The Bible’s Buried Secrets: Did God Have a Wife?

The documentary investigates the shaky foundations of monotheism and how it began by suppressing the truth. I have always wondered why the God of monotheists doesn’t allow any women in his house.



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6 responses to “The Bible’s Buried Secrets: Did God Have a Wife?

  1. Dr T R Ramanujam

    Iwish to down load this video

  2. Dr T R Ramanujam

    The video is quite interesting and I wish to show to all of my hindu friends

  3. Anonymous

    Yes. God did have a wife of Great Hindu King who was worshipers of the “SUN”. Finally biggest exposure THAT CHRISTIAN GOD was, is and forever will Great Hindu. So western guys ARYAN INVASION THEORY IS COMING IN EXISTENCE FOR THE SECOND TIME. GOOD LUCK. HINDU GOD WILL BLESS YOU.

  4. David Frawley, as you rightly said, is a ‘declared’ Hindu scholar.
    Not an ‘ACKNOWLEDGED’ one. I can devastate his claim of any mastery of Indology and his understanding (or lack of it) of Aryan Invasion Theory in a more devastating manner than you think he has devastated the theory itself. But then the sheer length of that post frightens me.

  5. @Cynical I challenge you to devastate only one of his theses. You don’t have to bring down the whole house to make your point. If you can give one solid proof of one significant error on his part, then I will take back my statement that “…he has devastated the Aryan Invasion Theory.” As it stands, all you have made is a claim with nothing to back it up.

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