Look at these traitors

The anti-Hindu Indian traitors are now writing to foreign powers, asking them to meddle in our affairs by supporting one king against the other — seems like these traitors are itching to return to the slavery of the Whites. The behaviour of these traitors is the reason why Hindus keep losing their freedoms to foreign races.

65 MPs write to Barack Obama: Don’t give visa to Narendra Modi

WASHINGTON: As BJP president Rajnath Singh is here batting for visa for Narendra Modi, 65 Members of Parliament have written letters to President Barack Obama, urging the US administration to maintain the current policy of denying visa to him.

“We wish to respectfully urge you to maintain the current policy of denying Mr Modi a visa to the United States,” the MPs belonging to 12 parties have said in identical letters to Obama.

One letter was signed by 25 Rajya Sabha members and the other by 40 Lok Sabha members written on November 26 and December 5, 2012 respectively and re-faxed to the White House on Sunday.

Copies of the letters were provided by the Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) as Rajnath Singh, reached Washington to meet US lawmakers, thinktanks and US government officials during which he said he will urge the Americans to lift the ban on visa for Modi.

Mohammed Adeeb, Independent MP from Rajya Sabha, who took the initiative for this campaign, said they sent these letters to Obama again because of the current campaign and initiative being taken by Rajnath Singh for getting a US visa for Modi. The letters were being made public only now, he added.

Rajnath Singh told a press conference in New York on Sunday that he would appeal to the US lawmakers to impress on the Administration to remove the visa ban on Modi imposed after the 2002 post-Godhra riots. The denial came on grounds of human rights violations in Gujarat with Modi as chief minister.

The signatories to the letters include Sitaram Yechury of CPM and M P Achuthan of CPI, both Rajya Sabha members.



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44 responses to “Look at these traitors

  1. Modi was denied US visa not because of Gujarata riot. It was all about his language skill. Modi can’t speak english and Americans don’t understand Gujarati. So it is kind of a stale mate. BJP should rather send Jaitley or Sushma to US. Both of them appear like human being while Modi looks loke a backyard bully. Not good for India’s image in the greater world. Jii Hind. Jai Hanuman.

    • Anonymous

      All about his language skill ? And these marxists and taliban speak perfect English ? RoFLMAO !

      • Why ask moronic questions? Are we discussing Talibans, Marxists here? Moreover Taliban do not apply for US visa. And Marxists speak english much better than the langotiwalas of RSS akhdas.

        • Shlok

          @Cynical, Modi denied visa because of a lack of fluency in Engish. Are you serious? In case you forgot, a majority of the people in the world don’t speak English. China, Japan, S Korea, Latin America, Middle East, Eastern Europe, their standard of English is worse than a k’garten student in India. So, stop your bakwaas, and tell us what exactly you wish to convey

    • cnm


      In that case your mother Sonia must be thrown out of India. She does not know anything about India, the only Hindu homeland.

      • How do you know that? Do you know her personally? Why try to pass an opinion as if it’s a fact. You can have your own opinion, but you can’t have your OWN facts.
        The last line would be too much for your pea sized brain to fathom, but still….

        • cnm

          @ cynical
          So you know her. Tell me how many Indian languages she knows.

          • cnm

            @ cynical
            By the way why did she take so many years to embrace Indian citizenship? Interestingly, she took no time to become the de facto PM of India.

            • She took as much time as was required under the law. That’s it. There is no such thing as ‘de facto PM of India’, except in the imagination of the saffron brigade, who surprisingly fail to see a ‘de facto President of BJP’ in Mohan Bhagvat. No BJP leader is allowed to visit the toilet without a nod from RSS boss.

              • cnm


                And what is the law, by the way. It is in our imagination because we know that she is serpent.

                • This is a perfect example of the kind of running away from the issue I mentioned somewhere else in this blog. You sheepishly shied away from the ‘de facto’ thing, which you are the one who started, when the hypocrisy of RSS/BJP was cited. And the law I referred to is the law of Indian citizenship. And please don’t ask me to produce the laws here. You have this habit of asking others to do the legwork for you.

                  • cnm


                    Perhaps you have forgotten that I have mentioned somewhere in this blog that I am neither a defender of BJP, RSS or Modi nor do I take refuge under their flag. I am a Hindu and know how to fight my battle and smash enemy like you. Tell me in all my comments spreading across this blog where have raised any thing remotely related to BJP, RSS or Modi?
                    That Sonia is the de facto PM is the national perception and your not realizing this proves that you are a Sonia boot licker. Anyway read this write up.

                    • ‘Perception’ is not ‘facts’ just as ‘days’ are not ‘nights’. Just adding a prefix as ‘National’ before a ‘perception’ does not make it any more credible than the myths of Arabian nights.

                  • cnm

                    Here I have reproduced one of my comments made under “Mad Monotheist Bomb…….” in response to one your comments on beef eating. Having seen that you went hibernating. When I ignored the “de facto” thing you cried hoarse now why did you shy away from passing any comment? Are afraid of a proud Hindu? Tell me, are you not running away?

                    July 20, 2013 at 7:05 am
                    A cynical
                    Time and again by way of your spurious comments you have proved me right that you are a communist crank, an incurable anti- Hindu with the most vilest kind of contempt for the Hindus, for their motherland,for their religion, for their culture and for everything Hindu.
                    In my last comment I have specifically asked you to produce the verses that accord Shatric sanction to beef eating. As always you have failed miserably in doing that. I know that Marxist crackpots like you always lack the elementary knowledge of Sanskrit and throughout their life they never open a single page of the Vedas. Even then you have the gumption to advise me to consult a vedic scholar at the nearest college or university.
                    It is because you know that in the name vedic teaching these so-called scholars in colleges thrust down the throats of gullible Indians the most bizarre, perverted and third rate translations of Vedas done by colonial scoundrels and frauds like Maxmuller and Griffiths and their brown descendants in India .

                    Interestingly, you have pooh-poohed the idea of learning Vedas sitting at feet of the great Indian Babas who through thick and thin have preserved, protected and disseminated a the Vedic knowledge. Why? is it because such learning threatens your very agenda of de-hinduizeing India?

                  • cnm

                    @ cynical

                    So once again you have run away. I am sure you must be busy some where else propagating the Marxist trash of Hindu-bashing.

                    • I’ve told you bro, you can’t bully me into believing in what ever opinion you hold about me. I wiil do things, say things at my pace and out of my free will. An atheist is always a free soul, do not suffer in slavery of cosmic deities.

                    • cnm

                      @ cynical
                      I have never cared for your opinion which coming from a a Marxist is understandably anti-Hindu.
                      But intellectual honesty demands that while you pass any comments with regard to a subject such as the sensitive question of Beef eating in the Vedas you have to back them up with proofs. When you make any comment about beef eating in the Vedas which are objects of adoration for innumerable Hindus, you have to quote the verses that prescribe beef eating. Intellectual Discourse is not something where you can vent your hatred of a community by making superfluous statement. You know it very well that you do not possess the elementary knowledge of Sanskrit which is a must for understanding any Hindu Shatras including the Vedas. Despite that you go on making superficial comments and hurt Hindu sentiments only because you hate Hindus. This is something I never tolerate. You should understand that there are conscious Hindus in India who have not been tainted by Macaulayite Education system and they are not going to let you pass unchallenged.

          • Did I claim that I know her? What surprises me is this singular trait of all of you to ask rhetorical questions instead of replying to the ‘question’ itself. Circular logic….he…But the answer to your question is, No. I don’t know her, and more specifically I don’t know anything about her knowledge of Indian history, which you seem to know..

    • cnm


      In that case your mother Sonia must be thrown out of India. She does not know anything her language , her culture and her religion about India, the only Hindu homeland. What about the leaders of those nations who do not know English and still visit India? Besides, should we allow your father Obama to visit India when you know he knows no Indian languages?

      • You are comparing apples with oranges. Obama didn’t not ask for a Visa, he was invited. The US didn’t invite Modi. It was Modi who was and still beging (now through Rajnath Sing) for a US visa. If any country did refuse me a visa, I would have never tried 2nd time as a proud Indian. Modi has no pride. Actually he and his supporters who are trying for a visa for him is insulting India.

        • Indian Realist

          Really dude? When did Modi apply for a US visa?

          • Are you for real? Let me give you the facts.
            In 2005 Modi was denied a diplomatic visa to the United States. (One can’t be denied a Visa, unless one applies for it)
            In addition, the B-1/B-2 visa that had previously been granted to him was also revoked, under a section 212 (a) (2) (g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act which makes any foreign government official who was responsible or “directly carried out, at any time, particularly severe violations of religious freedom” ineligible for the visa.
            Now he is trying through his minions to influence the US govt. to revoke the ban. These MPs have as much right to oppose his US visa, as Rajnath Singh has to plead Modi’s case. Both party are acting well within their right. And being against Modi’s politics is not illegal, at least as yet.

            • cnm

              @ cynical
              It is good to see you are supplying some information, wrong though. In other cases you just run away – Hit and Run. I think this will not hurt your mustard like commie brain.

              • There are many instances across various posts on this blog where you and your ilk have shied away from answering pointed questions from me.
                Now don’t ask me to search them for you as is your wont to save yourself from the home work.

                • Anonymous

                  So this means you’re running away again ?

                • cnm

                  @ cynical
                  So you accept that you flee the scene when you find it difficult to handle the assault made by us Hindus.

                  Cite one or two instances when I or my ilk have run away.

                  • I told you before. I will say my piece, give my explanation, leave a hint of a reference, but all in accordance with my own will. I am not hear to say what you want me to say. You can’t bully me. I have gone through RSS bullying when I was about 16 years old.

                    • cnm

                      @ cynical
                      All this simply means you will go on repeating the Marxist propaganda even if you are devoid of proof. Take the case of beef eating in the Vedas. Owing to your hatred of Hindus never in your life have you opened the Vedas which to you repositories of superstitions yet how shamelessly you are spreading the propaganda of beef eating in the Vedas. Now when any Hindu asks you for proof, instead of doing that you arrogantly cling to your anti-Hindu stand even if you have not a shred of evidence. So the point for you is proof or no proof it is because you an intrepid anti-Hindu are saying that there is beef eating in the Vedas means there is beef eating in the Vedas.

                  • It’s well past mid night and I am under six feet (pegs) under Manorama (Martel). Some where in this blog I told you about ‘Gomedh Yagna’ and ‘Ashwamedh Yagna’ and beef eating during the vedic times. Go and search for yourself you lazy bum.

                    • Anonymous

                      @ cyniacal

                      Yes somewhere you have told me those words but what about the verses in the Vedas that mention them. I know your wont being a Marxist crank you love to spread the Marxist lies against Hindus. How clever you yourself will not quote the verses which as a matter of fact are non-existent but you will ask me to read the Vedas. Meaning you will make the allegations and ask the person against whom you have made them to prove them. How Marxist!!!!.
                      I have searched the Vedas and beef has nothing do with Vedas. It has a use for you Marxist dogs who try to pin down the alienated Hindus by raising the issue of beef in the Vedas. I have seen how Marxist crank whom you call Historian KM Srimali ran away when asked to find out the verses from the Vedas which had been supplied to him. I have not raised the beef issue and it is you who have done that. So you have to show the verses. This is the simple law of evidence.Anyway it remains that out of your hatred of Hindus you have never read the Vedas but will never desist from tarnishing the image of Hindus by spreading lies against them.

                      ‘Perception’ is not ‘facts’ just as ‘days’ are not ‘nights’. Just adding a prefix as ‘National’ before a ‘perception’ does not make it any more credible than the myths of Arabian nights.

                      You are right perception is not ‘facts” Still perception is perception and is created not out of vacuum. By the way, a great many Indians have perception that Sonia had share in Bofors kickback . By the way what is your perception?

                    • Shlok

                      @Cynical, I remember that on the other blog ‘Have Christians reached 19% in AP, you or one of your cronies mentioned about Ashwamed Yagna and when it was answered,none of you replied. Your sister Sushmitha took a different approach, trying to prove that Christ was prophesized in the scriptures. Myself and Latha and one other anonymous Hindu made mincemeat of that bullshit, but then your sister didn’t respond. And now coming to beef eating, if you are going to quote crackpots like Griffiths, then you are just wasting time. If you have the guts, the brain and the heart to face facts and figures, please read, “No beef eating in the Vedas” by Arunabh Talwar on the net. These are people who know Sanskrit unlike people like RS Sharma or Shrimali who openly profess that history and human sciences are just a medium to furthering the cause (communism) and to that extent, will write any trash. Griffiths also didnt know Sanskirt. So, keep on drinking and remember for you, ‘ignorance is bliss’ is most relevant

                    • cnm

                      @ cynical
                      I hardly forget things esp the lies spread by the Marxists against Hindus. I have a sharp memory. Do you know why?Unlike you I drink cow urine (desi of course). Besides, I also take Brahmi Juice every day. Why don’t you try this? Believe me it works wonder.

    • Sindhus

      @Cynical: Add this as well : “Jai Dead body”

  2. Anonymous

    Commie Cynical – 1. Modi did not ask for a visa, as a state representative he had one, and it was revoked.

    2. Modi did not ask Rajnath to raise the visa issue, Rajnath made a mistake.

    Unlike some UPA scamsters who are desperate to tour abroad on one pretext or the other, like Vijay Bahuguna who managed to visit Uttarakhand 36 whole days after the floods (he was holidaying in Switzerland), Modi is not eager to visit abroad at all.

  3. Anonymous

    Some of the communists who signed on the letter mentioned in the article are saying they never did so, and their signatures were taken on some false pretext.

  4. Anonymous

    Mediacrooks has more on this, as well as the names of signatories –


  5. cnm

    @ cynical
    I think your perception that there is beef eating in the Vedas is just your perception like the story of Arabian Nights. Am I right? Or You will produce evidence.

  6. Sage

    I wonder why so many Hindu patriots are debating one idiot. Let this dog bark and you move forward gallantly, like a majestic elephant, and put your comments. No need to pay attention to this anti-Hindu dog.

    • @Sage
      Dear brother,
      This majestic elephant of yours, while gallantly going forward has lost two wings of the country. I am not surprised, because elephant has a poor eye-sight, they are not supposed to see too far into the future. This poor chap who you call a dog is trying to bring a sense of sanity in the minds of those who do not learn from their past. The politics of divisiveness, the discrimination of castes, vanity of our indigenous rulers, and the treachery of some others helped the foreigners to rule us for close to 1000 years. And the collective blame lies at our doors, while we keep chanting the mantra of victimhood. But it seems to me that most of us learned nothing. We still revel in false sense of security, superiority, vanity and myth. You cannot keep on doing the same thing and hope for a different result. If this dog tries to act as the keeper of conscience, let him do that. After all he is just one dog, among the large herd of mighty elephants. Stay well.

      • SAGE

        You are right that we learnt little from our history. When the anti-Hindu and anti-India dogs were crushed first, then only the Greeks could be expelled out from India during the early Mauryan period. But in later periods we allowed these dogs to bark and distract us from facing the enemy and India had to face a miserable fate. These are the dogs who are responsible for the partition of India and they do not desist from their ant-Hindu and anti-India nefarious activities even now. They bark on patriots who only can save India from the alarming growth of anti-nationals. If the Hindu nationalists want to take any lessons from the history, they should first crush these dirty dogs. A dog should not be allowed to call an elephant a brother. It is a mistake to respond to their barking. I am doing so just to caution the Hindu nationalist commentators on this site.

  7. Ignorant All !

    American Congressmen are not much different from Indian ” Congress “-men , when it comes to Modi-baiting !

    They are all , equally ignorant !

    American Congressman , Keith Ellison ( Democrat ) and Joe Pitts ( Republican ) , have introduced a resolution in their House of Representative , demanding that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi should continue to be denied a visa

    Except that they don’t even know ( or seem to ignore ) , that Modi has NOT even applied for an American visa !

    So , where is the question of ” denying ” ?

    I pity Mr Pitts !

    He has lost his only chance of being named , American Ambassador to India , when Narendra Modi takes over as Prime Minister of India , in 200 + days !

    But ,

    if he wants to sit in the opposition , along with our very own ” Congress “-men , in India’s Parliament ,

    > India’s Congress party , would be too happy to give him,- a ” foreigner ” – a ticket for 2014 elections ( – they have a precedent to go by ! )

    > NaMo would be too happy to grant him Indian Citizenship

    Provided he formally ” Applies ” for one !

    No ” denying ” in advance , assuming that he will apply !

    No ” anticipatory denial ” !

    Till then , he , along with his 14 co-sponsors , should continue to welcome – and entertain on American soil , – dozens of ruthless dictators from Africa , Middle East and Latin America , who are still going around killing thousands of their own citizens , year after year

    And that includes the Bosses of the Communist Party of China , who continue to torture thousands of Tibetans

    Obviously , having ” Double Standards ” is not an exclusive prerogative of Indian ” Congress “-men !

    * hemen parekh ( 20 Nov 2013 )

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