Business Empire of the Church

An article by a Dalit Christian that exposes the rampant discrimination against converted Dalits in Christianity and shows how the church is nothing but a business empire. Should be an eye-opener for converts to monotheism.

Church Should Publish a White Paper on its Business Empire
By RL Francis

Catholic and Protestant churches, across the country, are celebrating December 9, 2012, as the ‘Dalit Liberation Sunday.’ Catholic Bishop Conference of India (CBCI) and National Council for Churches in India (NCCI) have suddenly become worried for their Dalit brothers. Both of these churches work under Vatican and the Geneva-based ‘World Council of Churches’.

In October month of this year (2012), Catholic Church has organized a congregation under Pope Benedict-XVI, which has advocated for faster evangelization considering the changing scenario of the world. It is under this theme that Indian arms of churches have thrown slogans like ‘Break the barriers – Build the world of equality’ for Dalit brothers.

But, the reality is that church has just tried to put old wine in a new bottle. They have demanded to include dalit Christians in the scheduled caste on name of ‘ Dalit Liberation Sunday’ They have criticized Manmohan Singh government to break their promises in this regard.

The slogan looks pleasant from the hindsight, but reality lies in stark contrast to the ‘words’. When church has not been able to create equitable order for 2.5 to 3.0 crore dalit Christians, how can they do justice to non-Christian dalits?

The big question on the entire church organizations is- If after conversion over hundreds of years, their situation is as good as Hindu dalits, then what church has done for them over this long period? Despite 70 percent of total converted Christians coming from dalit framework of Indian society, but their role in the church establishment is almost non-existent. Discrimination is persistently increasing within the church system. Church is trying to shift the blame on Hindu system.

Christianity does not believe in discrimination of any kind. This was the main reason our dalit ancestors have opted for this faith. Even Catholic Bishop Conference of India (CBCI), in its resolution passed in 1981, had said that there was no place for caste-based discrimination in Christianity. This is a bad system. The study of father Anthony Raj also proves this fact. Vatican severely criticizes caste based discrimination and untouchability. But, dalit Christians face this at every step. Handful of clergy controls all the resources of church. Through this demand of including dalit Christians in the scheduled caste’s category, church has played double game. They have successfully diverteed the anger of dalit Christians towards government and secondly, they have time and money to spend on more conversions, which will help them to firm their roots.

Welfare of dalit Christians has never been an agenda for the church. They have just been tool for the expansion of the church empire in India. This can be understood through an example. There are 168 Bishops in India but there are just four who come from the dalit community. There are 13,000 diocese priests, one-lakh nuns and 5000 brothers in India. However, merely few hundred of them are from the dalit community. Recently, only dalit priest from Delhi Catholic Archdiocese, Father William Premdas Chaudhry, has described the agony of his dalit father in his autobiography, “An Unwanted Priest”.

There is a common feeling that church has highest amount of land after government of India and they have land in the posh colonies. In India, church has some constitutional rights. Regulation must be imposed to control church and their institutions. There are 480 colleges in only Catholic Church, 63 medical colleges, 9500 secondary schools, 4000 high schools, 14000 primary schools, 7500 nursery schools, 500 training schools, 900 technical schools, 263 Professional institutions, six engineering colleges and 3000 hostels, 787 hospitals, 2800 dispensaries and health centres currently being run by Catholic Church. If institutes are being run by Protestants are included, then number reaches to 45 to 50 thousands.

Now, my question is, how many deans, teachers, professors and doctors are from dalit Christian community in this huge empire of church? How many of them are doctors in medical hospitals? How many dalit Christians are director of social institutions of church, which gets crores of foreign funds for the welfare of converted Christians. Before celebrating ‘Dalit Liberation Sunday’ church should answer these questions. Church should tell that how many dlit Christian students gets education in their convent schools? Reality is that church has become business enterprise and now it is being driven by profit motive. If church has guts, they should bring a white paper on the issue.

It is a harsh truth that many people won’t believe, that condition of Hindu dalits has considerably improved and Christian dalits are now left in this race. Hindu dalits have started ‘Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’ to help entrepreneurship among dalits. But, I want to ask why any such model for development of Christian dalits has not come from church despite having ample resources? I demand instead of ridiculing dalits, they should first create a system which gives them proper rights and justice in the present system.

— R L Francis



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21 responses to “Business Empire of the Church

  1. Having converted to Christianity with a blind manner there is no question of blaming them for discriminative treatment met out by them. It is better all of them come back to Hinduism without any delay. If Christianity is really humanist society and believe in charity why don’t they recruit willing Indian citizen and take them to their respective western countries and arrange for citizenship and do the conversion and charity work there. By this way the Indian over population also will reduced to some extent. This is the true charity everybody will accept.
    The converts are failed to understand the open truth of in-human Christian charity. There method of converting people with all sort of temporary allurements to divide the people religiously, culturally, ethnically, historically and make the society unrest everywhere and in-between swindle the resources with puppet leaders and Governments. This is the open truth and historic fact for many centuries. Still it is a sad fact that people are ready to convert for the cheap temporary benefit. Conversion is like a goat poultry farm and you will get rich food and can grow healthy without knowing that you will be send to slaughter house one day.

    • som

      You are absolutely right.

    • IndianOcean

      You well said man! These christians don’t want to give us a living place in poorly populated all the whiteman’s empty land pieces on this earth and so much interested in getting a living place in unknown imaginary Paradise. What a cheating practice these christians follows. Our ignorant Indians are easily fall trap to these kind of idiocracy. The samething applies to Middle Eastern Muslims as well.

  2. Christian proselytizing and evangelizing is purely a function of the Ego. The ego is not the Self. The ego is ignorance and darkness.

    • som

      Christian proselytizing and evangelizing is purely a function of geopolitical
      agenda of “SATAN DESIRE”.

      • @som Yes, the geopolitical agenda at a surface level. And it must be dealt with at a surface level too. But it is equally important to understand the underlying, malevolent cause as well. To state that Christian proselytizing is a function of the Ego puts an arrow into the heart of their belief that they are doing ‘God’s work’. They are deluded. What arises from the false Ego is never ‘God’s work’. They are not seeking the Truth, they are seeking Dominance. Their work is the work of ignorance and darkness, disguised as love for and devotion to Jesus Christ.

        • IndianOcean

          Your explantion is clear-cut message for Christians & Muslims. Their ego won’t allow their consciousness to come out from the imprisonment of religion.

          As I told in my previous posting that “Monotheist are not interested in offering even a small piece of land from their illegally occupied bigger continents for people coming from heavily populated country like India, but so much interested in finding a living place for us in Heaven”. This is purely a selfish act. Religion is being abused by monotheist for forcing their culture, econonmy, and language upon others who are poor, ignorant, incapable to fight, socially oppressed, and weak mindeds.

          God has to punish these people severely.

          • @ IndianOcean God won’t punish them. In the end, we all come face to face with our self-created demons and suffer as a result. This pain eventually puts us on the right path. We are our own self-punishers. It’s called karma. God doesn’t punish; God is Being-Consciousness-Bliss and our only separation from God is our existential Ignorance. This is why I am a Hindu: Hinduism, primarily, is about Knowledge (capital ‘K’) — the Knowledge that transcends empiricism, mythology and theology; the Knowledge that sets us free.

    • SOMETHING TO BE AWARE OF — Read the following:

      Indian companies are among the biggest land holders in the African country through deals concluded in dubious circumstances

      “It is not a land-grab, it is a life-grab. It is daylight robbery. But if we protest, if we speak the truth, we could end up in jail or worse.” Obang Metho was referring to the leasing of land to foreign companies in Ethiopia, spreading over nearly four million hectares. Nyikaw Ochalla joined in: “This is happening in the lands I grew up in, and it is my relatives and childhood friends who are being jailed, beaten up, and driven out; my childhood memories are being violated.”

      Metho of the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia, and Ochalla of the Anuak Survival Organisation were speaking at the “Indian-Ethiopian Seminar on Land Investments” organised on February 5-6, 2013 in New Delhi. The seminar was put together by Indian civil society groups Indian Social Action Forum (Insaf), Popular Education and Action Centre (Peace), and Kalpavriksh, the research institution Council for Social Development, and the U.S.-based research group Oakland Institute.

      Indian stakes

      The stories narrated by Obang and Ochalla were harrowing. The lands being leased by the Ethiopian government to companies from India, China, Malaysia, and other countries, were claimed by it to be “empty.” In actual fact these are areas occupied or used by pastoral and small farming communities, as also grasslands and forests with significant wildlife. Decisions are being taken in the country’s capital to give up these lands ostensibly to help the country produce food and generate revenues; the underlying message is that either there is no one there to do the job, or that local communities are simply not up to the mark.

      Indian companies are among the biggest players in the land deals, with investments of over $5 billion, and leases over 6,00,000 hectares. Karuturi Global, a Bangalore-based agroproduce company has alone received 3,00,000 hectares. Claims by these companies and by the Ethiopian government that the deals are legal and entail no human rights violations, have been shown as false in a series of on-ground investigations. The Oakland Institute has meticulously documented the nexus of corporations, politicians, investors, and officials that has made the land-grab possible. It notes that there is no public consultation with local communities (much less their consent), many of whom find out that their pastures or fields have been sold off only when bulldozers arrive. Any form of resistance or even questioning is met with imprisonment, beating up, and even killing. Both private security companies and the Ethiopian government’s own forces are used to protect the investors. And there is a total lack of environmental and social impact assessments in these deals.

      It is also stated sometimes that what Indian companies are doing abroad, is not the responsibility of the government. But this ignores the various ways in which the Indian government facilitates and supports such deals, not only through diplomatic channels but also financially (even if indirectly). For instance the Indian Export-Import Bank has pledged $640 million of credit over five years for Ethiopia’s sugar industry, and the fact that Indian companies are getting the biggest deals for sugarcane plantations cannot be unconnected.

      Mass displacement

      Obang and Ochalla were careful to clarify that they were not against India’s people, who they realised could not be supporting such land-grab; however, for the affected communities, “it is Indians who are doing this to us.” It is therefore important for groups here to question the intentions and actions of Indian companies and the Indian government agencies supporting them. Does their behaviour in Ethiopia meet the laws or guidelines under which Indian companies act within their own country? Does it meet international standards of human rights and environmental sustainability that India is a signatory to?

      Over the next couple of years, the Ethiopian government plans to forcibly move 1.5 million people off their homelands and concentrate them into a few settlements in a process called “villagisation.” It claims that this will enable it to provide efficient and good quality services like drinking water, sanitation, schools, and clinics, which is not possible in the case of today’s scattered, small settlements. But Obang and Ochalla point out that all the relocation is taking place from lands targeted by investor companies, and that even where communities are saying they would much rather stay where they are with whatever amenities they have, they are being forcibly moved out.

      The claim that such investments are a “win-win” deal for the Ethiopian people and Indian companies is also questionable. Much of the production (sugarcane, cotton, jatropha, etc) is meant for export, and local foodgrains which are the staple diet are not being grown. Very little local employment is created; there is no requirement by the Ethiopian government that companies have to hire locally. Nor is there any contractual clause by which the money generated is to remain within the Ethiopian economy. A handful of businessmen and politicians are the prime beneficiaries.

      Obang and Ochalla were at pains to state that part of the blame for this sell-out is located within the country’s own history, in which sometimes adverse relations between different tribes have become entrenched in the political system. The country’s ruling elite are from a tiny minority belonging to one ethnic group, who can ignore the sufferings of other groups affected by land-grab. In this sense, it is the Ethiopian people themselves who have to resolve the problem. But there is also an important role for India’s people, especially in highlighting the role of their own companies and government, and facilitating greater awareness of what is taking place in the name of Ethiopia’s development.

      • India’s wealthy corporate class is far from living up to the ethical principles underlying Hinduism.

        • You are absolutely right. Both the Government and the corporate sector (whatever the religious belief has no concern for the environment or the poor; Kerala’s record in plundering forests with support from the church is a good old example). In Ethiopia I am familiar with it, the damage done by an Indian company to the land and people is immeasurable. Unethicl is a mild word.

  3. JGN

    @Durat, so far as I know, both Christians and Muslims believe in the “Last Day of Judgement” and also that the same will not come until and unless the whole world embrace their Religion. Has this got something to do with their eagerness to convert others into their Religion by hook or by crook?

    • IndianOcean

      Muslim & Christian try to convert the whole world to their religion. It will be impossible to make world homogenious religion since two religions are trying the samething for their final judgement to come down. Even they take 50/50, or whatever % win they are not 100% covered the whole world. Hence the final judgement won’t happen factually. Unless otherwise they fight each other and destroy either one totally and reminding winner will become the final populace of the world, then it will be possible for God to send final judgement. By the time only few people down there on the earth to see the God coming down for judgement, the rest all would have ashed away by N-bombs.

    • @JGN You’ve heard of ‘maya’ no doubt. Maya is the Sanskrit word for ‘illusion’ and ‘delusion’. The ego is also a delusion. It doesn’t really exist, yet in its unreality it creates hell. The Sages, Rishis and Avatars make it clear: Reality is the Self (Brahman) — Being-Consciousness-Bliss. There is no one ‘up there’ judging us. We create our own heaven or our own hell. Nor is there a past or future, everything is always happening ‘now’. The impression of ‘past’ and ‘future’ is a creation of the mind, and the mind should not be confused with Reality. The Sages were/are truly wise, non-violent and at the same time extremely powerful. To insult or harm a Sage is to invite great pain. India has been blessed with an extremely long history of many, many of these great Beings. In modern times, Sri Ramana Maharshi is an exemplary example. With this background, India could accomplish anything. When Indians return to themselves and stop being hypnotized by the impressive yet superficial accomplishments and splendors of other nations, they will arise once again. As it stands, Indians are too easily impressed by the glitz, wealth, etc of outsiders. Many Indians now have become brown-skinned imitators of Westerners. They dress like Westerners, they talk like Westerners, they think more and more like Westerners. Indians have lost their self-confidence. But I predict that Indians will soon get it back. India needs a government and leadership that is actually dedicated to India. Unfortunately, with the Congress Party in power for so many decades now, the spirit of India is slowly being murdered. Hopefully, the next election will put some true patriots, men and women of integrity and courage, in power. Omnamahsivaya.
      PS No, there will be no ‘last day of Judgment’. But we must not forget, we now have the power at our disposal to destroy every living thing on this planet. It’s time to wake up!

      • IndianOcean

        Dear Durat

        Thanks for explanations on Maya. What is your opinion on those sages, Rishis, Monks has got vision of God/Goddesses, and Bible OT stories about God/Man relationship, and Quron history, etc?

        In Hinduism we have been taught to pray individual God or Goddess for different life problems and attain respective benefits.

        Ganesh – To remove obstacles
        Shiva – For piece of Mind & Final Reach of attainment
        Parvathi – For Health & Power
        Vishnu – For Wealth & Multitude Blessings
        Lakshmi – For Wealth
        Saraswati – For Knowledge & Wisdom
        Brahma – For Creativity

        Anything Maya related to Hinduism way of worshipping? I believe your answer will give me more clarifications to my mind.

        • When asked about the reality of gods and deities, Sri Ramana Maharshi would reply, “Yes, those gods and deities do exist.” Brahman as Being-Consciousness-Bliss is Nirguna Brahman (Brahman without qualities). Inherent within Nirguna Brahman is Shakti (Power). This Power manifests as ‘name and form’, both gross and subtle. The gods and deities are subtle manifestations of this Power. Brahman, in Its manifest forms, is Saguna Brahman (Brahman with qualities). Saguna Brahman has Its Being in Nirguna Brahman — the first is Relative, the second is Absolute. At least, this is how I understand it. Hope this sheds some light.

          • IndianOcean

            Thanks Durat,

            My many days of question and still floating in my mind that why no god of any religion doesn’t appear to man anymore. It seems to be in olden days from the various religious scripts i understand that god has appeared to some people, and or got incarnated as human being with supernatural qualities to protect people or nation from destruction from evil or demon or satan or asuras. In modern days those gods seems to be totally switch off from the earth and man forced to live by his own destiny.

            In common, accordig to various religious myths, it is believed to be end of creation or Yuga or nearing judgement and so on.

            If Nirguna Brahman is God of Absolute & Sarguna Brahman is God of Reality, every religion evolved based on these two principles, why then the various religious thoughts doesn’t go along with each other on human mind? If ignorance of Egoic mind makes life more complex and why human being suffers from lack of energy or power and incapable to derive it from unlimited Absolute or Reality to experience the life in more blissful manner?

            I also think through the state of Paradise to which every human being want to attain after this life. I can’t imagine about paradise or heaven, and different answers given by various religious people. I can only think of mind status while living in paradise from the present life experience of current world. But it seems to be very funny to me. What we say wrong in this world (experiencing sensation of sex, drug, etc) and getting perpetual mind experience of that similar sensations in Heaven makes me unacceptable.

            if principle of Heaven fails, all the religious books has got no meaning for human being. It simply becomes just a history rather than a books of god.

            Most of the religions tape the fundamental fear of human mind to institue this heaven principle into human society and enforce the people to be a member of that religion.

  4. JGN

    @ IndianOcean, some poor guys (and a few gals also) blasting bombs left right and centre believe that their Gawd will reward them in an imaginary life here-after and you are talking about Gawd punishing them!

  5. Focus on realizing the eternal Self. Don’t concentrate to much on the concept of God.

  6. S

    Mr. R. L. Francis says – ” Reality is that church has become business enterprise and now it is being driven by profit motive.”

    Mr. Francis is perhaps unaware that the cult of christianity has always been a business enterprise with no ethics whatever. The link below has the history and the present activities of christian mafia –

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