Power of raging water

Came across this really tragic video of an Indian family gone out for a waterfall trip. There is a flash flood and they get swept over.



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5 responses to “Power of raging water

  1. It’s a very sad incident. My heart goes out for all those people who lost their life, property and in a few cases honour too (yes, it happened and I am still looking for the religious identity of the culprits, so that I can hide them, or bash them depending upon whether they are ‘mine’, or ‘theirs’). But what bothers me greatly is the fact that with so many temples and many more resident gods and goddesses around the place why the people were not saved by those very powerful gods/goddesses.

    • cnm

      @ Cynical
      Your comment is in poor taste. The ugly creature that you are you have never cared to find the reason behind the calamity that has visited Uttarakhanda. Wanton exploitation of Mother Nature to satisfy man’s insatiable greed for wealth has caused this disaster. Your subliminal mockery at Hindu Devas and Devis speaks volume about your perverted anti-Hindu mentality.

  2. Anonymous

    This guy can’t turn off his hatred for Hinduism in the face of tragedy. What an ###hole.

  3. My friend, if I had divine power that the assorted Gods and Goddesses enjoy, I would never ever allowed this to happen in the first place. Unfotunately power remain with those who do not use it for the benefit of the people. Just like our Govt. I demand justice from God and Govt.

    • Indian Realist

      Ask monotheistic God to allow non-believers to enter heaven. That will be enough relief for humanity.

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