The scenes Muslims witness as a child

What does so much cruelty and bloodshed to animals would be doing to minds of little Muslim children?Slaughter of animals in a mosque

Slaughter of animals in a mosque


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25 responses to “The scenes Muslims witness as a child

  1. Islam is the best kind of religion, because it concept is to protect ppl that’s why Muslim are not allowed to eat pigs, because pigs eat filth and another reason why we aren’t allowed to drink, because wine is rotten grapes with honey, and wine damages the kidney… and the way we slaughter the poultry and cows is the cleanest way to slaughter an animal, so please, think before you ink… and have a good day πŸ™‚

    • Indian Realist

      Muslims also wipe their backside with stones and twigs in the fashion of the prophet because there was no water available in Arabian desert — they still hide small stones behind public urinals for this. And why should they be slaughtering animals anyway?

      • Hey Indian Realist, I’m sorry but your question about why animals are slaughtered is a bit duff… Why did god create chicken and cows and plants? Obviously for us to eat… And about Muslim wiping their backside with stones and twigs- Arabs OBVIOUSLY lived in deserts and deserts OBVIOUSLY are not a place where water is found often and they OBVIOUSLY had to find a way to clean themselves, what would YOU suggest if you were in the desert without water, I mean what would you clean yourself with? Please, next time you want to talk rubbish about Islam, No Muslim is willing to read this rubbish so please DELETE this post… And again, THINK BEFORE YOU INK.

        • JGN

          @ cakeykinz >>>>Why did god create chicken and cows and plants? Obviously for us to eat>>>> if Tigers and Lions can speak, they would also ask: Why did god create Homo Sapiens? Obviously for us to eat!!

          • Hahaha, if you take a closer look, tigers and lions don’t usually eat Homo Sapiens unless they’ve been provoked or hungry, but they usually eat oxen and gazelles or zebras and such stuff πŸ˜€

            • JGN

              That is due to unavailability. Once the Tigers taste the human flesh, they do not eat anything else.

              • True but that’s their instinct, I cannot tell them to stop eating our flesh (Since we’re soo delish! Just kidding :D) In india, a lot of ppl have been eaten bcz of a tiger, but if we stay away from them they’re forced to eat whatever available…

    • rejaul haqie

      totally agree wit u bro.

  2. S

    Hey Cakeykinz, do tell me why Muslims marry 9 year old girls ? I guess your answer will be – “because Muhammad raped Ayesha when she was playing with her dolls”. Right ? The bestiality of Islam has ceased to horrify people who have read the Koran any more.

    • Hey S, What Prophet Muhammad does is not wrong and always has a reason for it and the Holy Qur’an is telling us what good things to do in life, and you have no right whatsoever about talking that way to our Prophet Muhammad because I didn’t offend your religion and Prophet always said that we should respect people of different religions also, can I tell you a little story? Once Prophet Muhammad used to live next to a really bad neighbor, the neighbor would always throw dirt and thorns in front of his house, and Prophet Muhammad would always remain silent. One day, Prophet Muhammad walked out of his house and he didn’t see the dirt, so he asked someone about his neighbor, and the person he’s very sick, so the prophet Muhammad hurried to visit him (even though the neighbor was Jewish) and prophet Muhammad had brought some gifts and food… the neighbor Prophet Muhammad and he became a Muslim… that’s how great Islam is! And a lot of American scientists became Muslim after they saw what the Holy Qur’an said… It was mentioned in the Qur’an that ants BREAK, not get squashed and is later been found out that ants are made up of glass elements… So, your argument is invalid… ANd thanks, have a nice day πŸ™‚

  3. ravi

    While the distinction between civilians and combatants in drone strikes is an undisputed requirement of international law, it is not so clear who counts as a civilian, or to be more legally precise, a non-combatant. The difficulty lies in distinguishing when a non-combatant civilian crosses the line into direct participation with or membership of an armed group, thereby becoming a potential target. In Pakistan, this distinction is even more difficult given societal and environmental factors such as the proliferation of weapons in tribal areas and mixing between civilian and combatant populations.
    With drones now taking over the skies, it’s only a matter of time before a Big Dog 2.0 arrives. In fact, many analysts are already pointing at the possibility of bi-pedal robots fighting alongside soldiers or replacing them entirely. Science fiction authors have imagined this scenario many times, from Terminator to Metal Gear Solid 4, in which “geckos”β€”the two-leg Velociraptor-like fighting robots shown in this videoβ€”are clearly inspired by Big Dog’s biological design.

  4. IndianOcean

    Let us replace Science, Linguistics, and Theology subjects with Quran in Schools, Pupil will get three fruits in one stone (Arabic language, Quranic Science, and Monotheistic God).

  5. JGN

    @ IndianOcean, in fact there is no need to teach anything else. All Educational Institutions (Nursery Classes to Universities) across the world should teach only The Qur’an, Hadiths and Shariah only. That way we will have uniformity of syllabus also.

    • IndianOcean

      Yes, then we all man wear cap and grow beard; and women are cover their head & face with black veils. So, everyone look alike. Brotherhood and Sisterhood will flourish across the world.

      • …and then grapes and virgins in Heaven. Sounds like good deal to me!

        • Actually, In Islam the woman should only cover her hair and hands and legs NOT the face, woman cover their body parts so other men won’t kidnap to rape (sexual abuse happens in Egypt a lot), actually Irani women covered their faces bcz they’re faces were fascinating that even with the Hijab, men still sexually abused so they cover their faces…

          • JGN

            That was actually for protecting them from sand-storms of the Arabian deserts. God had created Eve in the nude and she was roaming around in birth day suit till Satan prompted her to eat some forbidden fruit. So the “Creator” should not have any problem if the females of our specie do not cover from head to toe in a black veil.

  6. JGN

    @ S, when over 1.5 billion people can believe that there are some Shetty’s Ladies Bar stocked with abundant supply of wine, women, water, fruits, etc up in the sky, they can believe in anything!!

  7. rejaul haqie

    Hmm… lots of discussion so far.Friends live and let live. Love and let love. The more the discussion(except the valid ones with proper reason) the more will be the communal rift. Islam is the religion of love and peace,brotherhood and unity. If u really love your god, surrender yourself to him without judging what others are doing because if we point a finger at someone,the remaining fingers point at ourselves. Love u all my friends. have a good day.

    • Vineet

      How can it be a religion of peace when it says My God is True and yours is False. My book is true and yours is false. Same holds for Christianity as well

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