Temple funds for mosques and churches — how Hindus benefit from secularism

Please see the table below. What would have been the reaction of monotheists if funds donated by worshipers in mosques and churches were diverted to build Hindu temples? How can Hindus continue to take this bullshit in their own homeland?


Temple funds for churches and mosques



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  1. Proud to be a secular Hindu. Congratulation to Karnataka Govt. If the monoethists are narrow minded, that is their problem. We do not have to copy them.

    • som

      This is the process of subjugation of minoritism.

    • cnm

      @ cynical
      I can not be as broad minded as you are. The temples funds are Hindu funds and they can be used only for the welfare of the Hindus. They can not be spent to support Monotheists-enemies who no doubt will kill all the Hindus sooner or later if given the chance.

      • karan

        You are right.Hindus are strenghening others to prosecuted themselves.

      • @cnm
        Don’t be so pessimistic. May be in time with more universal education and worldly wisdom someday you would become as broad minded as any real Hindu is. We who understand the true spirit of this land and lead a Hindu way of life are the true believer of the most fundamental etho of Hinduism i.e. ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’.

        • cnm

          @ cynical

          “Don’t be so pessimistic.”

          My dear friend I am not a pessimist.As a matter of fact every narrow minded Hindu of my ilk can never be pessimistic. It is because you are a drunkard therefore you have failed to differentiate a Pessimist from an optimist.
          “May be in time with more universal education and worldly wisdom someday you would become as broad minded as any real Hindu is.”

          I know the kind of education receiving which you have become broad minded will surely make me broad minded if i receive it.But the problem is that such kind of education makes a person so broad minded that he becomes an anti-national , a traitor to his nation.And I hate to be traitor to the nation . So please do not wish that I get educated the way you have been educated.

          On vasudhaiv Kutumbakam. The ideal of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is applicable to Human beings and not to demons born out of Christianity Islam and Marxism.

          • parmar

            @cnm, you always touching the points belongs to hindhuism the religion to whom the whole of the word respect for their values, but you always tried to comments on negative side, i want to tell you that if any hindhu had done wrong with you or your family or anything not good happen with you,please dont mind and try to leave old not good happen with you,my sympthy is with you

        • Guest

          I am glad to hear people of other religious people (monotheists) have started to call themselves being part of vasudhaiva kutumbakam…

          • karan

            But they will not discontinue their war of subjugation of Pagan religions.

          • som

            HOW THEY COULD BE A PART OF Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.Christian army(N.T.L.F) is still continuing gun point conversions of Hindus in North
            Indian state like Tripura, Meghalaya, Assam etc.

    • cnm

      @ Malaydeb

      you are an avowed Marxist-atheist. I know throughout your life, instead of heaping contempt on Hindus, you never have visited a temple to do a puja and paid anything as Dakshina. Then who are you to lecture us Hindus about how we will spend our temple funds? So just shut your mouth and go on ridiculing the Hindus.

      • I have visited temples (only very old ones) to study, to understand and appreciate the architectural aspects only. But you are right in saying that I have never did puja or paid any thing as Dakshina. If I want to do a puja I can do it in my toilet too, as God resides everywhere (provided he exists). As for Dakshina, I could never justify patronizing a sucker in the form a lazy Bramhin Priest who lives off money earned by hard working people by putting fear of god in their psyche.

        • SAGE

          This guy does not deserve to be called a Hindu or even a Marxist. His only label is anti-Hindu. Unfortunately, the Hindu society had such a cancerous growth through out the history. This growth should be mercilessly and surgically removed from the body of the Hindu nation to keep it healthy. His name tells where he comes from. For him, working people are those who talk, and the Hindu priestly service is no service. He supports Mosques and Churches, where the priests are far more respected and are very well of compared to Hindu priests. Still, he must speak for all Hindus, against the interests of Hinduism.

          • Indian Realist

            “His only label is anti-Hindu”
            Hindu-haters have no place in India, just like Islam-haters have no place in Pakistan.

            • malaydeb

              India is India, because it’s not like Pakistan. The day India becomes like Pakistan, there will be no India, but there will be two Pakistans. One Muslim Pakistan and another Hindu Pakistan.

              • som

                One Muslim Pakistan and another Hindu Pakistan!!!
                is Hindufobia still exists globally ???
                The phrase “Think globally, act locally” or “Think global, act local” has been used in various contexts, including town planning, environment, education, mathematics, and business.

              • Shlok

                @Malaydeb, the next time you write keep your Johnny Walker bottle away. I am pretty much sure that a sober Malaydeb would be dumb and of course stupid. But a drunk Malaydeb is dumb, extremely stupid and writes absolute nonsense

        • cnm

          “If I want to do a puja I can do it in my toilet too, as God resides everywhere (provided he exists).”

          Hmmm that’s it. I have said it earlier and I am saying it now that you are good at doing one thing that is heaping contempt on the Hindus.Look how adeptly you have done that. Continue doing puja in the toilet. My advice– never fail to take prasadam in the form of crap.
          “As for Dakshina, I could never justify patronizing a sucker in the form a lazy Bramhin Priest who lives off money earned by hard working people by putting fear of god in their psyche.”
          Check your knowledge of Hinduism a lazy Brahmin is a contradiction in term. You can refer my comments to you where I have delineated the attributes of Brahmin. I think you had not read that comment as you had run away from the scene failing to answer my question.

        • Shlok

          @Malaydeb, if you have the guts, why don’t you go and tell Abdul Miya or Hussain Miya to do namaaz in the toilet? You are just like your grandfather Karunanidhi, who wants Sanskrit to be banished from the temple, but would not utter one word of replacing Arabic with Tamil in the mosque. By the way, yes you can eat food anywhere, will you do so in the toilet while yuo are shitting. And maybe you would, who knows? But is it natural? And talking about Brahmins repeated surveys have shown that Brahmins are the poorest community in TN. Many of us have wondered why priests in temples try to ask for money, can you imagine how they will be able to survive with their paltry incomes? They have no reservation for their children, their salaries are a joke (literally), so how do you expect them to get their income from? Many people say put money in the hundi, don’t give them to priests. However all of us know that a lot of the money kept in hundis is even used bt the Government to subsidize Haj and other minority activities. On the other hand, I would appeal to all my Hindu brothers and sisters to generously give money to the priests, the Brahmins. And not just that. Invest money in organizations that look after their interest. If priests have to just worry about feeding their children, how much time would they have in preaching the Vedas and Dharma???
          So, think and ponder before you speak Malaydeb. Look at the salaries and support that maulvis receive from the state and then compare it with the priests.

          • malaydeb

            Let me make it smallere and simpler for you, so that it fits with your both size and design (of brain). Do you believe that God is everywhere? Or do you think he is every where, except not in a toilet, not in a gutter, not in a maikhana, not in red light area, not in a cashbox, or not in a bed when men meet their…….

            • som

              We need toilet, We need gutter, We need cashbox, We need natural reproduction system.
              We only thanks to God that he have provided that much of intelligence,so we need God. for remembrance every time,every where.

            • Shlok

              @Malaydeb, why don’t you tell Muslims to do namaaz in the toilet? Why don’t you challenge them that what difference will it make to Allah Miya if they do not pray 5 times a day and at fixed times? The reason why you want do it is because you don’t have the guts. You only want to ‘educate’ Hindus but when it comes to Muslims, you become a hijra

    • Sindhus

      Why not use Masjid funds in Hyderabad, Kerala, J&K and UP, and Church funds in the northeast, AP, TN, Kerala for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra? BTW why is the government not checking how much money is there with churches, masjids and the sources when they have such a vigilant eye on temple funds?

    • Vishnu Mahant

      Many people do not know that Hinduism is in true sense a monotheist. The God is omni present, in every thing and every one, including a stone (Shaligram). Hindus believe in various incarnations, and therefore, Gods. I am sure somebody can add to my limited knowledge of Hinduism. One Hindu professor told me that you may be a Hindu even if you do not believe in God, and this where other religions part way. This also explains we, Hindus truly believe Vasundhara ev Kutumbakam.

      • SAGE

        You are right, and so is the Hindu Professor. Hinduism is not a religion in the sense the Judaism, Christianity and Islam (middle eastern religions) are. It is 100% secular (as its universal definition, and not as defined in India). Hinduism contains the essence of every religion possible, and is democratic. One and many are mental concepts, and THAT is beyond the reach of mind (Naasadiya-Suktam- Rigveda and Upanishads that followed). To facilitate connection with THAT, the sages prescribed numerous paths (religions), which includes THAT One to be worshiped as one, many or none; man. woman or none, anything and everything, realizing that no description is an ultimate description (Neti description of Vrihadaaranayaka Upanishad which means describe but know that it is not so). You chose a path according to your intrinsic nature. There is no contradiction, whether you worship THAT ONE as Hanuman or Durga or even Vaman or Vaaraah. That is why Geeta says all paths lead to ME. The concept of Hindutva in recent times was first proclaimed by a Hindu revolutionary atheist. Any one who compares Hinduism with middle-eastern religions, which are dictatorial in nature, i.e., one God, one prophet, one book of religion, cannot see the variety of Hindu religious practices, and is intellectually blind, He or she is bound to be unjust to Hinduism. Even if born Hindu, mentally he/she is a non-Hindu, as he/she cannot see the secularism inherent in Hinduism. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam should be understood in the context of Geeta. Even if your close relatives are unjust to you beyond a limit, you must stand against them. I am sorry that a proper perspective of Hinduism cannot be presented in a few words which I have tried to do.

      • @Vishnu Mahant
        Very well said. You are a true bearer of great Hindu tradition and its philosophical heritage. You seem to be very different from Hindu Talibans.

    • Shlok

      @Malaydeb, why is all your lofty preaching only for Hindus? Why is criticism of atheists only for Hindus? Because the moment you open your mouth, you will be the target of a fatwa. And all your DMK / AIADMK / CPM people cannot save you. Don’t come to a stage where even practising and tolerant Hindus also don’t want to save you. Behave, awake and arise before it is too late

  2. Ranvir

    ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’.

    Malaydeb you disgusting commie traitor.

    The wise of the past had used that phrase to warn against mindless universalism of the kind you espouse as this series shows:


    I hope a monotheist cuts your throat and dumps your body in a gutter somewhere.

    • @Ranvir
      I have visited the link you provided. It only proves that this guy Bhartendu is an asshole who is grievously inflicted with a deep sense of inferiority complex and still smarting from the pleasure he or his ancestors received from being sodomized by the Afghan invaders.

      • cnm


        what portion or portions of his article have made you call him an asshole. Produce it/them here so that we can know it/them. If you find rubbish the whole of his article then give a line by line rebuttal so that we can be enlightened. I know you have not read the article. Because reading is anathema to you. Passing routine run-of-the-mill comments with a touch of your trademark hatred for the Hindus is your wont

        • Indian Realist

          Just a quick note: Malaydeb and Cynical are the same person posting under different names.

          • Shlok

            @Indian Realist, this was like an open secret. Ever wondered why Malaydeb had also to use another name. With his sympathizers dwindling by the dozen, he has had no more options but to use other fictitious names so as to show there are several of them who still exist. Unfortuantely for him, even on secular blogsites, such people are becoming endangered. I glanced at TOI coverage of Ishrat Jehan, and counted 317 responses. Believe it or not, from that 15 responses were from Muslim sounding names, and obviously they were critical of Modi and there were just 3 Hindu sonding names who were critical. The rest of all the 299 responses were absolutely against the CBI’s claim that Ishrat Jehan and her cohorts were innocent, and all of these persons were showering praise on Modi.

            • malaydeb

              The merit of a case will be determined in a court of law, according to the laws of the land. Not by the number of posters on random news pages or blogs. It’s not a popularity contest like reality shows, say for e.g. like ‘Indian Idol’.

              • som

                Yes…obviously.All we can do,just wait and watch.
                The merit of a case will be determined in a court of law, according to the laws of the land.

              • Shlok

                @Malaydeb, court of law, accha? What happened in the Shah Bano case?
                Besides that, do you think that if the court gave a judgement in favor of reconstructing the Babri crap and dismantling the makeshift temple, do you think that any Gov’t of the day, no matter if it may belong to Commies, do you think they would have the guts to remove the temple and make the mosque? Besides that many of these ‘honorable’ judges are coming from the same secular system. Many judges are corrupt. Listen my friend, we the Hindu people of the Hindu nation wil decide matters related to our Dharma. And if you think that is fascism, remember pack your bags and feel free to go to Islamabad or Kabul.
                Besides that as far as Modi is concerned, people have reposed their faith in him innumerable number of times.

          • malaydeb

            It’s none of your business to disclose the identity of the posters. That’s the minimum courtsey that every blog-owner maintains. At least the ones I came to know all over the world. But then, when was a Hindu of Internet variety ever cared about ethics?

            • Indian Realist

              Creating multiple identities using the same IP address to fool the people in a debate is against the rules of online engagement. It is dishonesty. Why are you doing it anyway?

              • malaydeb

                Just in case you didn’t know, almost all people have a dual personality within a single personal/physical identity. We are all a varying versions of Mr Jekil and Mr Hyde. Some more so and some less. Cynical is, as the moniker suggests, is a cynic who fears for the worst and have lost all hopes (going by their performance, past and present) in survival of the Hindus. As such he (Cynical) has taken upon himself the nasty job (a job nobody likes for fear of being ostriched by the community) of telling the Hindus (who are on their way to become extinct) why they have become such a pathetic lot that even small countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Mauritius kick our ass and get away with it. Cynical hopes that the Hindus will remember his advice and in their next birth (by the way they are great believers in such voodoos like rebirth) will not commit the same mistakes.
                Malaydeb, however is a different kettle of fish. In spite of living in close proximity with each other, drinking together, smoking together and reading together, Malaydeb didn’t subscribe entirely into Cynical’s cynicism. So Malaydeb, though a critic of Hindus, but still believes that they will come out of darkness and see the light of truth by following the teachings of their great philosophers of the past.
                To present to different stance you need two monikers. As simple as that. Besides look at the message, not at the messenger.

                • som

                  Hindus are on their way to become extinct !!! Pipe dream,I must say.
                  Hinduism, with about one billion followers (950 million estimated in India) is the world’s third largest religion, after Christianity and Islam.

                  • Have you ever checked how many of those 950 million hindus are ‘proper hindu’ in a sense that you would like them to be? You might be surprised to know that there are millions of Hindus who are “anti-Talibani Hindus’.

                    • ravi

                      Difference between Hindus with anti hindu attitude and Hindus with pro hindu attitude:-
                      Type no 1.Hindus with anti hindu attitude :-
                      :Believing that people are motivated by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity,doubtful as to whether something will happen or is worthwhile distrusting or disparaging the motives of others; like or characteristic of a cynic.showing contempt for accepted standards of honesty or morality by one’s actions, especially by actions that exploit the scruples of others,bitterly or sneeringly distrustful, contemptuous, or pessimistic..

                      OF HIS GOOD NAME)
                      Type no 1.Hindus with PRO hindu attitude

                      Example: 950 million hindus- 1(i.e.cynical)

                    • Indian Realist

                      Presumably, “anti-Talibani Hindus” are those who don’t mind marrying their daughters to Muslims, don’t object to Hindus being chased out of Kashmir, and are happy that money they donate to temples goes to build mosques. Do you also know by any chance of some “anti-Talibani Muslims” who don’t mind marrying their daughters to Hindus, take public rallies to support Hindus who are being chased out of Kashmir, and are happy that money they donate to mosques goes to build Hindu temples? Or are only the Hindus supposed to be anti-Talibani, but not the Muslims?

                    • @Ravi
                      A good cut and paste job. Doesn’t answer my question. But it’s OK. Atleast you expressed what ever little you know.

                • som

                  Apart from the situation , Hindus have become such a pathetic lot that even small countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Mauritius kick our ass and get away with it and YOU though a critic of Hindus, still believes that Hindus will come out of darkness and see the light of truth by following the teachings of their great philosophers of the past .
                  So,do not give up YOUR OPTIMISM,Hindus would overcome from this
                  We do not bother about person like CYNICAL,who is NOT positive, optimistic, cheerful, trusting , always looks for and sees the best in people and his circumstances.BUT always emphasizes the worst in a situation or in others, distrustful, suspicious and pessimistic in the extreme.

                • cnm

                  @ cynical
                  But dear friend you always look at messenger not the message. Do not understand? OK whenever we Hindus supply you some information or give you some link you never read them. When you are repeatedly asked to read them instead of reading them you simply reject them as coming from some one who is a Hindu sympathizer. Why? Don’t you think that even if it is coming from a Hindu sympathizer ( fact is they are great scholars)you ought to have read them. Or only of intellectual jokers like Wendies are to be read.

                • Shlok

                  @Jhoom barabar jhoom sharaabi..whether Cynical or Malaydeb, with a Johnny Walker around you, you are just a daarubaaz, and the words of drunkards have no meaning

                  • @Shlok
                    Bhaijan, Hamare Shivji bhi to peete the. Manta hoon woh bhang peete the, kyun ki unke paas paise kam the. Farq kya hai? Baat toh nashe ki hi hai na?
                    Aur Indra-saab toh Somraas se jhoomke hi Rambha, Menka ki tan ki khoosboo aur saare alag alag cheez lete the. Isme burai kya hai?

                    • Shlok

                      @Cynical, Shankar Bhagwan ke anek roop hain. Un mein se ek roop mein wo bhaang bhi peeta dikhai dete hain. Parantu bhaang aur sharaab mein zameen aasmaan ka farak hain. Bhaang has many medicinal qualities, and if certain powerful yogis can handle it, they can take it. Of course, most yogis prohibit taking bhaang, but what I am trying to emphasize is there is a lot of difference between bhaang and alcohol. One form of Lord Shiv is Bhootnath, where he is the lord of the spirits. But Lord Shiv is also Kailashpati, Umapati and Mahadev. So, you would need to take many more births before you can categorize Hinduism.
                      Neverthless, I have not said that drinking is haraam in Hinduism. I myself am a social drinker, I am not a teetoler. However, you had proudly claimed you had been drinking and from your writings, it clearly showed that daaru bol rahi thi. You definitely wrote like a drunkard
                      Coming to soma ras, kindly browse through this website titled, ‘Soma, alcohol and the Vedas’

                • cnm

                  @ cynical, The Escapist
                  “the Hindus (who are on their way to become extinct) why they have become such a pathetic lot that even small countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Mauritius kick our ass and get away with it.”

                  The answer is very simple. So long as India is ruled by the unscrupulous chickenhearted anti-Hindu secularists( the descendants of Nehru) India will be continued to be intimidated by these tiny countries.

        • malaydeb

          Life is too short and then there is so much to read. Why would someone want to waste his time reading malarkey? If you are a discerning reader, you would know the worth of a writer just looking at how the caption is worded, then his preamble, or preface and if you still survive then by his line of argument. Just being in print do not make words worth reading. Pedagogy might work with children, for grown-ups it should be banned.

          • som

            This is the right place where ,it will be debated that just being in print do make words worth reading or not,either it is Pedagogy or not.

          • cnm


            So you are running away from a debate. Marxists are mortally afraid of fair and meaningful debate.So are you. You know in the face of hard and irrefutable facts you can not stand for a few seconds.

            Just a review
            You have failed to produce any verse in support of your proclamation of beef eating in the Vedas. But still go on repeating this nonsense. Quite a Marxist trait.

            You know there is no evidence to support AIT. It was a creation of frauds like William Jones, Maxmueller , Bopp and many others such imperialist scoundrels to justify the British invasion of India. But you still go on repeating this. Quite Marxist.

            It is a fact that Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jians are all members of snatan Dharma. The Britishers created an artificial divisions among them so that we would fight among themselves while they would go on looting India.But like the brown sahibs who after independence have been continuing the British policy of Divide and Rule for vote bank politics you too go on repeating this nonsense.Quite Marxists.

            If you want to bark and not to debate. Ok be it so.Go on reading the moth-eaten, outdated, irrational and criminal Ideology of Marxism.
            But I must say you are not a rationalist as you claim to be but a third rate propagandist.

            • Shlok

              @Cnm, Cynical/Malaydeb daarubaaz is an insane, stupid crackpot.What else can one expect? These people are cowards, who make a lot of noise.

              • @Shlok
                I buy and drink my Daaru bought with my own money. What’s your problem? Daruu pine ke liye dil me taqat aur pyar hona zaroori hai. Nafrat karnewalo ko is ka kya pata?

                • Shlok

                  @Cynical, bhewre daaru itni daaru peene ke baad aadmi hosh mein nahin rehta, isi liye daaru peene ke baad aap gaadi chala nahin sakte. Agar aap gaadi chala nahin sakte ho, to likh kaise sakte ho? Apni 3rd class shayiri kisi kothe mein, ya dance bar mein jaake sunaon, hamara samay kyun vyarth kar rahe ho?

    • Shlok

      @Ranvir, with due respects, I beg to differ over here. Vasudev Kutumbakam is mentioned in the Upanishads as following:

      Maha Upanishad Chapter 6, Verse 72:

      ” अयं बन्धुरयं नेति गणना लघुचेतसां
      उदारचरितानां तु वसुधैव कुटुम्बकं ”

      ‘ayam bandhurayam neti ganana laghuchetasam
      udaracharitanam tu vasudhaiva kutumbakam’

      ‘Only small men discriminate saying: One is a relative; the other is a stranger. For those who live magnanimously the entire world constitutes but a family.’

      Of course, it should be applied in the proper perspective, not misued the way it is being done now

      • malaydeb

        Thank you for giving the correct interpretation of ‘Vasudhaiva …….kam’.
        But who decides if it is applied in the proper perspective and not misused?
        That can be debated, for sure; but no one have the right to dictate to the other.

        • som

          “No one have the right to dictate to the other.”-malaydeb
          BUT ,This is the right place to debate that who is dictating.

        • Shlok

          @Malaydeb, Vasudev Kutumbakam is not applicable to either you or to your boyfriend Commies, Muslims or Christians. They have already abused our hospitality innumerable number of times. If some of them can behave, then of course we welcome those with open arms. Unfortunately the number of such good people among them is extremely few in number. Hindus are sick and tired of such persons who misuse our good intent and hospitality to backstab us. Christians always quote Vasudev Kutumbakam to try converting us. So, this concept is only applicable to those who are deserving, not to ideologically committed crooks and criminals, whose sole aim seems to be destroy the Dharmic religions

  3. SAGE

    It is unfortunate that SECULAR label is used for what is COMMUNAL elsewhere. Special privileges to some religious minorities, e.g., Muslims and Christians, is COMMUNNAL, but marketed in our holy land as SECULAR. How the laws of the land, based on religions, can be called secular? India is a country where a Muslim woman does not have the same rights as a Hindu woman. For a Hindu man marrying more than one woman is a criminal act, but not for a Muslim. If laws of the land are based on religion, how they can be secular? If Indian dogs’ definition is carried over to west or even to most communist countries, then none of them will be considered SECULAR, as they have the same laws for every religion. On the other hand, most Islamic countries would be SECULAR, as they have different laws for Muslims and non-Muslims. A Hindu nationalist is truly secular and needs to stand for his/her rights. rather than be confused by the used of SECULAR label by anti-Hindus. There is no need to surrender to the anti-Hindus who call themselves SECULAR Hindus (Islamist meaning) and Muslims and Christians who have forgotten their Hindu ancestry.

  4. Avinash

    @ Malaydeb, why the followers of indigenous Religions should have any “inferiority complex” ? Can’t they not be proud of the fact their their ancestors did not convert at the point of sword or at the pain or rape nor did they sell their souls for a few kgs of Rice and cheap American Milk Powder?

  5. malaydeb

    ‘why the followers of indigenous Religions should have any “inferiority complex” ?
    The question is not why they should have “inferiority complex”, the question is why they (at least a large number among them) have an ‘inferiority complex’?
    “Can’t they not be proud of the fact their their ancestors did not convert at the point of sword or at the pain or rape nor did they sell their souls for a few kgs of Rice and cheap American Milk Powder?”
    The answer is ‘NO’. Those you are proud of thinking they refused to convert at the point of sword were actually not brought under the sword. Ask yourself how could they possibly resist the threat of the sword? If you think they fought against the sword and won, so as to protect their faith then they would have been the ruler instead of the ones who wielded the sword. Are you going to tell me that they (our ancestors) won the war against conversion but left the throne for those whom they defied? Doesn’t sound logical, or does it? Actually you should be ashamed of your ancestors (relatively huge in number) because they didn’t fight to protect their fellow Hindus (relatively small in number) who were targeted by the invading power.
    Similarly, instead of looking down to people who converted for ‘a few kgs of Rice and cheap American Milk Powder’ you should ask yourself why people would convert for so little. They did it because they were hungry and the so called religious Hindus didn’t come to their rescue. Instead they were preached religion by their Hindu guardians if that will solve their problem of survival. The truth is Hindus in general are good at preaching religion, but when it comes to help a co-religionist (forget about a human being) whether with ‘might’ or with ‘money’ he will turn his back and worst of all, he will quote an opportunistic verse from some scriptures to justify his behaviour. Basically the Hindus love their money more than their religion. A typical baniya.

    • som

      “Basically the Hindus love their money more than their religion. A typical baniya.”
      Not really.
      Despite nearly 900 years of rule by Islamic Invaders and European Christian colonizers, more than 85% of Indians are following the native religion. That itself is proof of the inherent strength of our culture and civilization.

      India is a continent sized country with over 1600 languages and followers of all major religions in the world. There is no country in the world with as much diversity. India is a world in itself. The Indian sub-continent had a civilized life when most of the other continents were still in Stone Age. You are also a part of that legacy, going back to at least 5000 years. You have got nothing to do with the religions (rather political ideoligies) that originated in the arabian deserts. You are an Indian first and last.

    • Shlok

      @Jhoom barabar, problem with stupid and dumb persons like yourself is that you never bother to read your opponent’s posts. Some 1 or 2 weeks back, I had written very clearly that it is a myth, just a myth that Hindus were cowards. Sorry sir, while ancient and pagan civilizations collapsed all over the world from the Americas to Europe, from the Middle East to the Pacific Islands, we alone fought back. Not a single day in the rule of a Muslim king, did he rule peacefully. Hinduon ne unka jeena haraam kiya. Why we suffered losses is of course, due to a lack of unity at certain point of time (accepted) but the biggest problem was a lack of understanding the mind of the enemy Muslims,who were not like the Huns or Greeks. Muslims were ideologically committed who killed as it was prescribed in their holy books that to fight in the name of Allah and to become a Ghazi would take them straight to Paradise. That’s why Dahir Sen, Prithviraj Chauhan and countless 0thers who followed the Hindu code of battle, allowed their vanquished Muslim enemies to return back to their lands safely. But when the Hindu kings lost through treachery, the very 1st thing that Muslims did was to imprison or kill them. But Hindus never stopped fighting.
      I am aware that you are the drinking type, not the reading type but had you even a little brain,you should have read Voice of India books, from where you would have learnt of Hindu bravery. Hindu resistance was so strong that Muslims couldn’t make as much headway as they would have wanted to in the South and North East. Importantly, Tibet, China, Myanmar, Thailand, etc all owe a very big debt to India. Because if Hindu resistance had not been strong enough, then Muslim barbarians would have gone to these lands and forcbily converted them to Islam, like it happened in Morocco, in Egypt, in Baghdad, in Iran, etc. So, it was Hindu bravery, chivalry all the way
      Even think that one of the biggest butchers Aurangzeb also had to tolerate Hindu rulers in Rajasthan and had to use them to fight with Shivaji. Aurangzeb, who created mayhem and breaking temples in Vrindavan, Varanasi and other parts of present day UP couldn’t create same terror in large parts of present day Rajasthan because he needed these brave Rajput soldiers. Call it Rajput stupidity or lethargy to think of the bigger Hindu picture. Neverthless, it shows that even a madman like Aurangzeb was scared of Hindu rulers. Whenever opportunity arose, Hindus gathered and defeated the Muslims or Christians, whether Vijayanagar or Marathas. So get your facts right. We are extremely proud of our ancestors and extremely, extremely ashamed to have people like you in our midst. About many Hindus becoming too materialistic and money minded today, I have to agree with you. Neverthless this is all a byproduct of your Macaulayite and Western education, it has got nothing to do with the Hindu value system. Yet revival is taking place which you can’t deny. Today the same banias which you critize are going out helping the poor Hindus through their innumerable voluntary organizations and associations. Your Christians organizations are the ones who only make noise but Hindu organizations ranging from Ramkrishna Mission, Swaminarayan Movement, Sai Baba, Seva Bharati (of RSS), among others are the ones who are going out in the society and helping the poor and also are in the forefront whenever any national calamity takes place
      Jhoom baraabar, get your facts right when you turn sober in the morning

  6. Truth Will Prevail

    The problem with us Hindus is that we are too liberal. Our past Kings were too liberal. We let everyone come in, gave them land to build churches, mosques and in return we got cheated. I won’t blame the muslims and christians who stood with India. Only the gaddars who betrayed India are to blame. We are to blame ourselves. Without a Hindu selling out his culture and belief how can all this happen? Loving money and bribes over Hindu Culture brought us here. Vedic Hinduism shunned this low practice of accepting bribes and selling out. Money, money money. Money comes and goes but if you lose your ancestral culture, you lose yourself. Once our ancient culture is gone any chootiya can come in play their wicked games and rule us.

  7. Truth Will Prevail

    Even a tribal man living in India would hate to see his culture and forest destroyed due to bribery. We have laws to protect tribal lands and forests. Hindus are the ones who are supposed to protect them. Protecting the unfortunate and the less educated is one of the many Dharmic duties of a Hindu. Tremendous tests during the worst times will prove if we are part of the Hindu Dharma or not.

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