Modi’s Awesome Speech at Delhi’s SRCC College

This speech was given by him on Feb 6, 2013, to students of Delhi’s SRCC college. Hear it yourself:

Click here for full transcript of the speech.



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29 responses to “Modi’s Awesome Speech at Delhi’s SRCC College

  1. OMG. The Dracula is out of his Gujarat cage. Now the fun begins. He is now going to suck the last drop of blood from all the pseudo-seculars, pseudo-hindus, anti-developers, chowmen eaters, men with beard and women with burqa or gown. I will watch it on Animal Planet.
    Jai Hanuman.


    • You can’t be a voter in India. You are a monotheist. India is for polytheists.
      Are you prepared to worship cows, snakes, rats and cowdung? If you are, you are welcome; otherwise I will report you to Mr Dara Singh in Odisa. Remember him?

      • Indian Realist

        Monotheists should not demand rights from polytheists that they refuse to give them when they turn into majority in any area.

        Also, why do you hate cows, snakes, rats so much? They are also made by the same god. BTW, has your God sent these animals their son to wash them of their sins? If no, why not?

        • By the term ‘monotheist’ you must be referring to Christians and Muslims.
          Am I correct? Do you include those Hindus who follow a monotheist philosophy –i.e., dualism?

          • Indian Realist

            By monotheists, I mean those who say “our God is true, your God is false” and “if you don’t agree, we will beat you” and “we are saved, you are doomed” and “When we get majority, we will rule over you and destroy you.”

            Monotheists don’t recognize the right of other faiths to exist. They believe in spiritual dictatorship that takes away the right of people to think for themselves. Only Xians and Muslims fall in this definition. Jews do too, but they are harmless as they don’t proselytise and keep their beliefs to themselves.

          • sam

            I just found out this thread .. and a few other on this site .. you make valid points .. and you seem to understand hinduism very well … more so than a lot of hindus of nowadays.. if i may say so ..

            what do you do for a living .. if i may ask ?

      • Of course I’m not a monotheist nor am I a polytheist. Neither monotheism nor polytheism represent the true import of Hinduism. I’m a monist, a non-dualist. I’m not a Hindu by birth but undoubtedly have more knowledge of Hinduism than you do. Hinduism is complex, but the core philosophy of Hinduism is contained in the Upanishads — the ‘End of the Veda’ — and is usually referred to as Vedanta. Your comment on ‘worship of cows, snakes, rats, etc.’ merely demonstrates your profound ignorance. The one true thing written in your comment is your name, ‘Cynical’.

      • hussein chacha

        I will rather workship donkeys and donkey crap for that matter , rather than worshipping an illeterate camel rider and his moon god.

  3. I think Narendra Modi is a true leader with a no-nonsense approach notwithstanding projection of him as a Muslim-baiter by mainstream print and electronic media.

  4. Yes. And people who don’t realize that various groups, such as political parties, commercial networks, religious bigots, etc, will put in a great deal of money and energy for purposes of dissimilation –ie, hiding the truth, unfairly undermining another’s credibility. In other words, ‘character assassination’ in order they may stay in power or gain more power. This is what Congress is doing, anti-Hindu groups are doing and many in the big money crowd are doing. It’s an old game, but it works….up to a point. Abraham Lincoln said: “You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you can never fool all of the people all of the time.” This adage definitely applies to India. Indians are waking up to the deception that has be foisted upon them since, first the invasions of the Muslims and second, the invasions of the Europeans and third, the invasion of the Christian evangelical proselytizers.

  5. So, you’ve stated it: you detest Hindus. At least it is clear now.

    • Kannon

      You are absolutely right on your views on Hinduism and the deception foisted on us by power hungry religious organizations.
      I went to your website and saw that you are involved in rebirthing. I am presently going through a 10 week practice from the book “The presence process” by Michael Brown. He also suggests using the continuous connected breath.

      • Kannon,
        Thanks for your comments. Yes, I am involved with ‘Rebirthing’ for stress management and emotional clearing. As you probably know, Rebirthing got its start in America from Leonard Orr, someone very oriented to the Hindu world-view and who met an Indian guru in India some years ago. Leonard had discovered the conscious-connected-breathing pattern by himself and began to show it to others. People were getting great results. The guru he met told him that the conscious-connected-breathing pattern he was using was a form of Kriya Yoga. Hence, there is a strong link between Rebirthing and Yoga. Leonard Orr has always maintained this link and has a profound love for India, as do I. I also have been a meditator for more than 40 years and was trained as a teacher of this particular form of meditation by Maharshi Mahesh Yogi in 1974. For the past 19 years I have been a devotee of the great modern sage, Sri Ramana Maharshi of Arunachala in Tamil Nadu.
        It’s great to make your acquaintance! Namaste.
        PS Michael Brown is greatly loved by many. I’ve never met him though.

        • Kannon

          Namaste Duart,
          Thank you for the reply. It is nice to know that Orr has an close connection to Hinduism. I am hoping to do a rebirthing session sometime in the future. It is nice to see westerners become genuinely interested in India and Hinduism. I think people from the west bring a very different perspective to HInduism and its practices.

    • ravi

      Narendra Modis consciousness has been evolving for the better day by day and today he is perhaps the only politician who has a developed conscience of his own. He thinks, sleeps, eats and works always for the inclusive growth for all despite the road blocks put before him and a barrage of innuendos and insinuations thrown on him by the so called conformists and sycophants group. This means he has flowering consciousness needed to guide India in difficult times today.He is absolutely clean and under such leadership corruption is bound to decrease and efficiency is bound to increase multifold. In fact all world eyes are on this man but some in our country want status co and politics of vote Bank to perpetuate as their shops have been running successfully on this fuel for the past several decades. Hopefully pure conscience will win over the dirty mind set and India will taste the fruits of development,able administration, social justice and equality so far only debated and written in papers.

      • An electoral win is well, an electoral win. Not a character certificate. Convicts of various forms of criminal activities have in the past won election in State assemblies and Parliament. Remember Phoolan Devi, she won a parliament seat. Modi has blood in his hand and no amount of deception will help wash it away.

        • Indian Realist

          Kashmiri Muslims have blood on their hands of Kashmiri pandits. What should be done to them? Tit for tat?

          • Even Gandhi had blood on his hands. Because of his activism — which was necessary — many people died. In one way or another, we all have blood on our hands. It goes with incarnation. We can only do our best. Beyond that, we have no guarantees. Perfect ahimsa will always be a principle and never an earthly reality. We aim for it, that’s all.

          • IndianOcean

            Make Kashmir a Hindu state, that is the only solution to solve Kashmir problem. Populate Kashmir with Hindus import from all part of India.

  6. A few days back two articles appeared in the Hindu dated 15th Feb 2013 one was written by the famous “foot in mouth” retired Supreme Court judge Markandey Katju criticizing Narendra Modi “All the perfumes of Arabia cannot wash of the sins of ModI” another article prizing the Bhudu Rahul by Katju’s another family person Vivek Katju. In politics the ordinary layman for want of money join the crowed in the morning and shout “down” “down” against a party or individual and the same man in the evening join another crowed and shout “zindabath” “zindabath”. In one Tamil movie the Hero prizes one individual for shouting more than the expected, who shouts in the crowed saying “varumkala Mudalvar zindabath”. (Kodutha Kasuku malaye Koovuranda) It is OK with an ordinary layman in case of Mr.Katju it is a national shame

  7. Vineet

    Some very interesting facts for all Modi haters to ponder :

    1. Despite best efforts of SG, RG, NAC and croonies like Teesta, Shabnam Hashmi, Harsh Mander and so many; no evidence has been found against him. They have been trying very hard since 2004.

    2. Gujrat has developed further from a high base level. Even Central Government has to accept this, though very reluctantly.

    3. The man may have his weaknesses but it hasn’t affected the administration.

    4. Large populace voting for Modi in muslim dominated areas means even Muslims realize that he as CM does not differentiate and provides opportunities to grow.

    5. Read Modinama by Madhu Kishwar

    6. It is clear to all that NGO industry is shit scared of him since their privileges will vanish since they enjoy foreign funding by being part of or close to those part of NAC.

    7. Why was Harsh Mander’s NGO Chief was asked by Maoists in return for government collector release.

    There are more points, but for now ponder over these

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