The best speech ever on vegetarianism

One of the best speeches I have ever heard on why we should all be vegetarians. It is cruel to other species, meat triggers various diseases in humans, and there is not a single health benefit of meat that cannot be offered by veg food.

Ancient Hindu seers have said from personal experience that as you make progress in your spiritual quest, the mind starts to become more and more concentrated, the self becomes purer, and one automatically begins to turn away from meat and prefer vegetarian food.The converse is true too — meat triggers feelings of violence and turmoil in one’s mind and disturbs inner peace. “Let all beings be happy and at peace” — only Hindu seers could pronounce thus after gaining peace and contentment after years of meditation and yoga.

How evolved our ancient seers were! Contrast this with Muslim monotheists who boast that they eat meat because tigers also eat meat while deer are vegetarians! No only do they insist on eating meat, they also insist on slaughtering the animal personally with a knife, often encouraging children to do so too. No wonder, they keep preying on other humans and other species, both.

The speech I am talking about is by Philip Wollen, former VP of Citibank.

Philip Wollen OAM (born 1950) is an Australian philanthropist who went to school at the Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, Bangalore. He is a former vice-president of Citibank and was also a general manager at Citicorp. Wollen became a vegetarian following his departure from Citibank and is a prominent member of the Animal Rights movement. He conducts intervention programs to rescue abused animals and funds outreach programs that promote animal welfare and abstinence.



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11 responses to “The best speech ever on vegetarianism

  1. What a relief! I have always wondered, what is it that makes us better than the BEST, over and above all of the ‘rest of the humanity’ which in any case is just a mixed bag of those vicious monotheists and filthy atheists. Now it is out in the open, as we all can see even the white man has accepted it, which in any case just like in all other cases in the past, present and future we would know before anybody else does. Such is the power of ‘ghas-puchh’. We are the strongestest, the brightestest, the purestest, the innocentest, the wisestest and most of all the ‘RIGHTESTEST’ race on the planet, Who else has got such a clean record? Tell me?
    But alas, the rest of the world, as stupid (am 99.9999999999% sure it’s because of eating meat) as they are, can’t accept this obvious truth in spite of overwhelming evidence in our Vedas, Upnishads, Puranas etc. Even a child who has ever attended a hanuman chalisa knows it all. I demand immediate recognition of the hindus as the master, sorry masterest race in the whole universe (just to preempt any claim from any human like creature from any other planet in future) and giving us the top seat at the UN security council. In protest I will not drink to night. I warn all the enemies of the hindus (including those who are not born yet) that I have even more sinister plans if we are not given our Rightful place for being the ‘ONLY and ALWAYS’ Right. The world has not yet seen the strength of ‘grass’; it is time they do.

    • cnm

      @ Cynical

      So, your agenda is anti-Hinduism. Ridiculing Hinduism, hurling the basest abuses at Hindus , deriding their Devas and Devis who they worship with all their heart , hurting Hindu sentiments and belittling everything Hindu has been your pastime. Such is your wont that you want this articulation of anti-Hinduness passed unchallenged and unhindered. And when some conscious Hindus like us start paying you back in the same coin you just disappear to appear again in another post to pass your tasteless, abusive, cheap anti-Hindu comments till the time you are hounded out by us Hindus.
      Dear Sholk has rightly said that never in your life you will ever dare to ridicule or mock at Islam the way you ridicule Hinuds. Because you know what the Muslims do to the person who commit blasphemy against Islam. It is no wonder you profane Islam today and you are hacked to pieces by the soldiers of Mohammed tomorrow.

      For bastards like you Hindus are a soft target.

      • Now I don’t know what is your problem? Even when I concede that we are the ‘bestest’ (meaning best of the best) in all matters ‘temporal’ and ‘spiritual’, even when I concede that everything that’s known to mankind has been because of vedas, upanishads…..and so on, .

    • Anonymous

      Now I get it, this is a communist idiot.

    • ravi

      We never said my god is true ,your god is false .

    • This is a stupid reply.The speaker is a white Australian/English, perhaps is not even a Hindu.
      Every animal has a body but with a small brain that can’t think.Only man has the power to think.
      The human race has progressed from hunter/gatherers,meat eaters to agriculturalists.This is evolution.Brain that can think also came from evolution.So mind is higher than body in the evolution process.Those who are obsessed with only bodies are much inferior to those who engage in pursuit of knowledge.
      This has nothing to do with Hinduism or being Indian.
      So pls don’t pollute this site with your stupid comments.

  2. @cnm
    Sorry, the last post got into problem while cutting and pasting.
    Now I don’t know what is your problem? Even when I concede that we are the ‘bestest’ (meaning best of the best) in all matters ‘temporal’ and ‘spiritual’, even when I concede that everything that’s known to mankind has been because of vedas, upanishads…..and so on, when I extolled all rituals including ‘Pavandev chalisa’ but most importantly even when I resolve to fight for the right of the Hindus and warn their enemies with dire consequences, you call me anti-Hindu. Since when recognizing ultimate excellence among Hindus and Hinduism is known as anti-Hindu? Did I praise too much, or did you find my opinion about Hindu excellence plain wrong? In that case I doubt if your love for Hindus is real.

    • Anonymous

      @ cynical
      So you want to know what my problem is. Like a swine who feels most comfortable while swallowing shit and everything filthy I find you at your anti-Hindu best when you heap contempt on Hindus and abuse Hinduism. It is problem for me when I see someone trying something which he can not do how much he may try. You are an incorrigible anti-Hindu you can not sincerely praise Hindus. So you look better at abusing Hindus but not without licking bottoms of traitors to India. Do not worry you have not left your habit of Hindu bashing as your previous comments show. Go on biting the hands that feed you. It is a sign of Marxist Traitors.

  3. cnm

    @ cynical

    I have one more problem. I am full of hate for those who run away from the battlefield at the prospect of an imminent defeat. Just take your case.Like the Muslims did in every riots in India, you provoked by making senseless and false comments us Hindus to attack you with irrefutable information but when it comes to your turn to present your side you just run away. Yes I can understand you are a Marxist and you Marxists are good at shooting and scooting. Who can forget the how eminent Historians, when smelt that they were not in position to refute the solid and hard evidence supplied by the VHP scholars, fled the meetings called by Chandrashekhar Govt for resolution of Ram Mandir issue.
    My advice- Be serious and mature and do not run away from a debate which invariably you initiate. Otherwise do not make any comments.Have you already run away? Poor chap hmmmmmm!!!!!

  4. And now, Aamir khan is a vegetarian.

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