Two examples of Muslim tolerance

The “religion of peace” has practiced peace two times already in the last one week in India.

Two killed in communal clashes in Meerut

Lucknow, July 27: Two people, including a woman, were killed and over a dozen injured in clashes between two communities in a village in Uttar Pradesh, police said Saturday. The clashes erupted in Nagla Mal village in Meerut district late Friday after a community objected to the playing of hymns at a temple, switched off the loudspeaker and beat up some men.

Police resorted to a baton charge to control the mob. A police officer has been suspended and a hunt is on to nab the rioters. Inspector General of Police (Law and Order) R.K. Vishwakarma told IANS that one person was killed in the skirmish and the other died of a cardiac arrest.

How nice — so momins have the right to give Azaan 5 times a day in Hindu areas through loudspeakers starting from 5 in the morning, disturbing everyone’s sleep, but they will kill Hindus if they use loudspeaker in temples to sing bhajans. Well, after spreading peace in Meerut, the religion of peace spread some peace in Rajasthan too.

Rajasthan : Pro Pakistan slogans after Iftar party result in Hindu Muslim clashes

Kekdi (Rajasthan) : After ‘Iftar’ party, in the night of 24th July, a few anti-national Muslims raised slogans of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ while riding on two-wheelers which was opposed by patriotic Hindus. It created tension in the area and police imposed curfew under Sect. 144. Even then, fights between Hindus and Muslims were reported at few places leading to injuring 12 persons. Anti-national Muslims pelted stones at police vehicles in Bhatta colony area. Police have arrested 18 persons in this connection.

Police officers, along with their squad, reached the place of incident on learning about the matter. Police officers requested patriotic Hindus to remain calm; but they started moving towards ‘Khidki Gate’. Anti-national Muslims tried to attack them with swords and other weapons. In this chaos, one policeman got injured.

Later, incidents of attack took place in some areas in the town injuring 12 persons. Since Congress is responsible for creation of Pakistan; there is nothing to wonder ! People should now send such Congress to Pakistan for protection of this country !

Anti-national Muslims raising slogans of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ were supporters of one young Congress leader. This leader had gone there to attend ‘Iftar’ party.

Won’t it have been wonderful if all these purveyors of peace were pushed into Pakistan in 1947 in a full exchange of populations, as suggested by Jinnah? But Gandhi and Nehru disagreed. “Leave all Muslims here, but we will gift you 1/3rd of India,” they told him, ignoring other Hindus who said you are cursing our future generations who will have to suffer from your decision today.


Subhan Allah, this one takes the cake in secular India:

In Calicut university, a poem by al Qaeda leader

The inclusion of a poem written by an al Qaeda ideologue in its literature syllabus by Calicut University has kicked up a huge controversy in Kerala.

‘Ode to the Sea’ is one of the ‘literary’ works of Ibrahim al-Rubaish, a key member of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

Rubaish wrote the poem on a wall of his cell in Guantanamo Bay prison, where he spent five years after he was captured near the Pakistan-Afghan border in 2001.

Here is another news from the Islamic Emirate of Kerala.

Government schools in Kerala stop serving midday meals during Ramzan

Have you noticed, Muslims become powerful only in areas where communists rule — Bengal and Kerala? Have the Hindus of these states gone bonkers that they keep voting for communists?



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3 responses to “Two examples of Muslim tolerance

  1. Dipak

    Real meaning of Islam is submission , not peace.

  2. Vineet

    Our sickularists will keep mum on all these and nothing will be discussed in the Media, however, “Communalisation” of Yoga is discussed threadbare

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