Owaisi’s hate speech

Here it is, in case you were wondering where it went on Youtube:

You have to listen to the hatred and venom the guy spews on Hindus and India. Thank God, Gandhi is not alive now, otherwise he would have been beaten with shoes by other Hindus for allowing these people to stay back in India and not pushing them into Pakistan when we had the chance. The clip on Takshila in the beginning of the video is very apt. Too bad nobody could give these arguments to Gandhi and Nehru when they were drunk on the opium of Muslim love.



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9 responses to “Owaisi’s hate speech

  1. I don’t understand his language, but I can really feel the hatred. He’s dangerous, he’s a rabble rouser.

  2. And what about the mentally sick hate speeches of VHP and Bajrang Dal leaders? If you want to strut around like a truly neutral guy, go to Youtube and key in “hindu hate speeches.” Believe me, Owaisi’s speech will look like walk in the garden, for all you know. Do it, and I would then be really interested in knowing if your mind (if you have any) takes it!

    • Indian Realist

      Mad monotheist, tell me: HIndus, Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Ahmedias, Jains, Sikhs — which one of these do you not hate?

      • TheRealist

        I do not hate any religion, sect, theology, belief system, cast, color, creed, ethnicity; but I am a Muslim so which category I will belong to? Please enlightened me.

        • Indian Realist

          If you respect other religions or don’t consider them inferior, then you are not a Muslim. This is because you are being disrespectful to Islam by giving equal status to religions which worship other Gods than Allah. Don’t tell this to a Maulvi otherwise he will straighten you out and bring you on the right path.

  3. JGN

    @ TheRealist, do you believe that Planet Earth belongs to your “Most Merciful Creator” and by extension to the Muslims ONLY or do you think that others also have a right to live on planet earth?

    • Jawaan

      From a tiny single cell living organism to humans belong to any faith, religion, caste creed have “equal” rights. The way I am brought up I was taught to remember that:
      1. Always be humble to everyone
      2. Always look into your faults instead of pointing fingers to others and consider yourself as the inferior one to all others. You will only gain respect when you respect others.
      3. Do not love material things instead help and love other human beings irrespective of their faith so that you will live in the hearts even after you leave this world
      4. Bring others needs before your need
      I know I sound strange and awkward but I feel content because I always think I am the worst and have so much to learn in such a short life.

  4. abhi

    Owaisi is being a very honest muzzy, just like his prophet barbaric rasool . He is asking the muzzies the same thing the inhumane rasool asked his zombie followers back in his day. Owaisi has shown India the dirty colors of Islam .

  5. Vineet

    This Owaisi can talk like this because Mahatma Gandhi established a tradition of their appeasement starting from Khilafat movement and then no action in Mopplah riots by Muslims upto doctoring text books to suit monotheists (both muslim and christians). Congress has then truthfully followed this tradition and hence this bugger will go scot free.

    All segments believing in one book and only their true god are going to create such problems. Chrisitians are not far behind in creating trouble. But they are more sophisticated.

    He is claiming again and again 25 crore muslims which makes them 20% out of 125crore. Unrelated to this but why is not government releasing religous breakup of census. It seems their is steep rise in monotheist mid-eastern cults.

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