Jihad to convert Hindu girls to Islam rages on

This is the reality of monotheists who strut around the world claiming superiority over other belief systems. I have always believed that while Christians harvest souls, Muslims harvest women.

PAKISTAN: Jihad to convert Hindu girls to Islam rages on

The Jihad to convert Hindu girls is continued unabated under the indifferent attitude of Pakistani authorities. In recent months, seven Hindu girls have been targeted in the conversion to Islam campaign. Of the seven, five have been abducted and converted by Muslim goons. One Hindu girl was abducted and forced to convert to Islam, but she has been subsequently recovered by the police. In one case, the attempted abduction was foiled by the passer-byes.

The Muslim abductors have also begun using new modus operandi. In one case, a Muslim man first became the ‘brother’ of a Hindu girl, and also observed the Rakhi Bandhan, a custom cementing the bond between brothers and sisters. Later, the same ‘brother’ abducted his ‘sister’. After the abduction, he married her. Perhaps, as the prevailing understanding goes, he will be extra pleased with the idea that he will be rewarded after death for converting one Hindu girl to Islam.

Incidents of abduction of teenage Hindu girls are of no concern to the Sindh provincial government. And, such abductions are music to the ears of Muslim fundamentalists and powerful local elements that operate freely within and around the local administration.

According to advocate Veerji Kolhi, President of Progressive Hindu Alliance and Council for the Defense of Bonded Laborers, two Hindu sisters belonging to a low Hindu caste were abducted on 7 July 2013 by armed men from their village Kohli Vairi, located in Nangar Parka Taluka, Tharparkar District, Sindh. The girls, Ms. Tarki aged 16 years and Ms. Beena aged 14, daughters of Vanoon Kohli, were abducted by Hanif Nohri, Inayat Nohri, Majnoon Nohri , Jamal Nohri and Ismail Khoso, residents of Bado and Jud’dan villages located in the same taluka and district. They forcibly entered the house of the Kohli family in the night at 8 p.m. Mrs. Savarian Kohli, mother to the girls, was taking dinner with her children when the armed men entered her house. The abductors are alleged to be henchmen of the former chief minister of Sindh who has now joined the ruling party, the PML-N.

Mrs. Kohli fears that her daughters will be moved to another location, converted to Islam forcibly, and be killed by her abductors, as they are powerful and have great influence in the area. Demonstrators also appealed to the authorities to search the madressas for the recovery of the girls.

The Daily Awami Aawaz has recently reported that the case of Hindu Girl from Tendo Jam village who was kidnapped on the pretext of a ‘love marriage’ has been solved. Police have arrested a man, Mr. Mohammad Ali Machi, along with a woman, said to be his sister. There was an emotional scene in the police station as the girl, upon seeing her father Lilaram and mother Laxmibai, embraced her mother and started crying. In her statement the girl said that she came to Korti with her maternal uncle. She visited a dargah to seek blessings, after which she proceed to the Md. Ali Machi residence where she was forcibly taken to Kinri, converted to Islam, and married to Md. Ali Machi. She pleaded to be handed over to her parents. After recording the statement of the girl, the police arrested Md. Ali Machi, along with his sister Zarina. A case of kidnapping has been registered against them.

According to the Internationally Unity for Equality (IUFE), on 28 June 2013, a Hindu girl Ms. Rekha was abducted by Mr. Yaseem Lashari when she was on her way home from her work place. Rekha and her mother, Naavi, work in the factory where they met with Yameen Lashari. He made Rekha his sister and Rekha tied him a Rakhi (thread cementing bond between brother and sister, tied on the Hindu festival of Raksha bandhan by a girl around the wrist of boy, making them both brother and sister). Lashari became close to the family. He often visited their home. One day Rekha didn’t come back home from work and on the same day Lashari was also absent from the work place. Navvi realized that her daughter had been abducted by Yameen. She filed a case of kidnapping against Yameen Lahari. On the day of the hearing the couple came to court and Naavi tried to meet with her daughter, but Lashari did not allow them to meet and talk. He abused and insulted Navvi and told her to get out of the court. Navvi informed the police about the incident but police didn’t take any action. Later, one day, Lashari informed the mother through a messenger that he and Rekha have gotten married and there is no need for her to follow them.

On April 6, six persons riding motorbikes tried to abduct a Hindu woman from a bus near Toban Shakh, in Kanri, Sindh. The bike rider stopped the passenger bus and tried to drag out a married Hindu woman, Ms. Tarri, from the bus. When they were pulling her, she cried and shouted loudly for help. Other passengers and bystanders near the bus came to her aid and the perpetrators ran away. The Hindu community tried to file a first information report at the Kinri police station, but even after 6 hours of making the complainants wait, the police refused to file a case. According to the police the incident took place outside the limits of the Kinri police station.

Jamna Kumari, a 12 year old girl, was abducted by influential persons from village Arbab Rind, located near Bhit Shah, Hyderabad. According to the father of the girl Altaf Rind, Pathan Rind, Wazir Rind along with their companions entered his house, looted cash, gold, and other value able things. After looting, the men dragged out and took away his daughter Kumari. He filed a First Investigation Report (FIR) against the criminals. The Bhit Shah police arrested the men. But after taking bribes, the police released the them. The abductor goons are said to be from a religious seminary. The whereabouts of Jamna is still unknown. Her Hindu family fears that the girl will be sold to the Taliban in Peshawar, the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkha, after her forced conversion to Islam.

In March 2013, Ganga, 18 years of age, daughter to gold trader Ashok Kumar, was abducted at dawn from her home located Jhanjhri Street, Sarafa Bazaar, in the limits of the City Police Station, Jacobabad. Mr. Asif Ali, the son of another gold trader Bahadur Ali Surhio, converted the abducted girl to Islam and married her. The marriage ceremony took place at the Amrot Sharif shrine. An FIR was lodged by the parents of the girl against Asif Ali, Bahadur Ali Surhio, and Miran Bukhsh. This abduction occurred at the time of the election of the Hindu Panchayat, which was postponed until this incident could be resolved. A big protest was organized against the alleged abduction and forced conversion. The protestors demanded protection of Hindu girls and Hindu people. They demanded the reunion of Ganga with her family. See http://www.sociableinfo.com/hindus-protest-after-woman-converted-to-islam-in-pakistan/#.UeY5sG2bFVU and http://www.awamiawaz.net/jacobabad-protest-4

According to the Hindu Panchayat, every month around 20 girls are abducted and forcibly converted to Islam. The role of officials in the police and in the Courts is questionable in these cases. The general view is if they were to act in accordance with the laws of the country, they will lose the reward awaiting them after death for such a conversion and also that the Muslim society will retaliate against them, declaring them as infidels or agents of India.

This thinking was evident in the decision of the Supreme Court in the case of Rinkle Kumari and Dr. Lata. The Court decided in favour of perpetrators hailing from a notorious seminary that abducted and converted Rinkle Kumari to Islam. The Chief Justice himself met the abductor of Rinkle Kumar during Friday prayers and congratulated him for converting a Hindu girl to Islam.

Because of the vulnerability of Hindu girls and the attitude of the Courts, the government, and the police, Hindu families have started migrating to India. Hindu families are worried about their girls, and they try to keep them inside the house. But Muslim bigots have begun attacking their homes and kidnapping the young girls from inside their houses. Hindu boys appear to be of no interest to the Muslim fundamentalists.

The Hindu community has protested that even after forcibly converting the girls to Islam and marrying the girls, the perpetrators never allow the girls to meet with their parents. In many such cases even the courts have not allowed the girls to meet their parents. In the case of Rinkle Kumari and Dr. Lata the Supreme Court did not allow such a meeting to take place for fear that the real story would be told. It is also alleged by the Hindu community that girls are sold to the Taliban after they are converted to Islam.

In the absence of fair trial, the Hindu community continues to fall prey to the ‘Islamic Justice’.





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30 responses to “Jihad to convert Hindu girls to Islam rages on

  1. This is barbaric beyond comprehension. Should be condemned by one and all. My heart goes out for those pooe girls and their families.

    • cnm

      @ cynical

      You must be joking. How can you sympathize with a Hindu pagan girl who is destined to be converted be by means foul or fair to Monotheism. That is how evolution goes according you.

      • cnm

        @ Cynical
        Now if you have stopped shedding crocodile tears may I ask you a question — How is it that while you never show any remorse for the innumerable hapless Hindu women who had been taken as war booty or who had been raped or who had been kept and exploited in Harem by the medieval Muslim invaders, you have suddenly developed some sympathy for his unfortunate Hindu girl? What is the game? Is there any design?

        • Those invaders who did those horrible things you describe were cruel, if we judge them by today’s value system. Moral values evolve over a period of time and differs from place to place from time to time. Those were different time. Those people are dead and done. I don’t have to suffer from an imagined victimhood

          • Sarfaraz.m

            Then why do Christian converts run after reservations citing caste-ism of the past?

            • @Sarfaraz.m
              I am sorry. I cannot answer your question, since I am not a Christian. But generally speaking I am against all reservations on the basis of religion, caste, tribe etc.

          • cnm

            The Hindu Value or ethical system has undergone no change with the passage of time. What has changed is that a majority of Hindus coming under the influence of Western Materialism have got detached from the fountainhead of Hindu Value system. The Hindu value system always holds rape and abduction of woman a heinous and demonic crime and prescribes death penalty for the perpetrator of such crime. It held such crimes heinous in the past. It holds them so now. Yes , the Islamic and Christian value systems always hold virtuous the act of raping and abducting of Kafir women. They were so in the past and they are so now. No change , nothing has happened to that.

            • @cnm
              So Hindu value system is against rape and still Hindus rape. What a brilliant value system, I wonder!
              Mr X rapes a woman though his value system doesn’t condone it. And Mr Y rapes the woman because his value system supports it. Can you please explain what difference it makes to the woman who is raped? Are you going to tell the woman that her being raped by Mr X is less humiliating because Mr X’s value system is better than that of Mr Y? Let me share a secret with you. Religion does not reside in male sexual organ.

              • cnm

                @ cynical

                “Can you please explain what difference it makes to the woman who is raped? ”
                It does not make any difference to the victim of rape. And who is saying it does make any difference?
                Rape is a heinous crime and who ever commits it is a Rakshas. It is as simple as that.
                The Hindu shatras say that it is the combination of Rajasik and Tamasik Pravritis (beastly qualities) in man that drive him to commit rape hence there should be continuous endeavor on our part to get rid of those beastly qualities by nurturing divine qualities(sattvik) in us. Ideologies like Christianity, Islam and communism,on the other hand, nurture and augment the beastly qualities in man by making an animal of him. So to promote and sustain an evil free society what is necessary, therefor,is the establishment of the ideals of Hinduism and uprooting of ideologies like Christian , Islam and communism from the society. Hinduism and monotheism are two opposite poles. While Hinduism stands for Light, illumation and brightness, monotheism stands for everything dark.

                Here in your last comment you have said” those invaders who did those horrible things you describe were cruel, if we judge them by today’s value system. What do you mean by “if you judge them by today’s value system”? Do you want to say that there was no value system in the past that condemned rape? Do you want me to believe that raping women was the order of the day in the past? If you hint at the existence of a society in the past where the rape of a women was regaled and rejoiced and a rapist was held in high esteem then let me tell you that there was never such society in India. People in India before the advent of Islam her sisters were morally much more advanced than they are now.

                • You answered nothing in trying to hide behind a futile comparison between the belief system of rapists. Your socalled superior value system comes to nothing if it could not prevent the incident of rape in the first place. I have already mentioned that religion of a person (hindu, muslim, christian or whatever) do not reside inside the male sexual organ. So religion of the rapist has no bearing on his action. If it were to be so no hindu would have ever raped. It seems to me that the message didn’t get through.

                  • Indian Realist

                    Any idea why abduction of Hindu and Christian girls and forcible conversion and marriage are done only by Muslims, while non-Muslims do not abduct Muslim girls to convert them? And why 77% of all rapes in Sweden are conducted by Muslims when they are just 3% of the population? And why such abducted women are taken to mosques and madarsas and not to a hotel? This is what ideology can do.

                    If you have an ideology which appeals more to a man’s penis than to his brains, whose 60-year-old prophet used to sleep with 9-year-old girl, and whose paradise is nothing but a brothel full of virgins waiting to be screwed, what more do you expect? Maybe as a momin, it is a good idea to do some introspection rather than claiming the whole world is against the Ummah for no reason. Islam is driven by sex and violence.

                  • cnm

                    I am not surprised that you find my absolutely valid comparison futile. It is because the moment you accept the truth behind my comparison you have to accept that Monotheistic ideologies are inherently evil. And that very moment you become defenseless vis-a- vis Hinduism.

                    Coming to your rape less society , let me tell you that there can not be a Utopia. So long as there is society there will be rapes, theft, loot, arson,murder of innocent people and all such ghastly incidents. The only difference is that the quantum of such incidents go down drastically in fact becomes virtually nil if the society is under the sway of Hindu value system while the quantum of such incidents goes up non-stop if the society is under the sway of Monotheism.
                    This is the law of nature that virtue is as much a fact as vice is. Only there needs to be a striking of balance for the sustenance of the universe. When such balance is irreparably damaged by the evil forces (read Monotheism) that Ishawar takes birth in the world and saves the world from evil forces by annihilating those forces.

                    • cnm

                      @ cynical
                      “Your so-called superior value system comes to nothing if it could not prevent the incident of rape in the first place”

                      Really cynical if you have excelled in anything then it is in the art of buffoonery.
                      Hindu value system is not an apparition that moves around with a sword in its hand and kills the miscreants attempts at raping a women.It is a value system, the cosmic law(rita or Dharma) that sustains and nurtures the universe. Anyone who takes inspiration from this rita by playing his part in the smooth working of this rita is protected by it. In other words rita protects those who protect rita. Those miscreants who commits rape disrupts this cosmic law and this law in turns abandons those miscreants.

                    • parmar

                      scientifically muslim girls are very found of hindhu boys as compare to muslim boys due to there cut on private part of muslim boys

        • parmar

          surprisingly it has been seen that many muslim girls in different part of india is marrying with hindu boys with own intrest, they said that they dont like muslim boys but they like hindhu boys and hindhu custom, the muslim girls are taking much intrest in hindhu boys that is the causes that is fearing in the muslim that why muslim girls liking hindhu boys and what is the especial in hindhu boys

          • @parmar
            Firstly, your logic is as garbled as is your spelling. That apart your refrence of ‘cut on private part’ is in extremely poor taste. How do you feel when the Muslims claim that it’s precisely for that ‘cut’ hindu girls are falling for muslim boys? Also I find it hard to believe that muslim girls are marrying hindu boys in great numbers as you alluded.

            • parmar

              sir, you may not believe but it is true that muslim girls not like muslim boys because they dont bath there private parts after fresh,not wash hand as in muslim custom, i got through many muslim girls they told me the truth,they cant give statement due to mulla wad in muslim,but it is true that the muslim girls like hindhu boys very much but why you are annoying with my statement , there should be freedom for muslim girls to keep relatios with hindhu boys

      • I have said it before on different pages and saying it again. I look at a human being as just another human being and not his/her religious tag. Man is good or bad by his conduct. No one is good just because he/she is born in a particular religion. Being born in a religion is an accident of birth. But you won’t understand such simple truth.

        • Sindhus


          Yes, all human beings are same, but as per your earlier comments, Hindus are of low intellect becoz they worship cows, monkeys, etc.! How dare you write such nonsense, you idiot! You forgot that your own forefathers were Hindus once.

          You are a top rate bastard and have no right to live among people you do not respect.

          • @Sindhus
            Let me clarify. I don’t think that Hindus are of low intellect. I only consider those of low intellect who worship cows, monkeys etc. I can’t stop them from calling themselves Hindu, That is a problem with those Hindus who think through their heart rather than through their head. Of course I know that my forefathers were Hindus as much as I am. But that does not stop me from thinking on my own. They were product of their own time. I have a sympathetic understanding of their short comings. I have tried to learn from their mistakes. That is how civilization progress. Now talking about respect; you are right, I fail to respect people who refer to absolute strangers as bastard, may be according to the teachings they received from their forefathers.

            • cnm

              Now you are telling a lie with straight face. In your comment under ” Christianity and Islam—– politics masquerading as religion” you have said and I quote “Worship of Cows (GoMata) ,Monkeys (Veer Hanuman), Snakes (Naag Devi) are bound to lose appeal to people of intellect”. This clearly means that people of intellect consider worship of cow, monkey and snake by the Hindus as abominable. But, here you are saying ”I only consider those of low intellect who worship cows, monkeys etc”. It is different thing to say I consider cow worshiping Hinuds so and so but it is an altogether different thing to say people of intellect consider so and so about the cow worshiping Hindus. You are an anti-Hindu. You can consider anything about the cow worshiping Hindus. But who are you to say something on behalf of the people of intellect?

              • OM

                He is telling a lie with straight face because he is not Christian,but actually
                he is a Hard -core Christian .

              • OM

                Remember,modern evangelical movement is a secular pursuit.They are everywhere in media,corporate,human-right organization, in every segment of social welfare NGO’s but supporting …….they are mentor of….

            • Sindhus


              What is thinking with head and not heart? How can you say that thinking with heart is a problem?

              Why do you consider people worshiping cows, monkeys, etc of low intellect? Who do high intellect people worship?

              If you have the guts, answer these questions. It is easy to ridicule/disrespect people who respect all Gods, not so easy to provide answers.

          • OM

            He is ANTI HINDU PRO- CHRISTIAN “short, dark, rice-eating’ man who is weak in his knees but strong in verbose”>>>>I mean>>>>Cynical>as he said about himself >in one post>>>said so disrespectfully about his forefathers and supported spiritual fundamentalism, waging war on non-believers, bondage of thought, and dictatorship of the mullah or church.
            “.With the advancement of human endeavors in pursuits of knowledge of self and his surroundings, the pagan religions were destined to wither away sooner or later.”
            This VERBOSE is not simply anti-paganism but in favor of UN-HOLY Crusaders ,shedding crocodile tears FOR hapless Hindu women VICTIM OFJIHADI, BUT NOT UTTERING A SINGLE WORD AGAINST CHRISTIAN TERRORIST WITH THE MASK OF MAO ON THEM WHO ARE GRATEST THREAT OF INDIA.. .

            • Y

              HE USED SAFFRON BRIGADE FOR HINDUS, barbaric, invaders to Other,but Supported Christian terrorists not telling anything against them IN ANY POST.Now he is telling he is not Christian. He is really……!!!

    • as if we care for your crocodile tears

  2. karan

    “one of the most painful aspects of Muslim demographic warfare is the open attempt by Muslims to grab non-Muslim girls to use them for their own demographic ambitions, meanwhile also inflicting a good dose of humiliation on the accursed kafirs. In Bangladesh and in Muslim-majority areas inside India, this often takes the form of simply kidnapping girls, or of threatening their families to marry them out to Muslims? In the open market-place of the West and of westernized circles in India, it takes the form of normal courtship”- Mr. Elst Still if these silly Hindu filmmakers think that they are actually building ‘secular bridges’ by giving Muslim man riding Hindu woman, (the Muslims, of course, won’t allow the reverse.) then they are in error. They fail to understand Islamic mindset. Even if you make all the Muslims in India superstars, in Pakistan this will not be accepted for as a sign of Hindu benevolence or even a gesture of genuine secularism but as an explicit evidence of Hindu inferiority and Islamic superiority! Such is their contempt for all things Hindu. And it does not stop there; Abu Salem (killed Gulshan Kumar, organized Bombay Bomb blasts on more than one occasions even opened gun-fire at the shooting of Hindu religious epic Mahabharta) has managed to get much for Islam. The popularity of “khan” series of Bollywood masala flicks has led to a deadly trait of more and more Hindu girls in western countries (mostly U.K.), misusing the freedom their religion gives them, finding it ‘cool’ and ‘okay’ to marry a Muslim. This is also helped by the cultural vacuum left by Hindu parents who are so secular that they feel ashamed to give their child any knowledge about the great heritage of Hinduism. Zakat (petro-dollars) come all the way from rich Islamic states in gulf to reward the Muslim boys who bring more and more girls to the fold of Islam. Some Muslim boys have even made this “campus-jehad” a full time occupation! And of course for such gullible Hindu girls life is one-way street, once she enters Islam (hoping the warm embrace of her future in-laws who should be grateful to her for leaving her very own parents and religion) she discovers there is nothing warm in the embrace of Islam she embraced as promised in the film that inspired her for this foolish emotional death-dive, but by then it is too late. She is done for. She will probably spend the rest of her cursed life cooking stinking halaal meat and giving birth to a new generation of suicide bombers.

  3. OM

    @karan,Most comprehensive information about Love Jihad.Thanks.

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