Rapes in India, Whose Culture is to Blame?

Even if someone breaks wind in India, the blame is laid on the doors of “Indian culture.”

Rapes in India, Whose Culture is to Blame?

It seems acceptable to blame Indian culture for most of India’s social ills, including rape including the recent tragic rape and death of a young medical student. No less than the eminent lawyer Indira Jaising, now Additional Solicitor General of India ended her BBC Today interview by saying that self correcting mechanisms were missing in Indian Society! She was subtly repeating one of the Indian State’s most used excuse when defending its own mindboggling failures to enforce laws against rape (1 in 600 convictions), gender violence, child labour, corruption etc. ‘Not us Gov’, it’s them, the people, they are backwards’.

Why Indians permit their State to get away with portraying ‘them’ just short of barbarians is a surprise.

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32 responses to “Rapes in India, Whose Culture is to Blame?

  1. Whose culture is to blame?
    Good question. Who do we blame?
    Chinese? British? Mexican?, or may be Eskimos? No, I can’t be sure. But, what I am sure about is that it’s not us. Anything that is bad about India, is bad because of others. We are squeaky clean, as certified by UN.

  2. Indian

    Sir, Your room is ready.We are all waiting for you . We think ECT might work on you.
    Dr in charge
    Mental asylum

    • I cleary said that ‘We are squeaky clean’ and the blame for whatever lies with others. Now that you have no argument to prove my statement wrong, you divert the issue. Very smart!

  3. Culture of caste! if you need any proof of this inescapable evil in Hindustan,please take a hard look at the victims of rape in India! Dalits and tribals! when it comes to sex/rape there is no caste or untouchability for the high caste! rape is a rape! Please don’t try to blame others for your fault—-lack of proper religious upbringing! Teach children to be pure and honest citizens of India!

    • Indian Realist

      Christians are more obsessed with caste than the Hindus. What about treating all non-believers as untouchables and condemning them to hell? Hindus never had any Inquisition or crusades and did not burn non-Hindus on the stake.

  4. JGN

    @ Raju Charles, you have not become a European/American by virtue of worshiping an alien Gawd. You are still an Indian and what ever is the Indian Culture (or lack of it) is applicable to you also. Btw Australia and Sweden have the highest rate of Rapes. Are you telling that they also lack proper religious upbringing?

    • Hello JGN! Please fight to save Hinduism not caste! How can you be silent? caste rape is killing Hindustan. why target the poor Hindus? are they not Hindus? Super Hindus will not dare to touch a Muslim women in India! The statics on rape and sexual assault shows Sweden is way behind India. I used to work in Stockholm, it is not a bad country like you think. South Africa is number one in rape! Jordan and Egypt are the most safest countries for women. I am an Indian American fighting for social justice and Civil rights in India. I love to see a strong Hindu Nation like USA! look at Israel,the one and only Jewish nation in the world. Let India be strong! Kerala Hindus are the true Hindus in India,no caste in the Temples and the Devi is not polluted or ashamed to see a untouchable in her sight! I will never do any thing to hurt our motherland. Fight for caste free Hindu nation!

      • Bravo! Two thumbs up.

      • cnm

        @Raju charles

        You are so dimwit as to understand the science that works behind the Vranasharama Dharma.Being a slave to all anti–Hindu forces your only agenda is the non-hinduisation of India. Of course you want to wreck Hinduism under the garb of social service and civil rights.

      • Indian Realist

        Why are Christians more obsessed with caste than Hindus themselves? Also, monotheists who rail against Hindu castes have no problem in condemning all non-believers to hell and declare them inferior to the believers. Why is that?

      • Anonymous

        Ask the Vatican to get a black pope, missionary idiot !

      • Sindhus

        @ raju Charles;

        First tell us the meaning of your name and who gave this name to you?

  5. @ Raju Charles, you claim to be a civil rights activist, but in fact you should be an advocate of the responsibilities that entail these so-called rights. Stop indulging in intellectual tomfoolery. Your Mephistophelean intentions are quite obvious in your post: to delight to see a weakened Hindu nation.

    • @N.V.Sudhakar
      Don’t you worry about others? Hindus like you are doing fine to destroy the Hindus. With friends like you Hindus don’t need external or internal enemies. You know what is sad? That people like you have learned nothing from the history. Even after being ruled by foreigners for close to 1000 years, even after losing a vast number of your people to other religion by conversion and even after losing a vast chunk of land due to partition, you have not learned anything.

  6. IndianOcean


    Rapes has got nothing to do with any religion, it is induction of human ego on human mind to behave fault to attain minor pleasures. The type of food one eat, alcoholic drink, support of gangs involved and keep the mind in little state are all major factor for this mistake. It is a worldwide crime.

    Anyone relates rape with any religion is sure an big IDIOT.

    • Indian Realist

      You are naive. Please ask Muslims who are women of the right hand.

    • cnm

      @Indian ocean
      You are right. It is the bestial instincts( Tamasic Pravritis) in man that induce him to commit rape on women — a heinous crime. But the problem is criminal monotheistic creeds like Islam and Christianity nurture the bestial qualities in man and make an animal of him . So committing rape becomes easy for him. A religion is a system of disciplines that brings out the best in man. And Islam and Christianity do not stand this test.

      • You mean Hindus stand the test. Every day there is atleast one news of a Hindu rapist doing his karma, in English media. Imagine the no if you take into account all the regional language media.

        • Indian Realist

          Hindu scriptures don’t ask Hindus to sexually violate women of other faith because they are “uncovered meat” or “maal-e-ghanimat” and forcefully keep them as women of the right hand to breed more Hindus to take on the non-Hindus. That is the difference.

        • cnm

          Yes I mean that . Those you call Hindu rapists are Hindus in name only thanks to the Macaulayite System of Education which has deracinated the Hindus from their religion and culture leaving no chance for them to take inspiration from that perennial source of all goodness and wisdom —- Hinduism.. Bring the Hindus back to the their Hindu root I bet you will find far less number of Hindu rapists.

  7. JGN

    @ Raju Charles, >>>> Fight for caste free Hindu nation?? Hindus to not have any obsession with a country of their own. Thank the founding Fathers of our Nation for making it a Secular Democratic Country despite the animosities of partition. Amrika is also not a Christian Country.

    Btw if you are from Kerala, you might have heard names like “Chacko Pulayan” and Orotha (Rose) Pulayi. Will any other sect of Christianity is Kerala accept the “Latin Catholics” (converted fisher folks) as equal to them? The Syrian Christians, who claim to be descendants of converted Brahmins, will take out their double barrel hunting Rifle if a boy from any other sect even look at their girls (forget marriage)!!

    There separate Communion Cups and burial grounds for the “Dalit Christians”!! You people convert the illiterate dalits promising them a casteless religion and once they are converted, you tell them that they are still “dalits!!

    You need not shed crocodile tears for the Hindus of any caste. Despite all shortcomings Hinduism is dynamic enough to change with the time. Change with time or time will change you. That is the Law of Nature

  8. JGN

    @ Cynical, there is no shortage of Hindus like you wallowing in self-pity.
    1) No foreigner had ruled present day India for 1000 years.
    2) Despite being under the rule of Islamic Invaders and European Christian Colonizers for a considerable time, more than 85% of Indians are still following the native Religions. That itself is proof of the inherent strength of our culture & civilization. How many native Pagans/Heathens/Kafirs are still left in Europe/America/Africa/Australia and Arabian Peninsula? Were they not converted to two marauding West Asian Religions?
    3) India as it is today did not exist prior to 1947. Some people wanted a country of their own to live according to the tents of their Religion. They demanded and got a separate country. Despite creation of a country based on the same sentiment (Religion), it could not remain in one piece even for 25 years. There is no parallel to the death/rapes/destruction caused by the occupational forces of West Pakistan in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) in 1971. Almost 30 lakh civilians were butchered. That is more than 300% of the partition causalities of 1947. All Indians should be eternally grateful to Chaudhary Rehmat Ali, Allama Iqbal, M.A.Jinnah, etc for getting us rid of a large number of Religious fanatics. Can u imagine want would have been the condition in India if present day India and Bangladesh are also a part of the same? Apart from the menace of home-grown terrorism, the troubles in Afghanistan and Iran would have been directly at our door steps.

  9. JGN

    @ N.V. Sudhakar, equality in Christianity and Islam are just myths. Had it been so, there would not have been a single lower caste in UP and surrounding areas ruled by the Islamic Invaders for nearly 600 years and in Kerala where the Missionaries were very active. Christianity is said to have reached Kerala in CE 52 with the arrival of St. Thomas (now disputed by the Pope himself). Travancore was the ONLY native kingdom where conversion was freely allowed. So there are a large number of Christians in those areas even now. There are only miniscule Christian population in the other two regions of Kerala viz. Cochin and Malabar.

    Caste system exists in ALL Religions in India and in some other countries also. Search web for more details.

  10. JGN

    @ Cynical, Pl read above msg as: Can u imagine want would have been the condition in India if present day PAKISTAN (not India) and Bangladesh are also a part of the same? Apart from the menace of home-grown terrorism, the troubles in Afghanistan and Iran would have been directly at our door steps.

  11. JGN

    @ Raju Charles, this is how your Missionaries are fooling the Tribals:

    India protests over ‘tribal’ Virgin Mary and baby Jesus http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-23200860 The Tribals themselves are protesting against the same!!!!!!

  12. JGN

    @ cnm, Christianity and Islam are political ideologies masquerading as Religions. While the Christians set out to conquer the world for Jesus, armed with “Papal Bull”, the Muslims set out to conquer the world for their Allah with their Swords. The “Holy” Qur’an enjoins on the Muslims to “fight till the Religion is for Allah”

  13. JGN

    @ Cynical , non-Muslims cannot even eat/drink during Ramadan in the Islamic utopia!! >>> Saudi Arabia to non-Muslim expatriates: Respect Ramadan or face expulsion! http://www.middle-east-online.com/english/?id=59993#

  14. JGN

    Sacrificing Our Daughters: On the Psychology of Islamic Rape-Gangs http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=LbpAXRfbE-A#at=43

  15. Avinash

    @ Raju Charles, this is what you people are doing even in Amrika: >>>> A Catholic priest from Andhra Pradesh, Father Leo Koppala, has been arrested in the United States for molesting a 12-year-old girl. Fr Koppala has been serving at the Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church at Blue Earth, Minnesota, for nearly four years.
    The 47-year-old priest from Nellore charged with second degree criminal sexual conduct. If convicted, he faces 25 years in prison or a fine of $35,000 or both. http://www.asianage.com/india/indian-priest-arrested-us-095

  16. Shlok

    @I can’t find which topic it was,but someone had commented that it can’t be true that Muslims are the biggest culprits in the rapes in Europe, as the rapes cases in the Muslim world was so low. Please check this below:

    Morocco: 70 children raped every day

    morocco world news | Tuesday 16 July 2013 – 17:20 http://www.moroccoworldnews.com/2013/07/98127/morocco-70-children-raped-every-day-2/

    By Omar Bihmidine

    Morocco World News

    Tangier, July 16, 2013

    According to the statistics recently disclosed by “Don’t touch my Child” Association, 70 children are raped every day in Morocco. The rampant phenomenon of pedophilia, the association warned, must be curbed before more children fall prey to this plight.

    “The government must take more serious measures to combat the spread of pedophilia in Morocco as the initiatives taken aren’t enough. Otherwise, the number of victims will double sooner or later,” members of the association said in an interview with the daily newspaper Akhabr Al Youm.

    According to a report to the same source more than 26,000 cases of pedophilia are reported every year in the country.

    The National Council for Human Rights, along with other associations, are currently preparing a report that will feature the minute details of pedophilia in Morocco, reported Akhbar Al Yaoum.

    “We must face this bitter reality with all the weapons we have before this phenomenon plagues our society and endangers our children’s lives, “a Moroccan father told MWN.

    “Children are the apples of our eyes; touching them in any way is like touching our eyes,” a Moroccan mother told MWN.

    It is worth noting that the Democratic Progress group in the parliament has recently urged the government, and all associations concerned with the issue, to intervene and put an end to the daily sufferings of Moroccan children as a result of pedophilia.

  17. Shlok


    First of all, the claim that rapes is not common in the Islamic world is not true, as I have already shown in the previous post about just child rapes in Morocco which is 70 per day = 25,550 per year, that is higher than all rapes in India. Even compare Morocco’s population of 35 million with India’s 1.2 billion persons. Remember a lot of the migrants in Europe come from North Africa. Secondly, when these people rape non-Muslim girls, it is not even considered as rape by these Muslim immigrants. One can access innumerable youtube sites and other website which will reveal that for these men to rape European girls is no big deal because in any case, according to them they live an immoral life. It is also another point that many local European girls in an organized way are also getting married to Muslim boys legally and being converted to Islam. Really, Islam is expected to become the majority religion in Belgium in the next 50 years. Our situation is bad, but the situation in Europe is horrible. At least many of us Hindus still retain the kshatriya spirit, Europeans have lost it. Please also read Geert Wilders book, ‘Marked for Death’. I hope that these Muslim, Christian and Commie apologists check their facts and figures before jumping up and down. No more are the Hindus docile, no more are we going to take your nonsense.

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