How Monotheists Brainwash

Monotheism is gutter ideology that no right thinking man will fall for. So monotheists have come up with very sophisticated brainwashing techniques to take away the thinking capabilities of people and make them do their bidding. Communists, Christians and Muslims — all use the same scientific technique of brainwashing to convert. Here it is:

Lifton’s Brainwashing Processes

Robert Jay Lifton was one of the early psychologists to study brainwashing and mind control. He called the method used thought reform. From an analysis of two French priests who had been subjected to brainwashing, he identified the following processes used on them:

Assault on identity

Aspects of self-identity are systematically attacked. For example the priests were told that they were not real Fathers. This has a serious destabilizing effect as people lose a sense of who they are. Losing the self also leads to weakening of beliefs and values, which are then easier to change.


Constant arguments that cast the person as guilty of any kind of wrong-doing leads them to eventually feel shame about most things and even feel that they deserve punishment. This is another piece of the jigsaw puzzle of breakdown.


When the person is forced to denounce friends and family, it both destroys their sense of identity and reinforces feelings of guilt. This helps to separates them from their past, building the ground for a new personality to be built.

Breaking point

The constant assault on identity, guilt and self-betrayal eventually leads to them breaking down, much as the manner of the ‘nervous breakdown’ that people experience for other reasons. They may cry inconsolably, have convulsive fits and fall into deep depression. Psychologically, they may effectively be losing a sense of who they are and hence fearing total annihilation of the self.


Just at the point when the person is fearing annihilation of the self, they are offered a small kindness, a brief respite from the assault on their identity, a cigarette or a drink. In those moments of light amongst the darkness, they may well feel a deep sense of gratitude, even though it is their torturer who is offering the ‘kindness’. This is another form of Hurt and Rescue, albeit extreme.

The compulsion to confess

Having being pulled back from the edge of breakdown, they are then faced with the contrast of the hurt of potential further identity assault against the rescue of leniency. They may also feel the obligation of exchange in a need to repay the kindness of leniency. There also may be exposed to them the opportunity to assuage themselves of their guilt through confession.

The channeling of Guilt

The overwhelming sense of guilty and shame that the person is feeling will be so confused by the multiple accusations and assaults on their identity, that the person will lose the sense of what, specifically, they are guilty of, and just feel the heavy burden of being wrong.
This confusion allows the captors to redirect the guilt towards what ever they please, which will typically be having lived a life of wrong and bad action due to living under an ideology which itself is wrong and bad.

Re-education: Logical Dishonoring

The notion that the root cause of their guilt is an externally imposed ideology is a straw at which the confused and exhausted person grasps. If they were taught wrongly, then it is their teachers and the ideology that is more at fault. Thus to assuage their guilt, further confession about all acts under the ideology are brought out. By mentally throwing away these acts (in the act of confession) they also are now completing the act of rejecting the whole ideology.

Progress and Harmony

The rejection of the old ideology leaves a vacuum into which the new ideology can be introduced. As the antithesis of the old ideology, it forms a perfect attraction point as the person flees the old in search of a contrasting replacement.
This progress is accelerated as the new ideology is portrayed as harmonious and ideally suited to the person’s needs. Collegiality and calm replaces pain and punishment. The captors thus contrast in visible and visceral ways how wonderful the new ideology is as compared to the sins and the pain of the old ideology.

Final Confession and Rebirth

Faced with the stark contrast of the pain of the past with the rosy glow of the future that the new ideology presents, the person sheds any the final allegiance to the old ideology, confessing any remaining deep secrets, and takes on the full mantle of the new ideology.

This often feels, and has been described by many, as a form of rebirth. It may be accompanied by rites of passage as the person is accepted and cemented into the new order. The rituals will typically include strong statements made by the person about accepting the new ideology fully and completely, swearing allegiance to its leaders. Saluting flags, kissing other artefacts and other symbolic acts, all solemnly performed, all anchor them firmly in the new ground.

When you see monotheists brainwashing someone to gain control over his mind, remember the above.



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21 responses to “How Monotheists Brainwash

  1. Ramesh

    If the author is a theist, he too is useless. His thought process would have also got shunted by his parents or society to make him a theist. Ramesh

  2. Very good description of brainwashing, aka externally marketed “conversion” to Abrahamism ( Christianity, Islam, even Communism)…

  3. @Ramesh
    Thank you for saying so much in so few words. Monotheists and Polytheists are just the two sides of the same coin.

    • Indian Realist

      This shows how little you understand monotheists.

      • It’s enough that I understan the ‘Theists’. Whether ‘Mono’ or ‘Poly’ doesn’t matter. It’s all a matter of symantic.

        • Indian Realist

          Well, there are monotheists and polytheists and there are also “no theists” (deny the existence of God and persecute people who believe in God like the communists). It seems you are a “no theist” fundamentalist who will torture people if they choose to believe in God and spirituality. This attitude is no better than that of the monotheists (“my way or the highway”). You, like monotheists, refuse to give freedom to people to think for themselves and make their own choices. Only polytheists are willing to give this freedom to everyone. So you are a part of the problem, not the solution. You are just like monotheists.

        • duart maclean

          There is a fundamental distinction between dualism and non-dualism. For the most part, classical Hinduism — particularly since the Upanishads — is strictly non-dualist. The Western religions (including Islam) are all dualist. Non-dualism makes the most sense and is line with modern physics. The dualist notions that Reality is somehow split in two is, excuse me, childish.

      • Pay attention to the new Jesuit Pope in Rome. The following is an abstract on the intentions and the relationship of the Jesuits with the Native American peoples:
        Gueno, M. “Hateful Saints and Human Savages: Native American-Jesuit Relationships in the Great Lakes Region” Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Studies Association Annual Meeting, Hyatt Regency, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Abstract:

        Jesuit Missionaries and Native Americans lived in the New France region, perpetuated violence against one another, and participated in a mutual relationship of hatred. Between 1610 and 1790, Native Americans in the Great Lakes region, including the Huron, Iroquois, Algonquin and related nations, maintained an emotionally rich relationship of both dependence and mutual hatred with the Catholic priests among them. Native Americans often expressed this anti-Catholic hatred towards the Jesuits for the effects of the priests upon tribal society and their alleged sorceries. Indians manifested this anti-Catholic sentiment through acts of physical hostility and less direct violence towards the Jesuit missionaries. However, the Jesuits of New France were likewise bound to Native Americans within this relationship of hate. 

        Jesuits perpetuated physical, mental, cultural, and symbolic violence against Indian tribes through religious practices and rituals. Though these hateful acts were often veiled by either paternalistic altruism or cultural rituals that obscured the reality or significance of the violence, Jesuits constructed a self-identity defined in opposition to Native Americans who they then demonized, racialized and hated. Jesuits institutionalized and expressed hatred for Indians through their culturally destructive behavior and the continuing reinforcement of these opposing identities. Both Jesuits and Indians had religious and mundane motivations that counterbalanced these acts of violence and repulsion and stabilized a mutual relationship of religious hatred. Native American culture relied on the Jesuits and their ritual of baptism to heal disease as well as for more conventional economic and political consideration. Similarly, Jesuit missionaries depended upon Native Americans to give definition to their sense of identity and purpose to their missionary endeavor.
        Hatred as it is motivated by or expressed through religious orientation and practice is essential to a richer understanding of religion. However, many historians have denied Native American anti-Catholicism, minimized the role of emotion and denied the influence of religion on Native Americans, thus weakening the importance of Indian-Jesuit relationships and dehumanizing Native Americans as historical subjects. Those historians who have recognized the influence of the Jesuits’ religion on the Indian-Jesuit relationship tend to limit their analysis to the construction of the ritual of baptism as a healing performance and the missionaries’ concern for conversion if they are religiously sympathetic. More social scientific historians tend to relegate the role of religion to either a secondary motivation for economic interests or an illusion of appeal rationally encouraged by Native Americans for political manipulation of French priests and colonists. However, both of these historiographical tendencies ignore religiously motivated conflict and diminish the already scarce impact of religion in interpretations of intercultural negotiations. Regardless of what other constituent parts the category of human may include, one defining characteristic of humanity is the capacity for emotion, expressed here through hateful religious repulsion and the feeling of cross-cultural religious attraction. By examining Native American anti-Catholicism and hatred, historical accounts can better illuminate the humanity of Native Americans and complicate narratives of colonial religion.

  4. Ramesh

    theism itself is a foolery…. talking about it is again…. including this comment, I admit. theists are either thieves or mad…. whatever be their status in the society….

  5. IndianOcean

    Yes Man, this is the “Ten Commandments” which Monotheists secretly following for more than two thousand years to spread their religion. This is the Internet World which brought this crooked method imposed on Human being for centuries in the name of God.

  6. IndianOcean

    Sorry please read the paragraph as below:

    Yes Man, this is the “Ten Commandments” which Monotheists secretly following for more than two thousand years to spread their religion. This is the Gift of Internet World which brought this crooked method to light, an ugliest abusal of human psychology which is being imposed on Mankind for centuries in the name of God.

  7. IndianOcean

    This is the hidden “Ten Commandments” found in the Bible’s New Testament.

  8. Rena Shah

    I am from a Brahmin family. However I can read, listen to reasonable ideas. Despite what I grew up with I believe there is only one God, creator because no matter a person from the east or the west researches or manufactures any medical product it universally works on everyone…same biological system. I also find the same story of The Great flood in all religions..Matsya Avatar in Hinduism. If all religions appeared at the same time, that would be cause for conflict and confusion. But information is of a nature that before a certain age, the older it was , the more dust on it.

    • God may be one or ten, but can you distinguish between monotheism and polytheism, and why they cannot coexist?

      • Enough of this posturing! Tell it the way it is. You are harping on this ‘monotheism’ VS. ‘polytheism’ construct for far too long. Actually you want to pit Monotheism (Judaism. Christianity, Islam) against Polytheism (Hindu), right?

        • Indian Realist

          What do you meant I want to “pit” Hinduism against monotheism? Actually, monotheism automatically pits itself against everyone else and does not recognize the right of other faiths to exist. I am just articulating this. Is it hard to understand? Read history.

        • Hinduism is not polytheist. Most anti-Hindus are too lazy to study the fundamental principles of the Sanatana Dharma. There is only one Reality and it is Brahman. There is no duality anywhere except in the delusional thinking of the monotheists. The essence of Hinduism is monist (all One).

          Vedic texts such as the Bahgavad-gita and the Upanishads were collectively considered  the most influential books ever written by eminent people like Thoreau, Kant, Schopenhauer, Schrödinger, Werner Heisenberg , Tesla, Einstein etc. (in the West). The originators of quantum physics (Schrodinger, Einstein, Heisenberg, Bohr, Tesla, etc) all studied the Vedic knowledge and based their insights into physics on those teachings.

          The fact is that, irrespective of east or west, great minds that come in contact with the Vedic texts agree that the ultimate reality remains timeless and changeless, and is contained in the Vedic texts such as the Bhagavad-gita and the Upanishads.

  9. IndianOcean

    Monotheism was designed to destroy all other faiths except itself. It is similar to virus and worms spreading, infecting the whole colony, and collapsing the infected system totally at the end. The human mind is egoic nature and easily captures this mind virus and spread it to another human mind system. Each infected system will be totally trapped into this mind virus and find no way to come out from there. Over the time, this mind virus will infect the whole world until the world system collapses.

    • So this virus will cause the world system to collapse! You should immediately present this earth shattering discovey to the Nobel prize committee. But on another note, what are you doing to save the world(with polytheism) from such a disaster. Are we entering ‘Kaliyug’?

  10. som

    Well said,thanks!!!

  11. Vineet

    If you see the mid-eastern desert cults of Islam and Christianity follow the my way or highway philosophy.

    Whereas the land of flowing rivers, Bhaaratvarsh, brought assimiliating philosophies of persons given freedom to chose and focus on doing the right things.

    But monotheists will never get it…

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