisaged to become a 100% Sunni fundamentalist State, another North Waziristan, whenever it suits Pakistan or its acolyte, the Hurriyat leaders.

    The fact that the Hindus of erstwhile Doda District which includes Kishtwar did not meet the same fate is thanks only to one factor, the Village VILLAGE DEFENCE COMMITTEES (VDC) that the threatened hamlets and villages formed. These were then armed and played a major role in preventing the exodus of Hindus from that district as also in keeping the Jammu province safe. No security force can provide protection to every family in isolated villages. VILLAGE DEFENCE COMMITTEES (VDC) did a commendable job in that role. They not only secured their villages, but also kept the ‘freedom struggle’ away from the Jammu province. That essentially kept the insurgency confined to the Kashmir Valley, despite Pakistan’s best efforts. Consequently, the VILLAGE DEFENCE COMMITTEES (VDC) were the favourite target of the terrorists and their overground supporters and they lost many lives. Under pressure from what India calls separatists but essentially Pakistani agents, the politicians of the Valley have never been very sympathetic to the VILLAGE DEFENCE COMMITTEES (VDC). Mufti Muhammad Saeed of PDP had in fact tried to disband them when he became the Chief Minister.

    • som



      .Now the Hurriyat which had no presence south of the Valley, has made disbandment of Village VILLAGE DEFENSE COMMITTEES (VDC) a major issue in order, as it says, to remove the sense of insecurity among the Muslims of the area. That demand is obviously inspired by Pakistan whose every action since the beginning of this year points towards the revival of the ‘freedom Straggle’. The recent riots in Kishtwar have provided them a pretext to rake up the issue though no VILLAGE DEFENSE COMMITTEES (VDC) had taken part in them. Being located in villages,VILLAGE DEFENSE COMMITTEES (VDC) were not even present in Kishtwar town. There was only one death by gunfire and the victim was one Arvind Kumar. Yet, the finger pointing at VILLAGE DEFENSE COMMITTEES (VDC) continues.

      Though the VILLAGE DEFENSE COMMITTEES (VDC) are the responsibility of the State Govt, the Army has a vital stake in them. No Army can provide protection to every house and hamlet in the sparsely populated mountainous region. Nor can the Army block all the routes of ingress through Pir Panjal into Jammu province and that province will become vulnerable. Pir Panjal range also has major infiltration routes from Pakistan.

      If the VILLAGE DEFENSE COMMITTEES (VDC) are disarmed or their capabilities degraded in way, the entire mountain population of Jammu province will be at grave risk. They may have no choice but to escape to the suburbs of Jammu like Pandits did. That would add to the problem, that Pakistan deliberately tries to create by targeting the civil population along the LoC and even the international border. Once a terrorized population abandons their homes, their return is impossible, just as it happened in the case of Pandits. All the talk of rehabilitating them back in their ancestral homes in the Valley is either naïve or dishonest. The facts on the ground once created can seldom be changed.




    • nitha

      A report titled “Kashmir: Present Situation and Future Prospects”, which was submitted to the European Parliament by Emma Nicholson, Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne, was critical of the lack of human rights, justice, democracy, and Kashmiri representation in the Pakistan National Assembly.

      According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence operates in Pakistan-administered Kashmir and is involved in extensive surveillance, arbitrary arrests, torture, and murder.
      Generally this is done with impunity and perpetrators go unpunished.

      The 2008 report by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees determined that Pakistan-administered Kashmir was ‘NOT FREE’.

      According to Shaukat Ali, chairman of the International Kashmir Alliance, “On one hand Pakistan claims to be the champion of the right of self-determination of the Kashmiri people, but she has denied the same rights under its controlled parts of Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan”

    • karan

      So long as India is run by foreigners , today, an Italian housewife, tomorrow, a half Italian/half Indian , there cannot be a genuine help for what is Indian or Hindus / Buddhists etc, since only those foreigners & their catholic gods know where there loyalty is standing ? & who are there masters? are they working on an agenda of US/West to disintegrate India or not ?
      Finally isn’t it a shame for India with over 1.2 billion population to have somebody from outside India to run this country ?

  9. S

    Indian Realist – just for your notice, comments on here are being copy pasted on Sandeep’s blog – Do check into it. Sandeep is highly respected author, and lately he hasn’t had the time to monitor his blog strictly.

  10. Ramesh

    Madani admits hard-line Muslims in Gujarat are warming to Modi
    In perhaps the first sign that the hard-line Deoband Islamic seminary Darul Uloom has softened its stand towards Gujarat CM Narendra Modi, Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind general secretary Maulana Mehmood Madani admitted there’s a change in Muslim opinion of him.
    “In Gujarat, Jamiat workers have told me that in several assembly segments, Muslims voted for Modi,” he said.
    “Muslims in Gujarat are economically better off than in other states,” he told Rahul Kanwal in an interview on Seedhi Baat
    Read more:

  11. Reach – Out Time ?

    Narendra Modi claims that the Muslims of Gujarat have buried the ghost of Godhra and a great majority of them voted for BJP in the recent State election
    There have been many communal ( anti-minority or anti-majority ) riots in most of the States of India since independence
    It does not serve any purpose to keep doing post-mortem , again and again
    It is obvious that the new generation ( including the descendents of the victims ) want to close the chapter and move on to a better / peaceful life
    If , development of Muslims brought about a harmonious communal relations in Gujarat , surely it could be replicated on a national scale , all over the country
    Narendra Modi has a fantastic opportunity to drive across this message by incorporating the following ACTIONS in BJP’s 2014 Election Manifesto :

     Resettling of riot victims ( belonging to any community and residing in any state ) , in Government-built houses , within one year of coming to power

     Simultaneous dismantling of , so-called “ Minority Ghettos “ , thru dispersal of minorities throughout the cities , for better integration within a city’s majority population

     Granting Cabinet Minister status to the Chiefs of Minority Commission / Women’s Commission / Human Rights Commission

     Providing for greater representation in the Central Cabinet to the people of the North-Eastern States and the Naxal affected areas

     Up gradation of the educational institutions belonging to the minorities

     Greater representation to Minority Youth in “ Skills Development Program “ under NSDC

     At the disputed Ayodhya site , creation of a “ World Peace Complex “ comprising of :

    • Ram Temple ( for Hindus )

    • Mosque ( for Muslims )

    • Church ( for Christians )

    • Temple ( for Buddhists )

    • Synagogue ( for Jews )

    • Akshar-Dham ( for Jains )

    • Gurudwara ( for Shikhs )

    • University for Comparative Studies of World Religions

    • Hospitals ( like Netralaya / Hridayalaya )

    • India Heritage / History Museum

    • Business Convention-cum-Industry Exhibition Centre

    • Tourist Complex

    • And right in the center of the complex , a giant statue of the “ Father of the Nation “
    I invite readers to add to this list
    Even if for all the wrong reasons [ viz; 2014 Elections ], let BJP not miss this opportunity to initiate steps for integration of the minorities into the mainstream of political / economical / social development of our country
    It is about time to exhibit , BJP’s truly “ Secular “ nature ( non-UPA variety ? )
    It is time to stop mere Congress-bashing ( with which , people are fed-up ) and promise some genuine positive actions to the minorities
    And of all the leaders of BJP , who is better placed for such “ Pro-Activism “ than Narendrabhai ?
    Carpe Diem ( Seize the Day ! )

    • hemen parekh ( 21 Sept 2013 )

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