3 Indias at war: Sensex India, Maoist India, and Bharat

Excellent article by Rajiv Malhotra in First Post.

Three Indias at war: Sensex India, Maoist India, and Bharat
By Rajiv Malhotra

In order to understand India’s present dynamics, it is helpful to think of three competing forces at work internally, each with its distinct support bases and strategic ambitions. Of these forces, Sensex India and Bharat are pro-nation forces even though they fight each other, while Breaking India opposes the unity of India. This article summarises some key kurukshetras within India where these forces are at war with one another. I want to make it politically correct to discuss this in the mainstream.

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5 responses to “3 Indias at war: Sensex India, Maoist India, and Bharat

  1. rishi

    Rajeev studied physics at St. Stephens College in New Delhi and computer science at Syracuse University, and was “a senior executive, strategic consultant and a successful entrepreneur in the information technology and media industries” until his retirement in 1994 at age 44.Malhotra took an early retirement to pursue philanthropic and educational activities and founded the Infinity foundation in1995.
    So,he shifted his concentration From Sensex India to Maoist India to Bharat.

  2. IndianOcean

    India’s Religions are also at war. Christianity & Islam wants to swallow India. They are at high competition. Poor Hindus are in loosing ground to them.

    • som

      Poor Hindus have three enemies:-
      (1) Public enterprises
      (2) Private enterprises
      (3) Foreign enterprises supported by church money
      Again these foreign enterprises has been supported by :-
      (a)Non -government evangelical so called humanitarian organizations
      (b) Main steam media entirely sold by evangelical organizations
      (c),Think tanks ,hired high professionals and intellectual
      traitor of Hindu community paid by western media
      (d) Jasua projects ,50 million Christian computers
      (e)Hard-core Christian militant
      Again these hard core militant are financed ,military training and armed
      supplied by
      (i)Muslim militant outfits supported by Pakistan
      (ii)Different Communist outfits of Europe ,Nepal and Philippines
      (iii)Church tax imposed on European citizens
      (iV)Arm and ammunition supplied by China
      (v)Military training by communist outfits of Nepal and Philippines

      • raj

        So these are the globule structure of Gun-point conversion of Hindus in Tripura and other provinces.

      • karan

        Despite massacres, not everyone in India regards the Maoists with horror. One such apologist is the talented and articulate novelist Arundhati Roy who has, since her Booker Prize-winning 1997 novel “The God of Small Things,” focused on bigger things, rambling 19,500-word essay published in Outlook magazine in India and the Guardian newspaper.
        The piece was headlined “Gandhi, but with guns.”
        The comparison is obscene.
        Maoists want an articulate messenger, and Ms Roy fulfils that role.
        A Gandhian with a gun is as absurd as a Maoist pacifist.
        Like Maoists elsewhere, they are brutal. They conduct show-trials, sometimes executing the people they find guilty; they use improvised explosive devices and land mines; and they appear to use child soldiers.
        Since 2006, their attacks have become audacious, targeting police stations, power lines, schools and trains.
        They have not spared civilians and other “class enemies” who in their view collaborate with the state.

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