Congress workers shut down Mumbai eatery for making fun of UPA

Here is the latest example of tolerance of Congress party which keeps accusing Narendra Modi of intolerance.

Mumbai eatery allegedly asked to ‘shut down’ by Congress workers

A Mumbai eatery with quirky food bills mocking the UPA government was allegedly harassed and asked to shut down by angry Congress workers who could not digest the “defamation”. An incident that had Gujarat Chief minister Narendra Modi tweeting today: “Height of intolerance!”

Congress Mumbai eateryThe restaurant, Aditi Pure Veg, located in Parel in Mumbai, had on its bill receipts, this cheeky message: “As per UPA government, eating money (2G, Coal, CWG scam) is a necessity and eating food in an AC restaurant is a luxury.” The owner was reportedly upset at the service tax imposed on air-conditioned restaurants, which had affected business.

But apparently some Congress youth workers who happened to eat at the restaurant failed to see the humour.

According to a Midday report, the eatery on Monday faced the wrath of some 30 to 35 workers of the Indian Youth Congress — which is chaired by Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi.

The workers allegedly stormed the restaurant at 3 pm, led by Ganesh Kumar Yadav, city president of the party’s youth wing, and party MLA Kalidas Kolambkar.



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7 responses to “Congress workers shut down Mumbai eatery for making fun of UPA

  1. Well done Congress. It was long overdue. I am happy that Congress is learning the tricks of intolerance from VHP, RSS, Shiv Senas and the likes of Mutaliks in Bangalore.

    • Indian Realist

      Did congress learn Emergency too from RSS?

      • I suspect they did. Indira Gandhi and her younger son Sanjay Gandhi were much closer to fascist ideology of RSS.

        • Shlok

          @Cynical, you seem to be really paranoid of the RSS. Finally. I always thought that RSS only made noises. But you are making me rethink my thoughts. Fascism from RSS, you must be insane. Your monotheistic faiths demand death penalty for apostacy, they do not brook any dissent. It is a different thing that many Chrisitan nations today do not follow the Biblical commandments, but the extremist Christian organizations who do so use the Bible as their basis. And then your Marxist brothers Stalin and Mao who between them killed more than 100 million persons. Remember that Stalin had no objections to Hitler’s killing of Jews or Mussolini. For that matter, neither did the Brits or French care about Jewish killings, as they were devout Christians. Its only their fear of German dominance that finally made them enter World War II. So blaming Hindus for fascism or dictatorial tactics can only come from a demented mind. By the way, Indira Gandhi’s closest friends were the Communists and Socialists. The CPI even embraced Indira Gandhi’s emergency. On the other hand, the RSS and Hindu groups vehemently opposed the Emergency. So, get your facts right

    • cnm

      @ Restuarant Lover
      So you become happy when congress learns something from VHP and RSS. Are you not unhappy that Congress has not learnt patriotism from RSS?

      • @cnm
        Learning patriotism from RSS????? OMG, now you are treading in dangerous territory. But it’s your choice, don’t blame me. What follows is the ‘Mercy Petition’ reproduced from RC Majumdar’s book PENAL SETTLEMENTS IN ANDAMANS (pp. 211-213) published by the Department of Culture, Government of India, in 1975. Interestingly, RC Majumdar is regarded by the Hindutva camp as a true Hindu historian. To save time and space, I quote only the first line and the concluding paragraph of the petition. Here it goes…
        “I BEG to submit the following points for your KIND CONSIDERATION: (Capitalisation is mine to emphasise)
        Imagine the great(!) Veer Savarkar begging for kindness from his British masters. Gandhi, Nehru, Azad, Patel, Bose and others spend years and years in British prison, but never begged for mercy.
        Next is the concluding paragraph. (He is now cowering on his knees…)
        “In the end may I remind your honour to be so good as to go through the petition for clemency, that I had sent in 1911, and to sanction it for being forwarded to the Indian Government? The latest development of the Indian politics and the conciliating policy of the government have thrown open the constitutional line once more. Now no man having the good of India and Humanity at heart will blindly step on the thorny paths which in the excited and hopeless situation of India in 1906-1907 beguiled us from the path of peace and progress. Therefore if the government in their manifold beneficence and mercy release me, I for one cannot but be the staunchest advocate of constitutional progress and loyalty to the English government which is the foremost condition of that progress. As long as we are in jails there cannot be real happiness and joy in hundreds and thousands of homes of His Majesty’s loyal subjects in India, for blood is thicker than water; but if we be released the people will instinctively raise a shout of joy and gratitude to the government, who knows how to forgive and correct, more than how to chastise and avenge. Moreover my conversion to the constitutional line would bring back all those misled young men in India and abroad who were once looking up to me as their guide. I AM READY TO SERVE THE GOVERNMENT IN ANY CAPACITY THEY LIKE, for as my conversion is conscientious so I hope my future conduct would be. By keeping me in jail nothing can be got in comparison to what would be otherwise. The Mighty alone can afford to be merciful and therefore where else can the prodigal son return but to the parental doors of the Government?
        Hoping your Honour will kindly take into notion these points.” «
        Thank god India didn’t learn patriotism from RSS goons.

        • Shlok

          @Cynical, your ignorance of history is remarkable. Since when did Savarkar become part of RSS? FYI, Savarkar and RSS didn’t see eye to eye. In fact, the Hindu Mahasabha, which for your ignorant mind, was being led by Savarkar, considered the RSS as one of the reasons why Hindu Rashtra couldn’t be declared, and let me say I agree with that. I do not hold any brief for Savarkar or Mahasabha but your comparing Gandhi and Nehru with Savarkar is ridiculous. Savarkar’s treatement in the Andamans was brutal. Gandhi and Nehru were having 5 star comforts in the jail. In fact Gandhi was the one who should be blamed for jeopardizing Indian independence movement many times. Savarkar’s petition was a tactical strategy as his life was being wasted in the penal colony. So, get your facts right.

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