You are not safe if you sing Vande Mataram

School children in a UP village attacked with sharp weapons for singing Vande Mataram on Independence Day. It is not hard to guess the identity of the perpetrators — these must be the nationalist Muslims that Nehru kept telling us Hindus about.

Vande Matram

Children attacked for singing Vande Mataram in Akhilesh-ruled Uttar Pradesh

The singing of Vande Mataram by school children has made hate mongers in Uttar Pradesh very unhappy. So unhappy in fact that they have now taken to attacking unarmed and helpless children with sharp weapons.

According to a report in Dainik Jagran, children in Sarsawa’s Qutubpur village, singing Vande Mataram on their Prabhat Pheri on August 15, were attacked with sticks and sharp weapons. As a result, several of them were injured and were forced to flee the place screaming.

Angry protesters took out a procession on Friday demanding that the attackers be brought to justice.

When will Hindus learn that you cannot vote for anti-Hindus (even if they carry Hindu names) and then appeal to them to keep you safe and give you justice. Haven’t Hindus learnt any lesson from the results of supporting Nehru and Gandhi? Or are they waiting for another genocide to learn the lesson the hard way?

Read a very nice quote today in another forum about violence and non-violence, and their use in human history:

In the words of Robert Heinlein:
“Anyone who clings to the historically untrue — and — thoroughly immoral doctrine that violence never solves anything I would advise to conjure up the ghosts of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington and let them debate it. The ghost of Hitler would referee. Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor; and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Breeds that forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and their freedoms.”

Gita was right. Gandhi was wrong. Righteous violence to put evil in its place is essential for survival of human race.

Now, here is something delectable for you — Nidhi Razdan of NDTV being whipped on by British MP Barry Gardiner over Narendra Modi.

This has rightly been said to be another Delhi rape case — this time live on national television.



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  1. som

    Sharia law has been implemented in India.

  2. The Gita, the most well known and respected of all Indian philosophy, is absolutely clear on the necessity of action in the face of oppression. Gandhi got it wrong and he was confusing his Jain background extremist pacifism with the modified ‘ahimsa’ as taught by Krishna. The truth is that failure to take action in the face of oppression becomes just another form of ‘himsa’ (violence’), as when a man is attacking a child and the witness does nothing to stop it. The witness is guilty of ‘himsa’ by failure (cowardice) to act.

    • No politician on earth will qualify in that sense. All politicians have their hands soiled. Human Rights also apply to hundreds of riots in Congress and other regional party regimes, including 1984 Sikh massacre. Has that been closed? Yet Nehru-Gandhi dynasty wanders scot free as pious alongwith their huge list of scams. Are scams not a part of Human Right violation, think before jump to reply?

    • Jaipal

      @Duart Maclean,

      Gandhi was a Jain. He came from an orthodox Jain family.
      If you read his autobiography, “My experiment with Truth”,
      he admits to his Jain background.

      Hinduism has never taught or believed in the excessive Ahimsa
      or non-violence that Jainism or Gandhi preached.

      The concept of righteous violence is taught in Hinduism, starting
      from the Vedas to the Gita. Its called Dharma Himsa.

      Its a tragedy that Hindus have become ignorant of this righteous
      violence concept in our religion, which is down to earth and

      • @Jaipal. Thanks. And it is a sad misunderstanding that most non-Hindus and, I believe, most professed Hindus, completely misunderstand Hinduism because they try to analyze it from the context of their particular religion or sect and from an already existing state of Self-ignorance. Hinduism is vast with many different viewpoints (often contradicting each other — e.g., dualism vs. non dualism, etc) that have unfolded over many millennia. As Ramana Maharshi would always emphasize, the theological and philosophical differences are unimportant. What is important is to realize the Self (Paramatman). Once the Self is realized, everything becomes clear. Before that, it’s all just an endless debate among the unenlightened. He would say: Realize your true Self first, then decide if further conversation is necessary (my words — not a direct quote from R.M.). People attack each other not because of religion per se, but because of Self-ignorance parading in the name of religion. Any Hindu, Buddhist, Christian or Muslim who has fully realized the Self (not as a concept but as a lasting direct experience) would never do violence to anyone of any religion.

  3. som

    In search of the modern Hindu by Sagarika Ghose
    in her feature , she coined so many terminologies like
    Hindu nationalist, proud Hindus, unapologetic Hindus, Internet Hindus,
    Hindu-isation, Hindu Right, 21st century Hindu, RSS-style assertion of “national identity, Hindu themes, the reformist spirit of Hinduism, modern Hindu, Hindu outfits, pilgrimage become raucous mass tourism, Hindutvavaadis, Hindutva politicians, political Hindu.
    So,she categories the entire Hindu civilization,a very little chance to remain uncategorized.

  4. Country should be grateful to Niira Radia for exposing all these imposters who call shots at others while hiding in their burqa of corruptions and human rights violations by depriving the poors of their lrgitimate rights to food, education etc…

  5. The perpetrators of this heinous act should be given examplery punishment. But I doubt if the SP govt. has got the balls to do it!

    • Jaipal


      The reason SP won’t prosecute these perpetrators is because
      they are Muslim. They won’t for the sake of vote-banks.

      This is the real face of secularism in India. Indian secularism is a
      sham. It is nothing but a perverted ideology of anti-Hinduism.

      Just ask yourself what do Hindus benefit from this shit Secularism??
      The minorities benefit of course but what about Hindus??
      In the name of Secularism, there is discrimination against Hindus.

    • som

      So we need Modi as a Prime -minister.

      • @som
        No I don’t need him as PM. He could not save my beloved 254 hindus during Gujarat 2002 riot. He could not save Akhsardham temple and the devotees present there. His party while in power could not prevent Parliament attack

        • cnm


          I think you are right. Hindus cannot afford to rely on any individual howsoever strong, influential and Hindu lover he may be for their safety from and security against unprovoked Muslims aggression. They must learn to fight their own battle. In this matter, the Hindus should take their cue from the Hindu brothers of Gujarat and should unleash massive retaliation on the Muslim perpetrators. No doubt Hindus will sustain some collateral damage in such retaliation, but in comparison to the dividend such risks are worth taking. An aggressor only understands only the language of aggression and nothing else. I am always in favour of using every conceivable force against the aggressors. Hindus should never be under the false and suicidal impression that the ruling establishment will provide them security against Muslim onslaught. This is the only reason why I never repent in fact i rejoice the death of Muslims in Post Godhra riots in Gujarat.

          • Jaipal


            I agree with you. Hindus should take the initiative and go on the
            offensive and get rid of Muslims from our country.
            Muslims will never behave because their religion forbids them to be
            peaceful with non-Muslims. The wrong-doers and evil-doers
            are the Muslims.

            According to Hindu religion, “Atatayis” or gangsters should be killed
            on the spot without hesitation. It is considered the highest Dharma
            to kill an Adharmi/evil doer. In our present times, the biggest Asuras
            are the Muslims, who deserve to be killed. If Muslims willingingly
            convert to Hinduism, then they can be accepted, otherwise they should
            be put to death without mercy.

            What I would suggest is that Hindus find a way to accumulate political
            power so that political control can rest with us.
            Then, build detention camps/centres to house arrested Mullahs and
            Maulvis and raze all the mosques throughout India.

            If the Muslims show any sign of violence, they should be neutralized
            by sleeping gas and put on trains to the designated detention centres.
            There they can be shot to death or starved to death.

            For the well-being of Hindu society, Muslims need to be some how
            removed from India.

            • cnm

              @dear jaipal

              I am in complete agreement with you. Hindus should not bother themselves with the Gandhian theory of violence and non-violence. In my firm opinion whenever the question of self-preservation arises before the Hindus they should invariably take to arms if it becomes expedient. I do not see any other answer to this Muslim problem.

            • @Jaipal
              You have just copied from Hitler’s operating manual. Hope you know his fate and where he landed – in the dustbin of history. Besides do you think that the world powers will remain silent watching you drinking blood. The international coomunity will bomb you to smitherness. You will go back to Vedic times.

              • Jaipal


                According to Hindu religion, we Hindus are justified in putting Muslims down
                since they are the criminals. Muslims are like poisonous snakes in our
                Hindu home called India/Bharathvarsha. We can’t live with them in
                peace as has been proven by the innumerable communal riots.

                There needs to be a final solution to the Muslim problem.

              • karan

                We and muslim community are the parts
                of international community. If one part is
                non-tolerant for the sake of peaceful coexistence,then it is duty of the rest of entire community to do something for peace.

          • @cnm
            Oh dear, dear. You are talking about collateral damage.
            Do you even realise the consequences of your belligerently jingoistic and murderous ambitions? Do you count yourself and your near and dear ones among those you casually dump inside that pit of collateral damage? How about thinking of your parents, siblings, children, or ‘rishtedaron’ as collateral damage for a change? I doubt. I am inclined to believe that in your scheme of things, the foot soldiers will be people like your dear friend @Shlok, who in one blog (The American stooge) shamelessly claimed credit for acting as the lackeys of the Brahmin-Banya cabal in communal riots. I quote him here, “I am a low caste myself. Whenever you find incidences of Hindu – Muslims riots, that is Muslims starting the riots and Hindus retaliating, it is we low caste people who hit back at the Muslims. Don’t think your Brahmin – Banias can fight.” What a vacuous and loathsome gloating from an imbecile mind. The bugger doesn’t even understand that he is being used as a pawn in the services of those very people who for centuries heaped contempt on his forefathers and subjected them under most vile and brutal exploitation in the human history. A classic example of ‘Stockholm syndrome’.
            You fashion yourself as a defender and protector of Hindus. Do you count the Hindus of Pakistan and Bangladesh among them? Do you know what price they had to pay for your little antics in Ayodhya? Do you realize what misery will fall upon those very people if you act upon your murderous plans to satisfy your own little complex of inferiority? It is always easy to cry war when the guy whose life would be on the line is someone else, better still if from another caste/community than one’s own. You fake Hindu lover. Shame on your chickenery.

            • Jaipal


              We Hindus have always been ready to fight and die for our
              faith. History is witness to it. That is why Hinduism has survived
              this long inspite of such grave provocations. We fought for our
              religion then, we can do it again. If anybody is a chicken/coward
              it is YOU. Look at yourself, you don’t even have the guts to
              stand up for what you believe in. What dignity you have?
              You were the one who said that you would be willing to ditch your
              atheism just to save your skin. And you have some nerve calling
              others cowards. The truth is you are the coward/chicken, not us
              on this forum.

              As for the sufferings of Hindus in Pakistan, Ayodhya had nothing
              to do with it. Hindus have been persecuted in Pakistan right
              from 1947 AD onwards there. That is why many Hindus came
              to India seeking refuge. Rather than blaming Hindus, why don’t
              you ask the more important question, namely, why Muslims always
              persecute non-Muslims whenever they are in majority anywhere in the
              world?? Come on Cynical, what is your answer???

            • Really, the Gov’t of India should go the distance and encourage Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh to return to India. Of course, this is easier said than done, but still efforts should be made. By the same token, Muslims who demonstrate hostility to India itself, or to people of other faiths such as Hindus, Pharsees, Buddhists, etc., should be invited to leave India and return to their Islamic motherland. It’s not impossible.

            • cnm


              Your response is on expected lines.

              While writing the above comment I was expecting you to react the way you have reacted. I think Jaipal has given you a fitting answer. I need not elaborate on that.

              But instead of indulging in rhetoric It would have been better if you had expressed your views on Hindu’s right to take arms for self-defence. I am quite firm in my opinion. Hindus should kill the Muslim aggressors without mercy come what may.

              • @cnm
                Neither yours, nor Jaipal’s is an answer to the basic points I raised. It is an abject surrender couched in a pretence of an answer. And I can see through it.

                • cnm


                  You have not answered my question—- if Hindus are not within their right to take up arms to kill the Muslim aggressors?

            • Shlok

              @Cynical, you have fattened yourself on a diet of Marxist nonsense. Your mind has become conditioned into believing all their crap. First of all, ‘low castes’ have been bigger victims of Muslims than even the ‘high castes’, maybe excepting the Brahmins. You ought to read K.S.Lal’s book on Scheduled castes whch clearly show that theyh fought the Muslims tooth and nail. Even today Scheduled Castes and Muslims live side by side. What has that got to do with fighting other people’s battles. They are fighting their own battles. By the way, have you ever been to an Indian village?

              • Shlok

                @Cynical continued, these SC people in UP eat pork, Muslims don’t. When Muslims attack them, these people do not leave them. The same thing is with my community. In my village, my community forms 50%. Muslims are small and generally not aggressive in my village. But whenever Hindu-Muslim problems take place, then Muslims from neighbouring villages are ferried to our village also. At that time, the small Brahmin community always tries to restrain us. But for our community people, we don’t take any insults or troubles lying down. Muslims come and tease the womenfoilk and also abuse our temple and customs. Our community always gives them a proper lesson. So it is our fight also

                • Jaipal


                  When Muslims attack in Uttar Pradesh, do the Hindus there fight back?
                  Do they teach the Muslims a lesson, like how Hindus taught a lesson
                  to Muslims in Gujurat in post-Godhra riots?

                  • Shlok

                    @Jaipal, I can’t speak of the entire state. But in our area, the Nishad communities mainly of boatmen and fishermen are very vigilant. I also know that SC communities are alert. We do not take any attacks on our religion lightly. Thats the reason why Muslims are scared of us. Coupled with the fact that some from our community had turned dacoits, is enough for them to know that they can’t play with us. Generally in villages where Thakurs, Yadavs and other ‘backward’ castes predominate, the situation is better. Brahmins and Banias, with due respect, are the darpok types. Also, village Hindus are more eager to protect their faith than city Hindus. But this also depends. In Gorakhpur, Varanasi, Kanpur and Allahbad, Hindus are ready. But in areas like Meerut and Bareilly, the reports I am receiving are that Hindu are moving out as they can’t withstand Muslim goondagardi

                    • Jaipal


                      We Hindus must take a stand eventually.
                      We have to put our foot down and say enough is enough.

                      How can we unite all Hindus across the castes and build an effective
                      Hindu unity? What is the reason for caste feeling in the first place?

                      What are some strategies to replace caste feeling with Hindu feeling
                      and Hindu interest?

            • Shlok

              @Cynical, absolute poor knowledge of Muslims. You just don’t know their mentality. When Israel attacks Saudi Arabia, at that time Muslims attack Hindus in India. When Iran-Iraq war was taking place, what started off as a Sunni-Shia fight in Lucknow ended up with Sunni Muslims attacking HIndus. Now what did the Israeli or Iran-Iraq war have to do with Hindus or India?Pakitan and Bangladesh have been ill treating, persecuting and butchering Hindus since their creation. What has Ayodhya got to do with it? Another point, why are they also killing the Christians in Pakistan? Therefore, come out of the coccoon created by tthe likes of Romila Thapar, Irfan Habib and such ZCommie ‘historians’

              • Jaipal


                Absolutely correct. We Hindus need to find a permanent solution
                to the Muslim problem in our country, once for all.
                We can’t go on like this, waiting for the next round of violence.
                We have to take the initiative. It is not possible to live with snakes in
                ones home. Muslims and Islam need to be removed from India, period.

                • Shlok

                  @Jaipal, caste identity is not going away any soon, let us face it. With every single party, including the BJP, trying to make ‘caste arithmetic’ you can expect that this is here to stay for some time. Of course, if there is a ‘lehar’ – Ram Janmabhoomi, Kargil, Godhra massacre, etc the same caste minded Hindus will vote as one. There is also an interesting thing about elections in UP. Whichever constituencies have under 15% Muslim population, in general BJP does not perform good in these. Whichever ones have 15% – 25%, BJP performs better. But wherever Muslims are between 25% – 40%, BJP performs excellent. Watch the last disastrous Vidhan Sabha elections, BJP won in Firozabad, in Meerut, in Agra, etc, all heavily dominated by Muslims. Last Lok Sabha they also won in Azamgarh, the home of so many terrorists. So, the point is that whenever BJP speaks about Hindus, Hindus and Hindus, they get good outcome. Whenever they speak of Thakur, Brahmin, Lodh, etc.. they get ‘egg in the face’ because if you have to be casteist, why not vote for Congress, SP or BSP whose staple diet consists of casteism?
                  Now what can we laymen Hindus do? All of us should be asking this question. Lecture-vecture to bahut ho gaya. Obviously, we are not taking this blogsite like our namkeen like Cynical is. He needs to speak trash while drinking his bottle of Johnny Walker. But we are not faltu. So, what lessons do we learn from this and how do we proceed from here. I have 4 points, but probably you and the others have more:

                  – Every Hindu must be a ‘walking-talking’ representative of Hindu Dharma. I have no problem in learning from my enemies. What do missionaries do? Don’t they pick up conversations from abstract subjects and bring it to the Bible and Jesus? We have to learn from them, and do the same. When we meet people, rather than wasting time in cricket, politics and movies, lets talk about Hinduism. Naturally, we must see the audience. We should see what appeals to which person. To children, speak about Krishna baal leela about Hanuman, Ramayana, etc. To educated people from convent schools, something else. To well read people, something else. To women, something else. To elders, something else. But we should take it seriously. We should not ignore this. At least from my experience, I have a daily quota of at least 3 strangers that I pick up conversation with when I am travelling and discuss about Hinduism. Don’t be shy in this. Also, we can discuss current topics with a Hindu flavor. To a person who admires Modi’s development, but is not comfortable with his Hindutvaness, try to gently convert that person to your viewpoint. These are just examples.

                  – Apply Dharma to your lives, even basic things like going to temples, performing rituals, reading the scriptures, trying best to wear Indian clothes, and speaking only in Hindi with Hindi speakers, are the bare minimums when dealing with children and younger generation. If we tell others that we must speak in our mother tongue or Hindi, but with our own friends and family members (as I have seen in big cities) we speak in English, we will never be able to make a point.

                  – Even some of you Hindu friends may consider me to be crazy, but looking a the big demographic changes around us, I 100% believe that no more is it possible for Hindus to be economic in matters of having children. 1 should be out of the question, 2 is not good, 3 is not sufficient, every Hindu must strive to have 4 children. And I am ready to answer all those who say that it is too expensive to bring up 4 children. It is not true. My father had 6 brothers and 3 sisters. I am sure it was the same with you people. Can we say that you had been neglected by your families? NO. Rather it is our own demands which have increased. We want every child to excel in sports, in studies, in music, in martial arts, in art, in hobbies, for which we can throw any amount of money. It is crazy, it is insane. Then we complain that our kids have no time to read Ramayana or Mahabharat. How can you blame them when I have seen parents put their children to 24/7 classes. So,let’s be practical. Having 4 children for all Hindus should not be an option, but a compulsion. Family planning can only be workable if even Muslims practise it. If they don’t, then Hindus are fools number 1 to be practising family planning, because it will surely decimate them. I am getting married end of the year, and you people might think I am crazy but even when mine’s is not an arranged marriage, yet my fiance knows very well that there is going to be no compromise on this matter. Of course, ‘sometimes couples who want children, can’t get them. That has to be left to God. But if possible, I will have 4 children. And I request all Hindu young couples to have at least 4, the important point is do this as a service to your nation and Dharma and to maintain the Hinduness of this country.

                  – And finally the last point, that is to never never lose hope. All around us we see the thousands of problems that our Hindu brothers and sisters are facing. All around, Muslim goons and Christian predators are targetting our religion. That is true. But also look at the way that many Hindus are fighting back in Kerala, in UP, in Gujarat. No matter what, remember no Hindu has the right to say, ‘ke hamara sarvanaash hone wala hain, aur kuch bhi nahin ho sakta’ Anyone saying that is not a true Hindu. Fight and defend your religion. Don’t lose hope. With this and with Jai Siya Ram, I conclude my lengthy comments

    • Ramesh

      For any political ideology (with the mask of religion on them )perpetration of this type of heinous act is necessary (with performing intolerant behavior) for further expansion (to achieve their geopolitical goal).

  6. Jaipal


    Would you rather prefer living in Taliban Afghanistan or Hindu Nationalist

    Secularism won’t survive in India in the long run. Either India will turn
    into a Muslim theocracy or it will have to become a Hindu nationalist
    state. Take your pick? Give up your misguided attachment to
    the very concept of secularism. It hasn’t worked in India and it never

    • som

      Well said.

      • @Jaipal, good comments. Actually, the concept of Secularism is Western and is alien to our Bharat varsha. And, the pseudo-secularists, ultra-liberals, and shills of Marxist ideology are further compounding the problem by appeasement of Muslims and Christians. I strongly believe that this is detrimental to the civilisational fabric of Bharat varsha in the long run.

        • Jaipal

          @NV Sudhakar,

          You are right. That is why we Hindus must learn to unite
          at a political level to rescue Bharathvarsha from the Asuric
          influences that are threatening us.

          Only a Hindu nationalist state can protect Bharathvarsha
          and maintain her dignity. You can count me as a commited
          footsoldier for Hindu nation’s cause.

          I also belong to the younger generation. I am 29 years old.

          • Shlok

            @Jaipal, I am also with you. I am 27 years old, and I am pretty confident that my grandchildren will grow up in Hindu Rashtra.

            • Yeah, Raja Dahir also died with simillar dreams. Dreaming is good or health and with no strains on the purse (tijori).

              • cnm


                Raja Dahir died. But the dream continues to live and on its way to realization my friend. If Israel could nurture a dream for such a long period and came victorious in the end, I think the Hindus can do it. Am I right dear Hindu hater.

              • Jaipal


                Raja Dahir died because he was betrayed by people like you.

              • Shlok

                @Cynical, the biggest problem with Raja Dahir Sen of Sind, Prithviraj Chauhan of Delhi and the last kings of Vijayanagar Empire was their trust in Muslims, in their belief that they might be enemies, but they were also human beings. That’s why they always allowed surrendered Muslim enemies to go back home as per the Hindu code of conduct. Their problem was in not understanding the Muslim pschye.. Muslims were robots in the grips of what their mullahs and their holy Quran said. Hindus failed to grasp this.

    • @Jaipal
      ‘Take your pick?’
      Good advice but, it will be too early to pick. I will wait and see who is gaininig power between Muslim theocrats and Hindu nationalists. I am an atheist but I will convert at the right moment with the winning side to save my skin. Both are equally intolerant of desent. So, keep fighting and keep sending me the latest score.

      • Jaipal


        True to your name, you seem to be a self-defeatist with no values
        worth the name. Why are you even an atheist when you know that
        atheism and secularism has no future in Bharathvarsha??

        You were born as a Hindu, right? So why don’t you study your
        heritage a bit and develop strong Hindu pride. Atheism won’t
        give you that type of self-respect the way a strong identity can,
        ie. Hindu nationalist. You should be ashamed of yourself.
        You are a spineless weasel, with no backbone.

        You should support Hindu nationalism because it is only
        Hindu nationalism that can make India into a great country
        once again. Islam is just a vehicle for Arab imperialism
        and the substitution of an alien way of living in place of the
        native culture. It can’t give progress.

        You should live or die as a Hindu. That is what Hindus
        in the medieval era did. They stood true to their religion
        and culture, in the face of the gravest provocations and
        fought back. That is why India remained as Hindu country
        when most other countries got converted and subdued
        en masse. We should not let the sacrifices of our Hindu
        ancestors go in vain.

        If you have children, Cynical, at least think about their future.
        Do you want your children to be slaves to a primitive
        desert cult called Islam, when it could be something else
        for the better?

        • Jaipal


          You should take the pick now, itself. Pick one or the other but
          don’t be a fence sitter. Preferably, you should pick Hindu nationalism
          over Muslim Theocracy. Islam is nothing but a criminal creed.
          Hinduism is a rich, ancient civilizational heritage with in depth
          spiritual values and outlook.

          Hinduism is like clean water and Islam is like drainage water.
          Which one would you prefer to drink?

      • cnm


        So you are not loyal to your religion of atheism well fortified by a heavy dose of anti-Hinduism. You are an opportunist, a Marxist type atheist. Believe me my dear friend I was always suspecting you to be like that. Thanks for not proving me wrong.

        • cnm

          @ cynical,

          Now that you have bared your true colour which is nothing but anti-Hindus. I am sure you will never be welcomed in to the Hindu fold even if you prostrate before them for your inclusion in to the Hindu fold.

          • Jaipal


            People like Cynical are proof that atheism and liberalism/pseudo-
            secularism is a sort of mental disease that prevents people from
            thinking normally or even rationally.

            You are absolutely right. Cynical has no values worth the name.
            She is just an opportunist that has no soul.

  7. We condemn secularism in India but its roots are invisible to majority of us. I was myself not aware of it until once a couple of years ago, came across a post by Ramesh Rao – an American Hindu Foundation member pointed out this most hideous department in US i.e. USCIRF – IRFA.

    USCIRF = United States Commision on International Religious Freedom
    IRFA = International Religious Freedom Act (1998)

    It is these two US stupid departments that are non governmental US organisations which keep a tab in various countries and advise US home Dept on their recommendations of Religious Violence “that they think” is or was done. This is heavily influenced by Christian clergies and US Home Dept acts on their advice. What is its relevance to us or others globally.

    1. The Visa issue of Narendra Modi is directly related to this stupid USCIRF.
    2. They won’t enforce it in these violent Islamic cointries as it will not work as much as we in India consider US/UK endorsement important. These “seculars” will immediately start crying foul on the electronic media, your Sagarika Ghoshe is part of their (US) this ‘secular’ mechanism. CNN-IBN channel is US owned company. I think it should be clear to you all. Hence I suggest you to kindly glance on these US controversial so called non governmental yet very much governmental silly depts and know the western style of civilian style of psychological oppressive warfare against countries like India. In the same way, implementation of International Human Rights are also selective. For this very reason, China and Russia blast US on this stupid selective enforcement of Human Rights. UN is a puppet Organisation of US/Western mechanism of humiliation to the developping world so that they can be kept under their toe. That is why these media in India immediately start crying of 2002 Godhra as if India had never seen any riot or war or holocaust. How often have we cared to know the casualty in WW II? WW II killed about >60-80 million people, reckoned to be the world human massacre in the known history so far. Indian army and people were also forced to die in it but their number of killed is not known. We keep revolving round in this well of India but the world is too big, at least far beyond the English speaking bed. We need to mature…

  8. som

    This militarization of everyday Muslim life was noticed with keen interest by Count Keyserling (1880-1946 CE) during his travels in Islamic countries. He summed up his over-all impression in his The Travel Diary of a Philosopher. “Islam is a religion,” he wrote, “of absolute surrender and submissiveness to God – but to a God of a certain character – a War-Lord who is entitled to do with us as he will and who bids us stand ever in line of battle against the foe… The ritual of this belief embodies the idea of discipline. When the true believers every day at fixed hours perform their prayers in serried ranks in the mosque, all going through the same gestures at the same moment, this is not, as in Hinduism, done as a method of self-realization, but in the spirit in which the Prussian soldier defiled before his Kaiser. This military basis of Islam explains all the essential virtues of the Musalman. It also explains his fundamental defects – his unprogressiveness, his incapacity to adapt himself, his lack of invention. The soldier has simply to obey orders. All the rest is the affair of Allah.” “In the early days of Islam”, writes Professor K.S. Lal, “the main features of the Friday service were prayers in congregation with worshippers standing in straight linear rows. Attendance was compulsory and military discipline was maintained. The sermon was like the order of the day; it comprised advice, reprimand and directions on religious and political obligations of the faithful. A sense of awe pervaded – raising the number of worshippers…” Small wonder that great importance is attached to congregational or Friday prayers in Islam. “The ahadis declare that namaz said in congregation is twenty-five times superior to namaz said alone at home. Muhammad was very strict about attendance in congregational prayer.”4 The Prophet is reported to have said that he felt like burning down the houses of those who did not attend the Friday prayers. In the history of Islam in India, Friday “sermons result in working up the feelings of the namazis, and sabre-rattling and street riots generally take place on Friday after the afternoon prayers”

    • karan

      23 August 1929: Mea Shearim in Jerusalem (now in Israel) after Friday prayers. (violent attacks against the Jews )

      16 Aug 1946: multiple parts of Calcutta, Howrah, Hooghly, Metiabruz and 24 Parganas, on Friday after the Juma prayers. These prayers were aimed at seeking divine blessings to liberate Muslims from Hindu India. The notice drew divine inspiration from the Quran, emphasizing on the coincidence of this day with the holy month of Ramzaan, claiming that the planned protests were an allegory of Prophet Muhammad’s conflict with heathenism and his subsequent conquest of Mecca and establishment of the kingdom of Heaven in Arabia.-after Friday prayers.
      (a complete hartal that targeted all spheres of society: civic, commercial and industrial except essential services)

      7 December 1990: Aligarh on Friday( began pelting stones at the houses of members belonging to the Hindu community, besides indulging in stabbing, looting and torching houses and shop. to quell this mob, police opened fire…resulting in the death of one person and injuries to three others.)

      2 May 2003: Marad beach of the Kozhikode district, Kerala. on Friday
      (Eight Hindus were killed without provocation by a Muslim mob)
      3 Dec 2011:Kurdish city in north Iraq(Rioters attacked liquor stores, a massage parlor and hotels after being stirred up by fiery sermons )

      14 Sep 2012: US after Friday prayers Sep 2012—The
      US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya,( which killed the ambassador and three other Americans. Now it is bracing for another potential eruption of violent demonstrations in parts of the Muslim world) after Friday’s weekly prayers — traditionally a time of protest in the Middle East and North Africa. (Times of Israel)

      16 November 2012: at Charminar after Friday prayers (at least 10 people, including a policeman, were injured in the violent incidents)

      26 July 2013: Friday. Friday is the day that Muslims hold congregational prayer called Jumu’ah, usually preceded by sermons.( Many Hindus were injured and 2 people were killed, including a Hindu woman who died when Muslim mobs rioted)

      9 August 2013: Kishtwar town, Eid-ul-Fitr Friday,started shouting anti-India slogans.(A 30-year-old man was killed, 15 people injured and many shops and vehicles gutted )

    • Jaipal


      Islam is nothing but a perverted cult with political ambition.
      Muslim society is basically a criminal society, like a mafia.

      Count Keyersling’s observations were superficial in some
      aspects. In Hinduism, the same concept of righteous violence
      or Dharma Himsa has been propounded too.

      Hindu society of Mediveal India was not a passive society.
      The centuries of military resistance that Hindus put up
      against the Muslim invaders was due to the fact that
      Hindu society was also quite militarized in its thinking and
      action. Otherwise, India would not have remained as a predominantly
      Hindu country by now.

      The so-called discipline of the Muslims is due to the cultic nature
      and brainwashing of Islam, by appealing to heaven and hell.
      In other words, Muslims are coerced due to fear.

  9. nitha

    @Ramesh,som & karan
    What China does to prevent such occurrences?
    Uighur (Muslims) in Xinjiang are subject to a number of restrictions on worship, including a ban on anyone under 18 attending a mosque. The government also controls the appointment of imams.
    China did not ban Fasting. China only discourages fasting. Indians behave!

    Muslims receive death sentence as ethnic conflict grows in Xinjiang
    China has so far managed to contain Islamism and its deals with the Friday Problem

  10. S

    Incidentally, Ramzan is not about fasting, it is about skipping lunch. Most people have heard about “Sehri” and “Iftar” of Ramzan and assumed, like I did, that these are the times of the beginning and the ending of the fast – it’s not. Sehri, or sunrise marks the beginning of a Ramzan, and at the call of the muezzin, the believers of the prophet stuff themselves full of food and drink and head to the nearest mosque. They don’t eat and drink anything throughout the day, but at “Iftar”, boy, there’s a big feast, and it lasts for an entire month.

    • Anonymous

      The bottom line is that rigid orthodox Muslims detest Hinduism even more than they detest Christianity and Judaism. Why? Because Christianity and Judaism have their origins in the prophet Abraham, whom Mohammad recognized and approved. The non-Abrahamic religions are considered demonic. Look at what the fanatics in Afghanistan did to the ancient massive rock carvings of the Buddha. Their hatred and intolerance of the ‘demonic’ non-Abrahamic religions knows no boundaries.

      I’ve met Muslims in India who are very liberal, who respect and enjoy the company of their Hindu friends, and vice versa. But the rigid orthodox fanatics are beyond all dialogue. They cannot be reasoned with. And there must be plenty of them in India. THOSE ONES MUST BE IDENTIFIED AND REMOVED. The same should follow for those fundamentalist Christians who decry and slander Hinduism while they reap the benefits of being free to come to India and share their faith with the Indian people. Who was it that gave them the freedom and opportunity to do this? It was, paradoxically, the Hindu majority itself! These fanatics are allowed to establish themselves in India and attack HInduism because of the very openness and liberality of the Hindu people they are attacking.

      These fanatics consider Hinduism (in their absolutely profound ignorance of what Hinduism is) the demonic work of the Devil. Talk about twisting language! It’s the Hindus who are ‘demonic’? Come on! It’s very clear that the ‘demons’ are the ones who abuse the hospitality of those who have allowed them to enter their home. Those abusers should be ejected and returned to their own homelands where they can, respectively, preach and howl about God, Jesus and Salvation to their hearts content or submit all non-believers and liberal Muslims to the rigid law of Sharia established by Mohammed.

      • Jaipal

        @Duart Maclean,

        This tolerance of Hindus is not really unique to them only.
        It seems to be common among polytheist societies in general,
        like the Pagan Romans, Native Americans, Pre-Islamic Arabs,
        the Buddhists ect of the past. The only difference is that Hindu society
        was comparatively more resilient and had enough common sense to
        fight back against the Muslim invaders, which is why India didn’t turn
        Muslim back then.

        But one defect that Hindus had was that they didn’t study the theology
        of Islam and understand the Muslim psyche properly. They didn’t make
        the connection between the Muslim behaviour pattern and the Islamic
        theology which prescribes death and enslavement for non-Muslims.

        Mr. Maclean, I would recommend you read this website by an Iranian
        ex-Muslim by name Ali Sina. He exposes Islam perfectly.

        • Jaipal

          @Duart Maclean,

          According to Ali Sina, there is no such thing as a liberal Muslim.
          Muslims are taught to be deceptive and dishonest about their intentions.
          Most of these so-called liberal Muslims may very well be closet fanatics.
          This is because Islam is essentially a fanatical belief system which all
          Muslims are under obligation to implement, wherever they may be.

          You are living in Vancouver, right? I can assure you that Muslims in
          Canada are plotting how to turn Canada into Muslim country as we speak.
          Muslims in the US have come out with a plan to convert America into a
          Muslim country. The point is there is no such thing as a liberal Muslim.
          The term liberal Muslim is an oxymoron

          • @Jaipal Thanks for letting me know about the site on Islam. I have taken a look at it and will return to it. I know that Muslims are using deception to insinuate themselves into other cultures and nations (such as Canada) — putting on a smiling, all-inclusive face — and I know that as they gain strength they will become more strident in their demands. They are doing this in Europe as I write. But they will only get so far before they will suffer a serious backlash. We will end up in situations similar what is current in Egypt, only it will be non-Muslims facing off against Muslims.

            One thing that stikes me: In any given year, Muslims will attack, injure and murder many more Muslims than non-Muslims. Look at how they turn against each other in Pakistan, Afganistan, Egypt and so forth. Look at their death tolls as they go for each other’s throats. This warped religion will not survive in the Global Village. It can’t. It is just too archaic and self-contradictory.

            • Jaipal

              @Duart Maclean,

              Islam is utterly archaic and self-contradictory but that doesn’t change
              the fact that it is evil. It has no place in the Global village but if we don’t
              do anything to put down this evil, then it could triumph.

              As the saying goes, all it takes for evil to triumph is if good men do nothing.

              • IndianOcean

                A computer virus attaches itself to a program or file enabling it to spread from one computer to another, leaving infections as it travels. Here the “Program or File” is “Bible” and the virus is a Christian.

                A computer worm is similar to a virus by design and is considered to be a sub-class of a virus. Worms spread from computer to computer, but unlike a virus, it has the capability to travel without any human action.The biggest danger with a worm is its capability to replicate itself on your system, so rather than your computer sending out a single worm, it could send out hundreds or thousands of copies of itself, creating a huge devastating effect.

                Christians are spreading like computer virus, and Muslims are spreading like computer worm. We have to inoculate them, otherwise the world has to go through a horrible devastation in the future.

  11. ravi

    There is a relevant article by Swapan Dasgupta here: To quote from that [q] In the border-belt districts of Uttar and Dakshin Dinajpur, Malda, Birbhum and Murshidabad in West Bengal , the Muslim population grew from 39.89 percent in 1951 to 52.50 percent in 2001. In 1951, only Murshidabad was a Muslim-majority district. Today, Malda has joined the list and by 2011, Uttar Dinajpur too may become Muslim majority. Indeed, the percentage of Muslims in West Bengal has grown steadily from 19.46 percent in 1951 to 25.20 percent in 2001. Between 1991 and 2001, the Hindu population of West Bengal grew by 14.18 percent; the Muslim growth was 25.91 percent.

    It is the same story in Assam. In the 11 districts that comprise the former composite border districts of Goalpara, Kamrup, Darrang and Nagaon, the Muslim population has grown from 32.42 percent in 1951 to 40.37 percent in 2001. In Assam as a whole, the Muslim population rose from 24.68 percent in 1951 to 30.90 percent in 2001. There are now six districts in Assam that are Muslim majority. In 1951, there were none!

    • Indian Realist

      For their sin of supporting anti-Hindu communists and rejecting Hindu nationalists, Bengali Hindus will soon pay with blood and become refugees like Kashmiri Pandits.

    • karan

      The future of Hindus in India and even of other non-muslims anywhere else seems so frightening. But what is the solution? What can a ‘common man’ fighting his own battles for survival can do? That’s why Narendra Modi comes across as the only hope.

  12. som

    Gujarat chief minister NarendraModi will soon get a Rakhi sent by Muslim sisters from Varanasi. They themselves prepared the big-sized Rakhi for their Gujarati brother wishing him to lead the nation.

    Marking the holy month of Ramzan, a group of local Muslim women prayed for the well-being of Modi at a brief programme held in Lallapura locality on Sunday afternoon. The burqa-clad women associated with Muslim Mahila Foundation (MMF) hailed Modi, describing him as a charismatic leader.

  13. som

    This is a brilliant innovation.
    Although some other religions have spread themselves using force, they had very little justification from their own religious doctrines to do so.

    Not so with Islam.
    Expanding by conquest is very much accepted and encouraged by the idea-collection. Islamic teachings present it this way: The poor non-Muslims not living in an Islamic state need to be saved from the sin of following laws other than Allah’s. If they won’t voluntarily change their laws to Sharia, then it is the duty of Muslim warriors to insist. The world cannot be at peace until every government on earth follows the laws of Allah.

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