Traitors everywhere

Did Rajeev Shukla meet Dawood Ibrahim when he was in Pakistan?

Mumbai: Bharip Bahujan Mahasangh chief Prakash Ambedkar on Monday alleged that Union minister Rajeev Shukla had met India’s ‘Enemy Number One’ in Pakistan on April 5, 2004, and discussed important security issues with him.

Ambedkar produced a two-page document, which he claims was an internal report of the external affairs ministry, to corroborate his allegation. Though Ambedkar didn’t specify who ‘Enemy Number One’ mentioned in the said report was, it is well known that Indian security agencies use the phrase to refer to Dawood Ibrahim. Shukla, however, rubbished the allegations.

As per the alleged confidential report, Shukla was part of the BCCI delegation that accompanied the Indian cricket team on the tour of Pakistan in 2004. The document has details of Shukla’s alleged meeting with ‘Enemy Number One’ in Lahore, at the farm house of Atikur Rehman, who is said to be an ISI operative and close associate of ‘Enemy Number One’. Bharip Bahujan Mahasangh chief Prakash Ambedkar on Monday produced the alleged internal report of the ministry of external affairs’s ‘G’ Desk to corroborate his allegation, which states that Union minister Rajeev Shukla’s activities and movements were under the scanner when he travelled to Pakistan in 2004 as a BCCI delegate with the Indian cricket team, which went to play an ODI series with Pakistan at Gaddafi Stadium.

The document produced by Ambedkar states, “Mr Shukla was at the stadium with the cricket team till lunch and slipped away from the stadium around 2.30 pm. He went to the farmhouse of Major Rehman, where ‘Enemy Number One’ was already present. Mr Shukla even handed some documents to ‘Enemy Number One’ and some copies of correspondence between Mr Shukla and the PMO was part of the said documents.” An Indian agent codenamed FAE-31 was also present at the meeting and he later sent a detailed report to the MEA.

According to FAE-31, Shukla told ‘Enemy Number One’ that only four RAW officers were posted in an Indian mission to snoop on underworld dons and hawala racketeers based in Pakistan. Shukla also said that “he had written a three-page letter to the Prime Minister and made a pointed reference to RAW’s non-planned expenditure having mounted to Rs 100 crores and said that the agency presence in Pakistan is less than half of its sanctioned strength.

“He also told ‘Enemy Number One’ that to curb and control RAW’s operation in Pakistan he had demanded the institution of a Cabinet committee or a high-powered panel under the Cabinet Secretary to suggest its revamp,” the document states With regard to the confidential documents, Mr Ambedkar demanded that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh clarify whether Mr Shukla was authorised to meet the Pakistani military establishment.

Responding to these allegations, Shukla said the report on the basis of which the allegations are being made is fake and bogus.

“It’s a five-year-old allegation and he has been repeating it over and over again. There is no basis to his allegations. The documents, which he claims to have with him, are fake and bogus. It’s nonsense,” said Shukla.



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5 responses to “Traitors everywhere

  1. There are lot of people who claim such earth shattering discoveries to earn cheap publicity for themselves. Thats their only way to claim to fame.

  2. S

    The catholic church in India having failed in it’s attempts to convert Brahmins to their cult has now taken to giving Brahmin surnames to their new converts. The crypto christians like James Roy (goes under the name Prannoy Roy) and his niece Suzanne (goes under the name Arundhati Roy) were there a long time back. Indians should be prepared for a long list of Brahmin sounding people uttering balderdash and committing treason. I won’t be surprised if this Rajeev Shukla is a fake name.

  3. Only the other day you claimed that there is no caste system in hinduism.
    Now you are so concerned about a convert affixing brahmin surnames.
    Answer me, what difference it would make if they use a non-brahmin surname?

  4. Kieth H. Mccormick

    It should be found whether shukla made such suggestion to revamp RAW in pak,this will prove allegation. Congressi hai kuch bhi kar sakta hai desh bechne k liye.

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