Maoist gets bail, Sadhvi gets jail

By voting Congress, Hindus conspire in their own persecution.

Bail for pregnant Maoist, jail for cancer patient Sadhvi Pragya

Maoist sympathiser Sheetal Sathe was granted bail from the Bombay High Court on Thursday, June 27, 2013, on humanitarian grounds (being in an “advanced stage of pregnancy”) after the Public Prosecutor’s office did not oppose the bail plea. Sathe becomes the third Maoist to receive bail from Justice Abhay Thipsay; the State was represented by additional public prosecutor Sangeeta Shinde.

The ease with which Sathe received bail has caused heart burning in some quarters as Special Public Prosecutor Rohini Salian repeatedly opposed bail for Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur even after she was diagnosed with cancer and refused treatment on grounds of harassment. Now the same office has found magnanimity and compassion for a Maoist sympathiser.



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2 responses to “Maoist gets bail, Sadhvi gets jail

  1. duartmaclean

    The fantasy of ‘Secularism’
    India didn’t get free after the British left in 1947. There were changes on the surface only. Underneath, the same problems prevail. India is for everyone and anyone to bit into and chew, and it is power to the powerful –i.e., the money. Moreover, it is ‘Secular’ (as if ‘secular’ is somehow sacred). Are the Muslims secular? Are the Europeans truly secular? ‘Secular’ has been elevated to the status of a sacred word with almost no meaning. In fact, it is a word that allows all kinds of injustices to occur under the guise of equality. In India, it is a sleight of hand that creates the opportunity for a total takeover of the history, culture and spiritual traditions and ways of life of an ancient civilization. Poverty, payoffs, re-culturalization and dis-information has turned many Indians into prostitutes (and I’m not referring to what some women do for money). India has been the land of by far the most sages, saints, rshis and Self-realized masters. The Knowledge is still in India, but the masses are not taking advantage of it. They are being brain-washed and misled and, worst of all, by their very own people — Indians whose ancestral roots are Vedic.

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