Missionaries get Visa power under Congress

Another assault on Hinduism from Congress party. Hindus who vote for this gang of mercenary Hindu thugs and shrewd monotheists headed by a White Christian are truly retards who cannot recognize a threat to their existence even if served on a silver platter.

Church now has visa power!
By Sandhya Jain on December 31, 2012

Has the UPA Government covertly given foreign missionaries a free hand to proselytise and convert ‘heathens’ in India? Persons seeking passport services in November 2012 were startled to discover that, without any discussion in Parliament or in public, the UPA Government has quietly relaxed restrictions on the entry and stay of foreign missionaries coming to the country. These restrictions were enforced on the recommendations of the Niyogi Commission, appointed to investigate the activities of missionaries in Madhya Pradesh, which submitted its report to the Union Government in 1956.

This backdoor act has set alarm bells ringing in many quarters. The news is true. The missionary visa is issued to those going to India “for a religious purpose”. It takes up to three months to process, and the duration of stay is decided by the Government of India, which means it is open to discretion!

A visit to the passport office website and visa service clearly states, at Item 17: Missionary Visa: Visa to foreign missionaries, other than those holding ‘No objection to return to India Endorsements’, are granted only after clearance by concerned Ministry/ Department in India.

This is further clarified in Item 24: Registration: Foreigners entering India on Student visa, Employment visa, Research visa, Missionary visa valid for more than 180 days are required to get themselves registered with the concerned Foreigners Registration Office within 14 days of their arrival in India. Foreigners holding any other type of visa valid for more than 180 days do not require registration if the period of their stay in India on each visit is less than 180 days. However, they must register themselves within 180 days of arrival if the period of their continuous stay exceeds 180 days. For more details, see the website of MHA or Bureau of Immigration (www.immigrationindia.nic.in).

It is also learnt that the Government has decided to end the requirement for Protected Area Permit (PAP) needed by foreigners visiting Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland, three States where the Church is well entrenched since the colonial era, and where the missionaries want to expand the separatist agenda.

It is pertinent that the website of the Ministry of Home Affairs does not mention the ‘Missionary Visa’ at all. Nor does the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) where foreigners must register themselves if staying beyond 180 days, mention the Missionary visa. This is revealed only in the passport section, and is thus not known to the public at large, but word would have been spread through the international network of the church. The consular services of the Indian missions abroad would have received instructions regarding the processing of Missionary visa.

The creation of a special category of visa for missionaries may legitimately be considered as official patronage for Christian conversions in India. This violates the constitutional provision that the state would have no religion, and would treat all citizens as equal without discrimination on grounds of caste, religion, gender, or any other reason. The missionary visa in effect makes India a country where the state – or at least the regime of the day – has declared Christianity as a state-promoted and favoured religion, which has to be privileged even in violation of the Constitution and the nation’s foundational ethos.

Hitherto, foreign missionaries have entered India by the back door, on tourist visas, and have been deported if caught preaching or proselytizing, as this is contrary to the stated objectives of their visa. Foreigners who joined the missionary-directed protests at Kudankulam nuclear plant were also rounded up and swiftly deported on grounds of violating their visa protocol.

Now, however, the Indian Government is offering a carte blanche for foreign missionaries to undertake conversion activities with impunity. All that the various church denominations have to do is ensure a regular stream of padris to avail of the Missionary visas on continuous basis, and thus the respective churches can have an unending supply of foreign missionaries to enthrall their target audiences. This is bound to ensure higher funding of Indian missions by foreign agencies engaged in proselytisation.

It is truly astonishing that despite so many brutal experiences with missionaries, most notably in the north eastern states and Orissa, where two respected sadhus, Swami Shanti Kali and Swami Laxmanananda, were gunned down with AK-47 rifles for resisting conversions, not to mention the painful legacy of the Goa Inquisition, the UPA sees fit to encourage missionaries to descend upon India and convert vulnerable groups. Politically, the entry of foreign missionaries also has the potential to destabilize the districts and state where missionaries operate, as has been seen in several places.

The missionary visa is nothing but a blatant attack on India’s foundational ethos, civilisational integrity, and Hindu community which is the target of missionary machinations. It assaults the fundamental right of the Hindu community not to be trespassed upon by evangelists and to practice their native faith in peace and dignity.

In sharp contrast to its solicitude towards Christian missionaries, the UPA’s attitude towards the Hindu community is best gauged from the attempt to impose the draconian Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparations) Bill, 2011.

One wonders if the haste to encourage missionaries to descend upon India has anything to do with the well known rejection of Christianity in large parts of the Western world.



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27 responses to “Missionaries get Visa power under Congress

  1. malaydeb

    What a load of crap from a hindu cry baby. If people get converted because they want to. They are exercising their freedom of choice. No body is converting anyone at gun point, or under a wielding sword.
    Average Hindu’s inferiority complex and insecurity is amazing. Probably 1000 tears of foreign rule has dented the confidence big time. Though lack of understanding of Hindu religion and reading selective history is the prime cause.

    • Indian Realist

      So why doesn’t Vatican allow Hindu missionaries like ISKCON to proselytize to Christians? Maybe you can practise what you preach to the pagans. What happens to your secularism when you become a majority anywhere, like in Nagaland? You monotheists are dishonest with your arguments. No wonder, you had the Inquisition.

      • malaydeb

        You assumed that I am a monotheistic.
        Fact is, I am a Hindu. See no reason to change the fact. After all a place of birth and incidence of parentage is accidental. So is my religion, my caste, my province, my country et al. All these identities are by association, nothing more, nothing less. But there is one thing that I didn’t leave with the vagaries of chance. That’s my education. I refused to be taught by xenophobic bigots who define a human being by the narrowest possible denominator, that all religions are.
        Now you will understand that by not being a monotheistic I am not in a position to do justice to the rest of your rant.

        • Indian Realist

          If you are a Hindu, then you are rank stupid. Hinduism can do without “Hindus” like you. Your attitude is that of an alien watching the organised assault on Hinduism with a serene detachment. Whether Hinduism lives or dies, there seems to be no skin off your back. Maybe you can go back to your coke and pizza and leave this battle to those who can think beyond new year parties.

        • Indian Realist

          You may be in Italy, but I asked whether you are also allowed to preach inside the boundaries of the Vatican state?

          • Vatican is just a small place. Its like a temple. Would you allow non-hindus
            inside the temple to do their bits. They have given you the whole of Italy for cahanting and ranting, but thats not enouh for you. You.are one cantankerous guy always busy in nitpicking. Get a life.

          • Krishnadas

            Vatican is a separate declared catholic country state and Italy is a separate secular country. I feel , you must read history. The history of separation of Vatican and Italy is very interesting , Please google ” How Vatican separated from Italy” or “how Italy became a secular country” you may get the answers. Garibaldi and Mazzini were responsible for making Italy secular. So we have no problems in Italy. Hari Bol Prabhu.

      • Nanu Asari

        ISKON is in all European countries but there are no permanent takers for their brand of religion. Some, especially the social dropouts, join them for a while, smoke ganja with them, sing bajans, drink cow urine, have some hallucinations, then abandon them. Sorry, your argument doesnt hold water.

        • Indian Realist

          I presume the only brand of religion that permanently appeals to people is that which allows taking women of the right hand and marry 9 year old girls. Now that is something that can satisfy all your cravings till old age.

          • JGN

            @ Indian Realist, and there is the added incentive of getting 72 Virgins and 28 Hairless Boys, apart from unlimited qty of wine, fruits, etc in the Paradise. MJ converted when he was in his death bed as he was not satisfied with molesting all those young boys on Plant Earth. Yousuf Yohana, Wayne Parnell, etc also converted to Islam.

            Just wondering whether Yvonne Ridley will get 72 Studs and 28 Lesbians in the Paradise.

        • Anonymous

          Searched google as to how Italy became secular . Got a reference previously not read. This is true story and how Italy became secular.


          “The fate of this one boy came to symbolize the entire revolutionary campaign of Mazzini and Garibaldi to end the dominance of the Catholic Church and establish a modern, secular Italian state. A riveting story which has been remarkably ignored by modern historians, The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara has been made into a play by Pulitzer and Oscar winning playwright, Alfred Uhry. It opened at Hartford Stage in 2002. A new version of the play will be performed at the Guthrie Theater, in Minneapolis, from Nov. 4 to Dec. 17, 2006”

          The Hare Krisna follower KDas is partly right on Mazzini and Garibaldi.

  2. malaydeb

    Sorry, I didn’t know that you have a monopoly on Hinduism, or at the least you are an authorised dealer, or a sole selling agent of ‘Hinduism’. But I am still qurious. Is there some sort of a nodal agency authorised to certify who is a Hindu and who is not? If there is and you know them, please let me know. As an aside, you called me a stupid which is not a problem as such, because I don’t allow other people to define who I am. But it speaks a lot about your grooming, your upbringing, your education and your myopic world view of a tweleve year old.

    • @malaydeb, so you think you are well educated with good upbringing and a broad world view, and others in this forum like Indian Ocean are crude, narrow-minded, and with no proper education — well, it mirrors the mental slavery of Western-educated masters whose primary job is, day in day out, to denigrate Sanatana Dharma and its followers every possible way.

      • You are missing the point here, Sir. It was all about ‘Indian Realist’s’ calling me stupid. It was directed to him alone. It is an one to one direct communication between two of us. Where does the ‘OTHERS’ you mention even come here. And you bring ‘Sanatan Dharma’, ‘Western education’ etc. without a context.It seems to me that some people come here only to vent their spleen on these pages. They have no argument hence keep parroting the same lines regardless of the context and indulge in ad hominem attack. They are sloppy as well. You mentioned ‘Indian Ocean’, probably meant to say ‘Indian Realist’.
        As far as denigrating Sanatan Dharma is concerned, the saffron brigade, the siva sainiks and other assorted vigilante groups are doing just fine. I do not need to help them, not that I want to.

        • @malaydeb, agreed. It’s a one-on-one communication, but it is open to others in this forum. It is a streak of presumptuousness in your piece that I have directed my ire against. Obviously, you feel you have the right to criticize Hinduism. O.K., but it should be constructive, objective and balanced. I strongly feel these are absent in your criticism. As for the saffron brigade and other assorted vigilante groups, well, these are present in every religion and they go about their business unmindful of society at large. But in the name of secularism and perverted learning unbridled criticism of a religion is highly uncalled for and detrimental to the fabric of the Indian nation. Every reader in this blog has a right to defend his standpoint. Also, there is no room for any ad hominem attack.

    • Indian Realist


      I don’t know if there is a nodal agency authorised to certify who is a HIndu or not, but just as a woman doesn’t become a mother only by giving birth to a baby and abandoning him on a rubbish heap, similarly you don’t become a Hindu just by carrying a Hindu name and keep proclaiming you are a Hindu.

      Just like a woman has to accept the duty of nurturing and protecting a child to get the right to be called a mother, so also you become a Hindu only if you accept the duty of nurturing and protecting Hinduism. This is also the difference between a father and a sperm donor.

      If you say “I don’t give a rat’s ass whether missionaries convert all Hindus and there is no Hinduism left,” then you are not a Hindu but a charlatan. I can clearly see that while claiming to be a Hindu, you refuse to have any concern for it or recognise any sense of duty towards it, so you have forfeited the right to call yourself a Hindu. You are an opportunist, not a Hindu.

      This “I am also a Hindu” argument is used by all secular and Congress charlatans who engage in anti-Hindus activities and support monotheists against the Hindus.

  3. S

    “What a load of crap from a hindu cry baby. If people get converted because they want to. They are exercising their freedom of choice. No body is converting anyone at gun point, or under a wielding sword.
    Average Hindu’s inferiority complex and insecurity is amazing. Probably 1000 tears of foreign rule has dented the confidence big time. Though lack of understanding of Hindu religion and reading selective history is the prime cause.”

    Actually the cult of christianity spread with the sword, not Sanatan dharma, and it was the cult of christianity that brought down the Roman civilization. See the movies “The Da Vinci Code” and “Agora”. Now the christian cultists use stealth and bribery to convert ignorant tribals. It goes without saying that the West continues to de-christianise itself.

  4. So you consider tribals are ignorant! And you are Mr Einnstein? Swami Vivekanad? or Adi Shankaracharya? Whatever, the good news is that the tribals now know what you think of them.
    You talk about bribery. Why don’t you tell your friends in saffron brigade, particularly the rich Brahmins and Baniyas to dish out some of their ill gotten money to these poor tribals. You promote and save your religion and the tribals get some economic relief. Win win situation.

    • JGN

      @ malaydeb, pl read: “Conversion to Christianity – A Missionary Deception” by Mr. S.M.Saifullah. To my knowledge he is not a “Sanghi”.

  5. JGN

    @ malaydeb, >>>>>>Average Hindu’s inferiority complex and insecurity is amazing. Probably 1000 tears of foreign rule has dented the confidence big time>>>>> there is no need to wallow in self-pity. Present day India is the ONLY place in the world where the followers of two marauding West Asian Religions failed to completely wipe out the native culture and civilization. In all other places (Arabian Peninsula, Europe, America, Australia and major parts of Africa) they had enormous success.

    All Indians were not “grass-eating cows”. Our Ancestors had fought with the invaders/colonizers and retained their culture and civilization. The did not convert at the point of sword or at the pain of rape nor did they convert for a few Kgs of cheap American Milk Powder and a few Kgs of Rice.

  6. S

    “So you consider tribals are ignorant! And you are Mr Einnstein? Swami Vivekanad? or Adi Shankaracharya? Whatever, the good news is that the tribals now know what you think of them.
    You talk about bribery. Why don’t you tell your friends in saffron brigade, particularly the rich Brahmins and Baniyas to dish out some of their ill gotten money to these poor tribals. You promote and save your religion and the tribals get some economic relief. Win win situation.”

    To answer your first assumption – yes, anyone getting converted to any cult of christianity is ignorant – ignorant of the blood soaked history of these cults.

    Why do you think that all Brahmins and Baniyas are rich ?

    • Simple. Sucking the blood and sweat of lower castes, dalits and tribals.
      You are right. Their history is bload soaked. And the reason is the thuggery of the Brahmins, their Baniya financers and their Khatriya goons. No one has harmed the Hindus any more than this Brahmin, Baniya cabal did. There is proof on this very page that they have learned nothing from a civilisation of last 3500 years, may be more.
      By the way not all Brahmins and Baniyas are rich, not any more.
      I know brahmins and baniyas who has been reduced to rickswa (manual) puller, auto rickswa drivers even masons daily wage earners under NOREGA. I am not happy about it. Nobody’s misfortune makes me happy.
      Mentioned it just to prick your balloney about their infallibility and divine right to riches.

      • JGN

        malaydeb, historically the Brahmins were not rich. In Mahabharata, Dronacharya was a Brahmin, who could not even afford Milk for his son. He was fed water mixed with rice flour by his friends telling him that it is milk as the poor chap had not drank milk earlier! Krishna’s friend Sudhama was also a poor Brahmin.

        I presume that you are a Bengali. Even the Brahmin in the Apu trilogy was too poor to feed his family. Btw I am neither a Brahmin nor a Baniya.

        The Brahmins were just keepers of knowledge and I also presume that they might have denied education to some people but why it can’t be considered as the equivalent of IPL (Intellectual Property Rights) the West is so keen to protect?

  7. S

    I was talking about the blood soaked history of the cults of christianity, just in case you missed it. The rest of your post is missionary propaganda.

  8. abhi

    No one wud have complained if people have chosen Christianity on their own accord. But this normally doesnot happen. These missionaries usually fill hatred, misinfo, sometimes anti national, lure people with money/lucrative offers (majority of conversions R based on these). By hook or crook these will tryto get converts . In the name of doing human service thse missionaries do all kinds of dirty things just to get converts.

    • IndianOcean

      Christianity has been a repressive force against the advancement of civilization:

      Karl Marx termed Christianity an “opiate” of the masses, a tool of exploitation.

      Sigmund Freud called Christianity an illusion, a crutch, a source of guilt and pathologies.

      Bertrand Russell: “I say quite deliberately that the Christian religion, as organized in its churches, has been and still is the principal enemy of the moral progress in the world.”

      Arnold Toynbee: “When the Greco-Roman world was converted to Christianity, the divinity was drained out of nature and concentrated in a single, transcendent God. Man’s greedy impulse to exploit nature used to be held in check by his awe, his pious worship of nature. Now monotheism, as enunciated in Genesis, has removed the age-old restraint.”

      Gloria Steinem observed that human potential must replace God by the year 2000.

      Lyn White: “Christians, in absolute contrast to ancient paganism and Asia’s religions, not only established a dualism of man and nature, but also insisted that it is God’s will that man exploit nature for his proper ends.”

      “The crisis will not abate until we reject the Christian axiom that nature has no reason for existence save to serve man.”

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