Churchists hound secularist

Here is what the Churchists would do to you if you dare to think for yourself. Though the days of the Inquisition are long gone, a leopard never changes its spots.

An Atheist in Exile
After he exposed a ‘miracle’ in Mumbai, multiple FIRs were registered against Sanal Edamaruku under a blasphemy law. Expecting arrest, he fled the country and has now lived abroad for a year .

Where have the “secularist” defenders of freedom of speech disappeared suddenly? They were quite active when cases were filed against MF Hussain by the Hindus for showing Sita having sex with Laxman. These are all cowards. They chicken out in front of monotheists but roar in front of the docile Hindus.

Swami Vivekananda mocked Christianity as “Churchianity” — just like in Islam, you can mock Allah but not Mohammad, in Christianity, you will be forgiven if you mock Jesus, but you will be burned alive if you mock the church. God is always secondary in monotheistic religions as they are all about control and power over people — prophets and the church are more important and cannot be insulted. While God can be mocked, those who exercise power in his name on earth cannot be mocked.



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2 responses to “Churchists hound secularist

  1. raj

    Churchists hound Hindu secularist.

  2. Prem Pratick kumar

    Jai Shri Ram !

    Prem Pratick Kumar

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