The type of “leaders” Congress wants

Ready to sweep floor on Sonia Gandhi’s command: Charandas Mahant

Raipur: Another Congress leader has added his name to the list of ‘political sycophants’.

Union Minister of State for Agriculture and Food Processing Charandas Mahant, who has been appointed as the working president of the Chhattisgarh State Congress Committee (CGPCC), has said that he is willing to sweep the floor if asked by party president Sonia Gandhi.

“If Congress president Sonia Gandhi asks me to pick up a broom and sweep state Congress office in Chhattisgarh, I would do it,” Mahant said, while responding to questions whether he would be able to devote time to his new job while continuing as a Union minister of state.




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5 responses to “The type of “leaders” Congress wants

  1. Every BJP leader will walk on their head if Mohan Bhagvat asks them so.
    In India it’s normal.

  2. Terrible english! My fault.
    Every BJP leader will walk on his head if Mohan Bhagvat asks him so.

  3. Indian Realist

    Is RSS a political organisation?

    • If it is not, then why Mohan Bhagvat jumps in to sort out BJP’s internal crisis triggered by Advani’s resignation from party posts? Why he has to instruct/advice Advani and other leaders on how to run the party? Why he flies from Nagpur to Delhi? I am sure he didn’t come to Delhi to offer friday prayers in Jama Musjid.

  4. S

    Don’t feed the troll.

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