Prayers for Ajmal Kasab at mosque: Police launch probe

Mad monotheists always give first priority to their religion than to their country. Here is the proof:

Prayers for Ajmal Kasab at mosque: Police launch probe

KOCHI: Police have launched an investigation into the offering of prayers at a mosque here for Ajmal Kasab, who was hanged for carrying out the Mumbai terror attack in 2008.

The prayers were reportedly offered by an imam on November 23 after the Friday namaz at the mosque at nearby Trikkakara. After the namaz, prayers were offered for departed souls and the priest had reportedly included the name of Kasab. When the incident leaked out, police began a probe and questioned the mosque’s authorities and those who had participated in the prayers.

The managing committee of the mosque removed the imam from the post after learning about the incident, committee sources said.Investigation is on, police said. Kasab was hanged in Yerawada jail in Pune on November 21.



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3 responses to “Prayers for Ajmal Kasab at mosque: Police launch probe

  1. The fact that the managing committee of the mosque removed the Imam from his post is more important than the fact that the imam led the prayer for kasab. That should have been the heading. But it wouldn’t serve your agenda. No one can save a people who want to destroy themselves. Get the drift.

    • Vineet

      Managing Committee’s removal of Imam is not that important.

      It would have been great if Muslims participating in the prayer that day had themselves gone to Police Station to complain against Imam or had done a public flogging of that Imam.

      • I agree with you. In an ideal situation or in a perfect world that is what should have happened. But you are aiming for greatness (in participants)
        over the importance (of the action of the manaing committee). I believe in incremental progress. In fairness to the people who attended the congregation it can be argued that they are mostly ordinary people, too preoccupied in their daily struggle of eking out a living for their family than to further the cause of an utopian ummah. A preacher (the Imam) in their view represents a seat of power and influence who they need in funeral, in a nikaah ceremony and od knows what else. In such a situation very few will risk the wrath of someone socially (if not legally) powerful.
        have the courage to stand up. How many of us protest when we see women groped in public transport? Does that mean all of us support such acts of beastality? I don’t think we do.

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