IBN7 expose on Love Jihad

How Hindu and Christian girls are being trapped by Muslims through Love Jihad. An IBN7 expose. All girls should be careful. Brothers and fathers should make their sisters and daughters aware about this. The girls are either pushed into Jihad or used as breeding cows to increase the population of Muslims. Protect your women.

The girls are mostly Hindu and some are Christian. They are being held captive, married to someone else against their wishes (as the original romeo does the disappearing act) and shown Jihad videos. Some of them are being smuggled to Bangladesh and Pakistan for use as sex slaves. The tactic is similar to Muslim gangs which specialise in grooming white under-age girls in the UK.



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13 responses to “IBN7 expose on Love Jihad

  1. malaydeb

    Bad loosers. The girl is not a property. She has all the right to choose who she wants to spend her life with. I also know Muslim girls who married Hindu boys. There are some other aspects which I do not want to mention, which will only embarass Hindus.

    • Indian Realist

      Please don’t hold yourself back. Feel free to state all the facts which may embarrass the Hindus. Muslims are incapable of self-correction and every depraved activity becomes acceptable if it helps in taking over the land of infidels, especially by targetting their women. Muslims have become a mill-stone around the neck of humanity. It is about time humanity did something to the Muslims to save the human race.

      The girl is not a property. She has all the right to choose who she wants to spend her life with.

      Very nice sentiments. Do Muslims also give the choice of marrying non-Muslims to their women, or is such freedom demanded only from the Hindus and Christians?

      • malaydeb

        Read my post before you write a rejoinder. I have already mentioned that there are instances of Hindu men marrying Muslim women.

        • Indian Realist

          Don’t lie, It is forbidden in Islam for Muslim girls to marry infidel men. Such girls or their Hindu husbands are usually bumped off in honour killing by the momins. Here is a sample:

          Ex-sarpanch hacked to death for eloping with girl
          TNN Dec 13, 2012, 07.19AM IST

          MACHERLA: In a gruesome incident, a former village sarpanch of a tribal hamlet was hacked to death for eloping with a girl from another community as the elders in her family were against their marriage. The incident took place in the wee hours of Wednesday at Ekonampet village of Macherla mandal in Guntur district. Two others, including the girl who married the tribal leader, were also injured in the incident.

          According to information, Sreenu Naik, 30, of Ekonampet village fell in love with one Shaik Fatima, 23, of Macherla town a few years ago. However, Fathima’s elders objected to their marriage as Sreenu Naik was already married and had two children. However, to get the consent of the family members of Fathima, Sreenu Naik, reportedly deserted his first wife and children.

          Even then the family members of the girl and religious elders strongly objected to Sreenu’s marriage proposal to Fathima and warned him to keep away from her. The story took a curious twist when Fathima herself left home to live with Sreenu. The couple fled Macherla town and were residing at Ekonampet village. Feeling humiliated by Fathima’s decision, her brothers reportedly began hatching a plot to eliminate Sreenu about six months ago and got the chance on Wednesday.

          Armed with deadly weapons, they reached the village in the early hours and tried to barge into the house. As the door was locked from inside, the assailants removed tiles on the roof and entered the house. At least three persons are said to have entered the house and hacked Sreenu to death. The victim died on the spot as he was attacked with sickles and axes and stabbed several times. When a terrified Fathima shouted for help, the offenders attacked her too leaving her with a severe head injury.

        • Shlok

          Hindu men marrying Muslim girls! Yes maybe 1 out of 1 million. Look at the movie stars, even those who married Hindus remained Muslims – Nargis, Mrs Hrithik Roshan, Mrs Suniel Shetty. On the other hand, in the rare cases of Muslim girls converting to Hinduism, Mumtaz comes to our mind. But, even in her case, I don’t know how much Hindu she really became? Her daughter had a nikaah with Sanjay Khan’s son.

  2. cnm

    stop pontificating us Hindus about the right of a woman as to the selection of her partner. We Hindus by culture, education,habit , experience,are respectful and deferential to women. However,being an incurable anti-Hindu what you have willfully ignored to notice here is the conversion of a Hindu woman to Islam in the name of love. How insidious this is that while the Hindu girl sincerely believes that her love is genuine ,the Muslim boy indulges in playacting only to see that she gets converted to Islam— the criminal creed. Such Muslim man and Hindu woman fake marriages result in not only the conversion of the Hindu woman to Islam but the children that Hindu woman gives birth to become invariably Muslims. Take the case of Aamir Khan who so disdainfully claims that even if his wife is a Hindu his children will be raised as devout Muslims. Read here –Muslims.http://www.santabanta.com/bollywood/39457/my-wives-may-be-hindu-but-my-kids-will-always-follow-only-islam-aamir-khan/

    • malaydeb

      Just one question though! Why these women don’t refuse conversion, or leave their Muslim husbands when according to you the nefarious plan of the husband is all exposed in front of her eyes? No one understands a husband better than his wife. It only means that these girls are so much in love that religion matters little to them.

      • Indian Realist

        Did you see the interviews of girls in the program? The girls are being held captive, married to someone else against their wishes (as the original romeo does the disappearing act) and shown Jihad videos. Some of them are being smuggled to Bangladesh and Pakistan for use as sex slaves. The tactic is similar to Muslim gangs which specialise in grooming white underage girls in the UK. But then, denial and refusing to recognize inconvenient reality is a speciality of the monotheists.

      • cnm

        please do not ask such silly question.Suppose, tomorrow you are taken hostage and at the point of gun you will be forced to embrace Islam, what will you do ? Besides, once decoyed the unfortunate Hindu woman is left with no other option but to accept Islam.

  3. Emani Venkatesh

    As a human beign I am ashamed when I see both Hindus and Muslims inject this world with untold suffering in the name of Religion and God.

    • Indian Realist

      Just as you feel equally ashamed of the rapist and the victim both.

    • Shlok

      Listen we Hindus are also extremely ashamed and embarrassed to have you people like you in our midst, people who keep Hindu names like Venkatesh but otherwise who wouldn’t hesitate to remove their pants if they see any white person. You people possess a slavish mentality. You can’t see fact from fiction, truth from illusion. So stop you lies, stop your cries. Are you Emani or BEIMAANI? It is only you of the monotheistic creed, who have been dividing and creating terror and mayhem throughout the ages. What have we innocent Hindus got to do with it? If you are not happy in India, why not take the 1st flight out to USA or Europe? Only your body is in Inda, your heart and mind is already in the Western world. Surely, we will not be ashamed if you leave our country

  4. Emani Venkatesh

    I came upon your comments quite by accident, as I was not following the thread of the conversation as I am usually wont to do. My comments were a bit off-colour, and I admit they did not do justice to the overwhelming sense of outrage I usually experience, as a staunch Hindu, whenever I come across such deeply disturbing news items. My middle-of-the-road stance was neccesitated by a debilitating bout of illness. Also, you mistake my antecedants. Emani is the name of a village in coastal Andhra, and is pronounced e-mani, not Emaani, thus lending itself, unfortunately, to caricature and ridicule in your language.

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