Mahesh Bhatt instigating Muslims for Jihad against Hindus

Bhatt’s body language and tone are those of a cowardly school boy trying to flatter the bullies.




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44 responses to “Mahesh Bhatt instigating Muslims for Jihad against Hindus

  1. These kinds of people are very dangerous. They are the ones who instigate genocide. They don’t belong in India (or any civilized country).

    • Rishi

      india………. civilized country…… are funny

      • Shlok

        @Rishi, probably you meant that the US was a civilized country,where a recent ‘leaked’ report shows that the New York police force believes that mosques in the US are a breeding ground for terrorism. Unlike your Commie buddies over here, I never speak anything without being assured of its authenticity. Do you want me to send you a link of this?

      • I’ve been to India twice — once for three months working in Mumbai, another a month at an ashram in Tamil Nadu (Ramana Maharshi). My experience of Indians has been that although they have many challenges as a nation, as a people they are kind, respectful and generous. Was I high on LSD?

        I have studied most of the major Vedic texts very closely and never cease to be amazed at the brilliance and profundity of thought of those ancient rishis. In terms of ‘time-line’ they may be ancient, but in terms of Knowledge they are well ahead 2014. I owe my practise of meditation to Indians. Meditation has proven to be the best and most powerful ‘tool’ for a life which is clean, clear and enjoyable. Namaste

        • Ram Sharma

          Thank you for your comments on Vedic texts and present day Indians. I myself get astonished when I read Upanishads and Geeta and their sublimed wisdom and spirituality and its universality. My only disappointment with my countrymen is that they do not stand up to preserve their heritage from attack from Mahesh Bhatt likes. It is pleasing that the Truth that the ancient Indians sages brought forth has inspired people like you from abroad.

          • @Ram Sharma, and don’t forget that there are now millions of people in Canada, the U.S. and Europe that practise hatha yoga regularly. They know that yoga comes from Hinduism, even if they don’t discuss it much. It’s only hatha yoga with some pranayama, but this is an important doorway to a study of Vedanta, which means The Upanishads, The Gita, The Brahma Sutras, and the writings of great Sages such as Adi Sankara. By the way, are you aware that most of the founders of research into quantum physics where serious students of the Upanishads (Einstein, Tesla, Schroedinger, etc.)?

    • Try to listen listen his speach step by step. Then comment please.

  2. Vithal N vora

    I feel Mr.Bhat talk is political and it proving the support to the party. He says Muslim those who dont fear. But he forget to say Muslim are those who never make fear to others. Secondly terror according to him to fight for terror with violence which is not correct. it should be solve with highest degree of understanding and brotherwood

    • Y

      Yes ,It should be solved with highest degree of understanding and brotherhood.Not through provocative speech of Mahesh Bhatt.

    • I agreed, your answer is excellent for those people who are misunderstanding, actually there is no religion for actors, their main aim to provide entertainment to indians (hindus, muslims, sickh etc.)

      • Ashutosh Kshatriya

        I respect these kind of muslims (like you) who even respect other religions. I don’t know why people are so narrow minded when it comes to religion as each one teaches to and love God..

        • So, basically you do not respect any muslim. ( its kind of forbidden for Muslims to respect other religion.)

          • Sage

            Or may not know Islam. One should respect a Muslim for his/her behavior towards others, particularly non-Muslims. But when one claims that every region teaches love and love for God, then that person has to be totally ignorant, particularly about middle-eastern or Abrahamic religions. Vishnu1708 is 100% correct. Ashutosh, you have shown disrespect towards Muslims.

  3. Ram Sharma

    One needs to look into Mahesh Bhatt’s family and relatives, who are mostly ,to understand why he speaks the way he does. To prove his loyalty to them, as he is not a born muslim, he tries to look more pro-muslim than even some muslims. Such cancers of the Hindu society, who have Hindu identity in name, but muslim-mulation in their genes inside, are far more dangerous that the extremists among muslims.

    • som

      Mahesh Bhatt was born to Nanabhai Bhatt, a Gujarati Hindu and Shirin Mohammad Ali, a Muslim on 20 September 1949.His father, Nanabhai Bhatt was a director and producer of Hindi and Gujarati films. Mahesh Bhatt was raised by his mother as his parents were not married and his father had another family. His Muslim mother raised him according to Muslim culture, his Hindu father takes care of all family needs. He considers a bond between his parents which had legitimacy in the heart.

      Though he was Hindu, he converted to Muslim before marrying Soni Razdan but did’t divorce his wife Kiran. Soni Razdan, the theater actress who bagged a major break in his most sensitive and powerful film Saaransh.

      • Ram Sharma

        Thank you, Som. I only knew he had Muslim relatives, but not as much as you informed. I know a few Hindus who have Muslim wife. But they do not talk or behave like this bastard.

        • Ramana Maharshi never approached people, but people approached him. When Muslims came to him with devotion, he was very kind. Ramana never judged anyone on the basis of religion. What he lived and taught was beyond all religions. He was/is truly universal. I never met him in person. He died in 1950, the same year I was born. We need more spiritual leaders such as Sri Ramana, those who have gone beyond all religious bias.

  4. Anonymous

    He needs a kick in his butt

  5. nitish arora

    he is very dangerous person..he raised in muslim culture and have soft corner for the bloddy muslims………. he also hate to narender modi but bhatt is forgetten that he and his parents were belong to the gujrat…..avoid him and his movies if u faith in hindu religion..jai shri ram…..

    • Sylar

      @ nitish arora u crazy? Muslims are the most generous and tolerant people.Get a life Dumb fuck.And Bhatt is no good ..he is an atheist ..His was acting wannabe type.Again u are a big dumb piece of shit nitish

    • raza rizwan

      Bustard hindus’bloody hindus’dirty hindus.

      • John

        The whole world knows…raza rizwan…you people will not improve yourself. Only America can mind your behaviour.You are dying one by one..because of your attitude.

    • surender

      first try to analyse the reason why he says that. It is the hindus who are bastard. Hindus like Narendra Modi RSS organisation whi9ch is actually a terrorist organisation they are busy humiliating and killing innocent muslims. It is not only He,
      every reasonable man feels the same and he one of those who dares to speaks the truth. So, whats wrong with that.

  6. Ram Sharma

    It is advisable to Muslims that they do not listen to Mahesh Bhatt like people and refrain from indulging in communal violence. If they do, a reaction is unavoidable, which is not good for their community or for India. A Muslim must not trust a pseudo-secular Hindu, and there are quite a few of them in India. These pseudo-secular Hindus exploit Muslim sentiments, and want them to get harmed, so that they come to them for help which always remains in the form of statements. A Hindu who speaks against Hindus can never be a Muslim-friend. Look at UP where there is a pro-Muslim secular government. Then why so many riots and, ultimately, more harm to Muslims then Hindus? In contrast, there have been no Hindu-Muslim riots in Gujarat for more than 10 years and Gujarati Muslims are mostly happy with their CM. Is it bad? Is Narendra Modi really bad for Muslims? Are riots really good for Muslims, as they happen frequently in states ruled by anti-Modi pseudo secular parties, such as UP, Bihar, Orissa, Assam, Maharashtra etc. Why a Muslim cannot see the reality, and gets swayed by the pseudo-secular and leftist Hindu propaganda. Is RSS really a terrorist organization? Then why the Central and state governments which are ruled by pro-Muslim secular parties do not take the organization in court? If they do not do that, but just make statements to misguide people, then are they not doing harm to Muslims and to Indian nation? A Muslim must not trust them blindly. It is not good for him or her.

  7. som


    • karan

      Love has its own religion and the religion is love.If a harmonious relationship is established among societies and religious beliefs in today’s multi -ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural world, then it will surely set a very good example for others .

      • hari

        @som & karan
        Very well said.
        Every religion have their own geo-political agenda trying to subjugate others land,property and culture can convert any multi -ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural country into mutual hostile camps after introducing war of terror which would generate through INTRINSIC INTOLERANCE TOWARDS OTHER RELIGIONS

      • I love Indian spirituality. Why? Because of the Gita, the Upanishads, and great Sages: ancient (such as Adi Sankara) and modern (such as Ramana Maharshi). Indians should never forget their extraordinary history and role in our world.

    • hari

      Han tribe cleverly dominated the entire multi -ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural China and today’s China is dominated by Han tribe expansionist group in the name of so called “COMMUNISM”.
      So the Western and Arab imperialism want to finish their unfinished target here in the entire multi -ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural south-east Asia in the name of so called brotherhood,religion of so called peace and so called love and performing” CRUSADE” and “JIHAD” in their own way.
      This “COMMUNISM”” CRUSADE” and “JIHAD”have their own geo-political agenda trying to subjugate others land,property and culture could convert any multi -ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural country into mutual hostile camps a serious threat for unity and integrity and Democracy of any country and above all ,the human liberty- the very air, we are breathing.

      • OM


        • karan

          List of “JIHADS” from beginning
          The Jihad against Arabs (622 to 634)
          The Jihad against Zoroastrian of Iran, Baluchistan and Afghanistan (634 to 651)
          The Jihad against the Byzantine Christians (634 to 1453)
          The Jihad against Christian Coptic Egyptians (640 to 655)
          The Jihad against Christian Coptic Nubian’s – modern Sudanese (650)
          The Jihad against pagan Berbers – North Africans (650 to 700)
          The Jihad against Spaniards (711 to 730)
          The Reconquista against Jihad in Spain (730 to 1492)
          The Jihad against Franks – modern French (720 to 732)
          The Jihad against Sicilians in Italy (812 to 940)
          The Jihad against Chinese (751)
          The Jihad against Turks (651 to 751)
          The Jihad against Armenians and Georgians (1071 to 1920)
          The Jihad against Mongols (1260 to 1300)
          The Jihad against Hindus of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh (638 to 1857)
          The Jihad against Indonesians and Malays (1450 to 1500)
          The Jihad against Poland (1444 to 1699)
          The Jihad against Germany (1945 onwards)
          The Jihad against Rumania (1350 to 1699)
          The Jihad against Russia (1500 to 1853)
          The Jihad against Bulgaria (1350 to 1843)
          The Jihad against Serbs, Croats and Albanians (1334 to 1920)
          The Jihad against Greeks (1450 to 1853)
          The Jihad against Albania (1332 – 1853)
          The Jihad against Croatia (1389 to 1843)
          The Jihad against Hungarians (1500 to 1683)
          The Jihad against Austrians (1683)
          Jihad in the Modern Age (20th and 21st Centuries)
          The Jihad against Israelis (1948 – 2004 ongoing)
          The Jihad against Americans (9/11/2001)
          The Jihad against the British (1947 onwards)
          The Jihad against Denmark (2005 Cartoon Controversy onwards)
          The Jihad against Netherlands (2006 onwards)
          The Jihad against the Filipinos in Mindanao(1970 onwards)
          The Jihad against Indonesian Christians in Malaku and East Timor (1970 onwards)
          The Jihad against Russians (1995 onwards)
          The Jihad against Dutch and Belgians (2003 onwards)
          The Jihad against Norwegians and Swedes (2003 onwards)
          The Jihad against Thais (2003 onwards)
          The Jihad against Nigerians (1965 onwards)
          The Jihad against Canadians (2001 onwards)
          The Jihad against Latin America (2003 onwards)
          The Jihad against Australia (2002 onwards)
          The Jihad against Latin America (2003 onwards)
          The Jihad against Europeans (2005 onwards)
          The Jihad coninues……….for future [AS PER MAHESH BHATT].

  8. ravi


    • Anonymous

      Frankincense is the dried gum of the frankincense tree, Boswellia carterii, or serrata, (the Indian frankincense tree).These are the main trees of the Boswellia genus used for their sweet-smelling gum which, when dried, pounded and burned makes incense as used by Hindus and the Roman Catholic church in their rituals. It was highly prized in the ancient world and was more valuable than gold. It is probably best known because the Three Wise Men or Magi, of Kings, took gold, frankincense and myrrh as gifts to the new-born Jesus. It seems that academics are now wondering if the ‘gold’ described in the Bible was in fact Balsam oil which was “more expensive than gold” in the ancient world. It would make sense if the baby had been presented with precious oil as well as the two other resins which were so valuable in the ancient world. It seems that balsam trees are now extinct though, so we may never discover the truth of the gift of ‘gold’ as given to Jesus.

      Frankincense tree
      However this is about frankincense or Olibanum as it is also known, so I’ll try not to get distracted. The Urdu word for frankincense, luban clearly comes the Arabic al-luban meaning ‘the milk’ which refers to the colour of the highest quality frankincense, which is milky tree sap which exudes from the cut bark of the frankincense tree and allowed to dry onto the tree before it is collected. By that time it is a hard resin. It comes in different shades which depend on the season in which it is gathered. It is whiter in autumn, and gets darker as the season changes to spring. It can be a pale lemon colour, or pale green and pale or dark amber. It is harvested two or three times a year and the best frankincense comes from young trees.
      As for the English word frankincense there is some debate surrounding its origins. It was believed to mean the incense of the Franks, and they were reputed to have taken it back to Europe with them after the crusades. It may mean pure kindling as franc means pure or abundant in Old French, and the Latin, incensus means to kindle or begin to burn.
      It is and was native to Oman, Somalia and Yemen, and it is still cultivated in those countries today. It doesn’t need much soil to grow, is more of a large shrub than a tree, and grows out of marble rocks on the Somali coast. The frankincense tree-growing area in Wadi Dawkah and the remains of the caravan oasis of Sisr/ Wubar, with the affiliated ports of Khor Rori and Al-Baleed in Oman were very important trading posts and routes in the ancient and mediaeval world. The ports and oasis are outstanding examples of mediaeval fortified settlements in the Persian Gulf area and were listed by UNESCO in November 2000 and are on the World Heritage list.
      The best frankincense is still said to come from Oman and Yemen .In 300 BC frankincense was much more valuable than gold (the metal) and it has been used for over 5000 years for spiritual healing. In ancient Egypt it was used in the embalming process, and was used in religious rituals especially in the worship of Ra the sun god and Utchat the sacred, primeval all-seeing eye that burned with judgment. The Egyptians imported the trees in 1480 BC in attempts to grow them in Egypt, but they didn’t flourish because of the rain, which they do not enjoy. They get their water from moisture in the air.
      Frankincense was used in the homes of the ancient Greeks and Romans to perfume the air. The Assyrians and the Babylonians also used it in their religious ceremonies, and later it was adopted by the Jews, and of course the Roman Catholic Church. In ancient Rome, myrrh was 5 times, more expensive than frankincense, which was much more popular and used in religious and state ceremonies. Pliny mentions that frankincense was an antidote for hemlock but knowing that didn’t help Socrates.
      In Iran in the 10th century Ibn Sina (Avicenna to Westerners) says that it was used for a variety of ailments including vomiting, diarrhoea, fever and tumours. In China today it is still used to treat leprosy, gonorrhea, and other illnesses. It is also used there as incense as it is elsewhere.
      Like sandalwood its aroma has soothing properties and it is used to treat anxiety, paranoia, feelings of guilt and confusion and the grief of mourning. It contains sesquiterpenes which help stimulate the brain’s limbic system and the hypothalamus (which controls the release of some hormones into the body). These are the primitive parts of the brain which are associated with emotions. In Europe frankincense is being investigated to discover if it assists in bone growth.
      It is mentioned in the Bible many times and this extract is from The Song of Solomon”:-
      “Who is this coming up from the wilderness
      Like palm-trees of smoke,
      Perfumed with myrrh and frankincense?”
      “Till the day doth break forth,
      And the shadows have fled away,
      I will get me unto the mountain of myrrh,
      And unto the hill of frankincense.”
      Herodotus who lived in the 5th century BC said this: –
      Arabia is the only country which produces frankincense, myrrh, cassia and cinnamon…the trees bearing the frankincense are guarded by winged serpents of small size and various colours.”
      But Herodotus loved a good tale and believed in the phoenix and other mythical beasts. We know that frankincense was traded in the Middle East at least since 1500 BC and then found its way to China, where it was first mentioned in 500 AD in the Mingyi Bielu (miscellaneous records of famous physicians) saying that it was used for mourning the dead. It was also mentioned in the Ebers papyrus dating from the 6th century BC in prescriptions and recipes for them.
      It was and is used in Egypt as kohl, with women using the charred resin from frankincense to blacken their eyes. They also used it as a depilatory and make a paste from it and other ingredients to perfume their hands. It is also widely used in perfumes and in toiletries for men. The Roman Catholic Church use this recipe for their incense: – 10 ounces of frankincense, 4 ounces of benzoin and 1 ounce of storax chopped into small pieces, mixed together and burned.
      Frankincense can be made into pastilles and chewed to sweeten the breath and an inhalation of the steam can be used to help bronchitis and laryngitis. It also has many other medical uses and has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries to cure ulcerative colitis and asthma. In Arab nations it is chewed as a gum and if you suck on a granule of Olibanum it will relieve nausea. You can soak two or three small lumps of the resin in water, and then drink the strained liquid to help with stomach disorders, ulcers and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. It has been used in folk medicine as a uterine tonic in pregnancy and during labour. However when ingested there might be side effects which can include diarrhoea, skin rashes and nausea, but this would only happen if you ingested a large quantity of frankincense. If you inhale the smoke, or just the perfume, you will be able to breathe more deeply and feel the claming benefits of the incense. It is said in a legend that God gave Adam gold, frankincense and myrrh as compensation for being kicked out of the Garden of Eden.
      Modern medical research has found that “The evidence for the effectiveness of Boswellia serrata extracts is encouraging, but not compelling.” This means that Professor E Ernst was not prepared in 2008 to say definitely that frankincense is useful for treating asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, osteoporosis or collagenous colitis. However in the same year it was reported in the Arthritis Research and Therapy Journal that osteoarthritis sufferers’ pain decreased after 7 days of being treated with enriched extract of Olibanum or Frankincense. It probably can assist in the diseases it has been used for treating for centuries, but modern medical research has been slow to undertake trials to prove that it can work. They do say that it seems safe though, although it could make some people feel nauseous, and could cause a mild stomach upset.
      It certainly smells good and can lift your mood, so buy a few incense sticks and waft them around your home this winter!

  9. Anonymous

    Mahesh bhat is madalready lost his mental balance and needs tretment

  10. sara

    I have read all the above comments! Islam is perfect,people r not perfect…
    Quran give the full way of life but the people do mistakes! 90% muslim called them muslim as they r born in a muslim family but they r actually not.. have they ever read that what is in quran? What actually islam tells about no they didnt bcz they have the time for their own purposes but they dont have time to read what is in quran what Allah says what quran guide us ..
    Please dont blame the religion people r not perfect they r illiterate a real muslim is first a human being, a good person

    • SC

      Quran give the full way of life but the people do mistakes! 90% muslim called them muslim as they r born in a muslim family but they r actually not.. have they ever read that what is in quran?

      It has been 1400 years, but the “misunderstandings” still continue. Is it possible to ask Allah to send a message that is in simple language and easier to comprehend, so that Muslims don’t misinterpret it to cut throats of people?

  11. sara

    These actors r not religious they only need fame… and yeah i heard that mahesh fasted in ramadan to recall the memories with his mother he fasted for his mother…. hahh the purpose of roza is only that,u realize that how the poor people survive without being eaten, its purpose is to understand their feelings ,it is not to show off bcz in this month u got connected to God ,, u control ur feelings u control urself from doing any kind of bad thing that is the main purpose of roza that to stay away from all the bad deeds even if u watch a naked girl etc or u did any thng bad ur roza will not b accepted! What mahesh bhatt did is not a fast (roza) they r actually illiterate

    • Sage

      Whether Muslims read Quran or not is no one’s concern, but the crime against humanity they indulge in is. Most non-Islamic countries, and some Islamic countries too, have trouble with Muslims. India, because of fragmentation of Hindus on caste and language lines, has been greatly tormented by Muslims. First, they divided India for a nation just for Muslims, and those who remained back can be readily instigated for communal violence. What makes Muslims so anti-national and violent, if it is not region, is an issue on which we would like to have your comments. Also, are you happy with the women’s status in society in Quran?

      • sara

        Listen no one is perfect! 🙂 i know what ever people think about muslims ! Dont u know what ever is doing in india? I am not talking about religion i m talkng about an individual .. rape cases r most common in india ok is that fine? And whatever america is doing with muslims? Dont u see? U should consider an individual not a religion bcz religion doesn’t tell us to do terror even v have studied that in america there r big institutes in which they taught urdu taught quran … leave it these r political issues… but atleast dont blame any1 .. open ur eyes firstly investigate that they r muslims r sme othr in the face of muslim… 🙂

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