Vivekananda’s Ideas – Two revolutions in Western Thought

Author Rajiv Malhotra wrote an important article on Swami Vivekananda that has information which is not well known about his importance to western philosophy today. This is one of the few articles selected by the headquarters of Ramakrishna Mission in their official book commemorating Swami Vivekananda’s 150th anniversary. That book was launched recently in Belur Math by the President of India. It is hoped you will read it and circulate it to others.

Click to read: Vivekananda’s Ideas – Two revolutions in Western Thought

Read the article to see how Swami Vivekananda’s ideas are being plagiarized by Western thinkers and being repackaged as their own original thought.

PS: I have opened a Twitter account @IndianRealist

I suggest all Hindu nationalists open Twitter accounts and follow each other. There is lot of Indian leftist / communist garbage on Twitter and we have to clean it up.



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6 responses to “Vivekananda’s Ideas – Two revolutions in Western Thought

  1. Rameshkumar Venkitachalam

    What a tragedy………. Hindu Nationalists!!!!!!!!!
    If there is any chance of re-birth, I would opt for being a subject of some other place. Ramesh

  2. @Ramesh,

    What uninformed and unintelligent people like you don’t understand
    is that India was once a great country to live in when HINDUISM
    ruled the roost exclusively. Remember the Gupta Empire??

    The problems in India today is due to the unwanted influence
    of Secularism by English-educated stooges known as the Congress
    party. It is these people who have made the mess due to their
    anti-national attitude and behaviour.

    Hindu nationalism, on the other hand, can make India once again a
    great country to live in. Look at the progress that Gujurat has
    made under a Hindu nationalist government.

    Hindu nationalism can make India a well-governed and prosperous
    nation once again.

    • dipak

      I agree entirely with Jaipal.We need to change our MINDSET. Hindus are generally passive and not interested what happens to other Hindus anywhere in the world. This has to change. we Must help one another. Over 100 millions of our forefathers were slaughtered by Muslim invaders,Women and children were used brutally. Our temples were destroyed, looted, dieties were placed in front of the mosques, so that Mullims can walk on it. Same things are still going on.We need to stand up and be counted.
      Hindu organisations can not work without financial help.We must contribute regularly.German catholics pay 9 per cent of their wages to their churches. This is compulsory. WAKE UP, join other Hindus , save our country and honour.

      • @Dipak,

        Hindus are not so passive as you imagine. Hindu kings
        and Hindu society actively resisted the Muslim invaders, militarily
        and finally defeated them. Remember the Vijayanagar Empire,
        Maratha Empire, Sikh Empire, Rajputs,Jats ect?

        It is not Hindus’ fault that they were faced against a diabolical,
        barbarian enemy that swore by brutality and a criminal creed.
        The barbarism of the Muslims is a reflection of the character of
        Islam, not that of Hindu weakness. The primary aim of Hindu
        society then was to fight the enemy and somehow overcome them,
        regardless of the number of lives that needed to be sacrificed.
        Those millions of Hindus that lost their lives did so in refusal to
        submit to Islam, therefore they are heroes. Just think what would
        have been the consequences if those millions of Hindus accepted
        Islam then, just to live. Everything would have been lost.

        The notion that Hindus are passive is largely a colonial propaganda
        intended to attack and undermine Hindu pride and Hindu activism.
        What you see as passivity, is more in reality ignorance on the part
        of Hindus about the conspiracies hatched by enemies out to
        destroy them. Hindus are not aware, therefore, they have a
        laid-back attitude. The reason for this lack of awareness is
        due to media bias and selective reporting which doesn’t tell
        Hindus about the threats to them. However, when Hindus
        do awake and realize the threats, they do make efforts to fight
        back. A good example of this is RSS, VHP, Hindu Munani,
        Hindu Samhati, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti ect. These Hindu
        organizations are the outcome of Hindu awakening by a section
        of Hindu population. What needs to be done now, is to fully
        awake the rest of our Hindu population that is still sleeping
        and encourage them to join the Dharma Yuddha with our already
        awakened Hindu brothers and sisters.

  3. Anonymous

    People draw lines on the globe and shrink themselves inside. They say love nation. Nation builders and Nation lovers are the biggest human enemy. Love your fellow beings whether they are in India or Pakistan. Ramesh

    • ravi

      Today in the era of subjugation of Imperial anti-national forces such as Maoist Communist of India of Andhra Pradesh,Chattisgarh,Maharashtra,Jharkhand,Orissa ,National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT),National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN), Mizo National Front (MNF) in Mizoram and Manmasi National Christian Army (MNCA)in Assam are rulling 40% area of India with financed and supported by Baptist Church and World Vision(NGO) .They are carrying
      gun point conversion of innocent Hindus,destabilizing economy for complete subjugation of land,property and culture. The rise of Hindu Nationalism is due to this.If we will aware this time our situation will be like
      Kashmiri pandit ,who are living tent in Delhi.

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