Yoga history from punk historians of the West

It is amazing how Yoga’s history as a Hindu tradition is being distorted right in front of our eyes by so-called Western “experts.” Now, they are claiming Yoga as we know it today arose because of Western influence.

Physician Heal Thyself: An Interview with Yoga’s Michaelle Edwards
Historian Mark Singleton has documented in his book Yoga Body, that most of what we know as “Hatha” yoga is derived from the global fitness culture that emerged in the early 20th century in the wake of the Industrial Revolution. The seated lotus position, bow and cobra can be found in ancient texts from around the 14th century, but many of the standing poses, sun salutations, inversions, arm balances, and bound twists were influenced by Western physicality such as military drills, women’s gymnastics and contortionism.

Really, do these people have no shame? “Historian” Mark Singleton has “documented” Yoga is derived from global fitness culture of early 20th century. Lo and Behold! This conclusively proves to these loony Western “historians” that the roots of Yoga lie in the West — no further discussion is necessary, especially with the Hindus. Such dishonest and shameless turds … They are trying hard to digest Yoga and claim it as its own.



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7 responses to “Yoga history from punk historians of the West

  1. THese academic cabals work together with implicit but none-the-less very serious goals of ‘deconstructing’ competing systems. WEndy Doniger has also theorized & trued to prove this junk … THat’s why people like Rajiv Malhotra are trying hard to wake up people so that these traditions don’t get digested…

    • I’m a Canadian who taught yoga asanas for several years. People enjoyed my classes. The problem is, most have no idea that yoga asanas are the least significant aspect of Yoga. Jnana yoga, bhakti yoga, karma yoga — that’s the real stuff! Now, we have ‘nude yoga’, ‘competition yoga’, ‘christian yoga’, ‘best-dressed yoga’, etc. All of those people who promote this stuff are self-serving and immature. But, these same fools are the ones who will, in the end, get the ‘booby prize’. They will stay stuck in their illusion and not evolve with this attitude. Indians should not feel embarrassed by this copy-catism at all. Rather, it is a back-handed compliment. Also, there are many non-Indians who are aware of this travesty yet practice yoga with devotion and seriousness. Mostly, they keep quiet and do their practice. Indians of good faith should be the standard bearers of yoga in its true form — through magazines and books on ‘Real Yoga’, classes of ‘Real Yoga’ and living ‘Real Yoga’. These will the Real Teachers and what they teach will outlast all of these other ‘gimmick’ yogas. Don’t fret about it. Think of this nonsense in the name of yoga as a ‘back-handed’ compliment from fools who cannot distinguish between a diamond and a piece of glass.

    • Indian Realist

      Western societies have a typical way of working and interacting with the rest of the world that has to be studied seriously by other cultures. Thankfully, Rajiv Malhotra is very active in what is now called the study of Whiteness (study of the White race). While the Whites have been studying other races for the last 500 years, the other races have rarely if ever studied the Whites. This has to change. Once Indians began to study the Whites, we discovered how they digest traditions from other cultures, make a U turn and claim these to be their own original output after some decades. The study of Whiteness would also reveal the narcissism inherent in the White race.

      • YogaFyah

        I think you need to look further to into african american history and the amazing work, books and articles they have put forward in regards to the analysis of the recessive pink man. LOL Rajiv Malhotra is very late to the game in studying pinky and his peculiar ways of interacting with people of colour (HUEman) after thieving and looting and then assuming and claiming their inventions and history as their own or creating pseudo scholarly work to throw people off and create more confusion regarding the origins of whatever they have come into contact with and destroyed. Two solid books of many many books already put out by african americans include ISIS PAPERS and YURUGU.

  2. IndianOcean

    Not only Yoga, westerners are trying to copy-cat all our Ayurvedic and Siddha medicines and resell back to India. Also trying to make the medicinal assests are theirs by doing patent.

  3. Truth Will Prevail

    Our ancestral Gurus and Yogis will curse us for letting White frauds copy Yoga and turn it into a profit empire. Everything for these frauds is profit. Ayurvedic medicine is there to help people. Guru dakshina is given to the Guru out of respect. A true Guru teaches his students out of a helpful mind not to become rich. But not all White men who learn Yoga are doing it for profit. They are doing it for their well being as well as well being of others. The focus must be on the frauds among White men. I think everyone has the right to learn Yoga, free of charge. I am sure this is what Shiv Ji wanted. But still a True Guru must be respected for following our ancestral traditions and keeping it alive. Hence we give them Guru Daksina. Corporate greed has no place in Yoga.

  4. Truth Will Prevail

    If these frauds continue twisting Hindu history, then we’ll have to start writing books about their ancestory and see how they feel. These are the same kind who will call a Banyan Tree a Fig Tree. A Banyan Tree will always remain a Banyan Tree and Yoga is Indian or Hindu by tradition which goes back to prehistoric India. Later followers of Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism took so many concepts from ancient Yoga.

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