Monotheists leave a man tongue-tied, literally!

Mad monotheists strike again. This time, they caught hold of an Indian in Germany and cut his tongue for not converting.

Student’s Tongue Cut in Possible Islamist Attack

An Indian man in Bonn claims to have been attacked and had his tongue lacerated by Islamists. He told police that a pair of perpetrators demanded that he convert to Islam before the assault. Police believe his story to be credible.

Police in Bonn are investigating a possible attack on a 24-year-old Indian man who claims to have been the victim of an assault by two Islamists on Christmas Eve. The man, a university student had to be treated at a local hospital for a lacerated tongue following the attack.

According to the victim, he was approached by two men who asked him what his religion was before demanding that he convert to Islam. Otherwise, the men said, he was an infidel and his tongue would have to be cut out. Then, as the man tried to walk away, the two assailants attacked him from behind, the victim told police. A passerby happened across the bleeding victim and called an ambulance. He was treated at the hospital and then released.

Police investigators believe the man’s story to be credible and also believe that the incident could indeed have been the work of Islamists. He described the perpetrators as having long beards but no moustaches, a style often preferred by Salafists. There were, however, no witnesses to the attack and police are currently searching for suspects.

It is not the first time this year that Bonn has hit the headlines as a result of possible Islamist activity. In May, a Salafist was arrested after stabbing two police officers during a counter-demonstration against a display of Muhammad caricatures by a local right-wing populist party. Earlier this month, another member of the orthodox Muslim group threatened to take a hostage in order to force the perpetrator’s release from prison.

Also in Dember, a bag full of explosives was found on a platform in Bonn’s main train station in an apparent attempted bomb attack. While no charges have been filed in that case, clues reportedly lead to the Salafist community.



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3 responses to “Monotheists leave a man tongue-tied, literally!

  1. Obnoxious incident. Hope that pseudo-secularists, Leftists and their ilk take note of this.

  2. Jyoti Jape

    Pseudo-secularists, leftists and their ilk will obviously not take note of such incidents. Hindus must take note of this and similar incidents happening in India as well as all over the world, because Hinduism and Hindus are threatened everywhere.

  3. abhi

    Germans under nazis threw away and killed many Jews who have contributed a lot in the field of science and now importing scum from middle east. The no. Of immigrants from scum lands seems to b on a rise in germany(and Europe) . If Germany doesn’t regulate immigrants from scumlands it will not b a safe place to live.

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