Brits abandoning monotheism in droves

When a society gives freedom of thought to people, they start to flee from monotheism. Desert religions cannot survive without oppression.

What Has Caused This Massive Flight From Christianity?

By Terry Sanderson, President of the National Secular Society

So, now we have the census figures and, as expected, there has been a huge drop in the number of people declaring themselves Christian in Britain – from 72% to 59%. The rise in those declaring they have no religion has risen from 15% to 25%.

So what has happened in this country in the decade since the last census? What has caused this huge flight from religion?

It’s complicated, but we have to take into account that in that intervening period we have had the trauma of 9/11 and the subsequent rise in Islamic militancy. We have seen a lurch towards conservatism within Christianity, with the Catholic Church becoming particularly aggressively political and reactionary. But the Anglican Church, too, has been taken over by evangelicals with an agenda that repels people, even those who have been traditionally attached to the Church of England.

After the debacle over women bishops, we have seen another demonstration of the inhumane approach that the Church of England is taking to same-sex marriage. Some of the rhetoric coming from the bishops and their supporters in parliament is verging on the crackpot.

There is nothing wrong with them being out of step with the opinions of the rest of the nation, but they have to accept the consequences of their stance – and that is a wholesale defection of their supporters.

The terrible activities of Islamist terrorists also reached their peak in Europe during these 10 years. The London bombings, the Madrid bombings, the constant demands for special treatment, the attacks on free speech and the hysterical threats that are made by fanatics may not represent the opinions of the average Muslim, but they bring Islam into disrepute – and in its wake the whole of religion is questioned.

We should also not underestimate the effect of the surge in New Atheism prompted by people like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens. The influence of their thinking, particularly on young people, has been tremendous. As the Catholic commentator Damian Thompson wrote in the Daily Telegraph: “It cannot be said too often: the default position of people born since 1980 is agnosticism or atheism.”

When the results of the 2001 census were announced and 72% of people had ticked the Christian box, we were told that this meant that Britain was a Christian nation and that religion must have a much greater say in legislation and policy-making.

In another 10 years, if the present trend continues (and all the signs seem to point to it accelerating rather than reversing) the Church of England will be non-functional as a religious institution, but it will still cast a huge shadow over our education system. Its role as the established Church will be unsustainable, but there still may not be the political will to disestablish it.

Unfortunately, this is likely to be the last census that is conducted. The government is questioning the cost of the exercise, so we will have to rely on other surveys and polls for the answers. But they bring even bleaker news for the churches.



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10 responses to “Brits abandoning monotheism in droves

  1. dipak

    Good opportunity for Indian christians to get jobs in churches!

  2. Why belonging to a religion ? Enjoying ( material) life is better than fearing ( any) god. It gives more thrill ( and frustration)…and nowadays you can buy everything with money, you can get anything quickly if you have money. If you don’t have, steal… There is not so much place for patience, for education and values, for morality, for religion.

    • Indian Realist

      There is place for spirituality among humanity, but there is no place for monotheism (“our god is true, your god is false”). Brits have seen through Christianity as monotheism that harms humanity.

  3. som

    We should also not underestimate the effect of the surge in New Atheism prompted by people like “Richard Dawkins” and “Christopher Hitchens”.
    The influence of their thinking, particularly on young people, has been tremendous.
    Clinton Richard Dawkins, (born 26 March 1941) is an English ethologist, evolutionary biologist, and author wrote in his 2006 book “The God Delusion”, contends that “a supernatural creator almost certainly does not exist and that religious faith is a delusion”—”a fixed false belief”.
    As of January 2010, the English-language version had sold more than two million copies and had been translated into 31 languages.

    According to Christopher Eric Hitchens (13 April 1949 – 15 December 2011) , a British-American author and journalist “the concept of a God or a supreme being is a totalitarian belief that destroys individual freedom, and that free expression and scientific discovery should replace religion as a means of teaching ethics and defining human civilization”.
    His anti-religion polemic, “God Is Not Great”, sold over 500,000 copies.

    • karan

      Dawkins came to prominence with his 1976 book “The Selfish Gene”, which popularised the gene-centred view of evolution and introduced the term ” meme”. In 1982, he introduced into evolutionary biology the influential concept that “the phenotypic effects of a gene are not necessarily limited to an organism’s body, but can stretch far into the environment, including the bodies of other organisms’; this concept is presented in his book “The Extended Phenotype”.(The genotype of an organism is the inherited instructions it carries within its genetic code. Not all organisms with the same genotype look or act the same way because appearance and behavior are modified by environmental and developmental conditions. Likewise, not all organisms that look alike necessarily have the same genotype.)
      He has described the Young Earth creationist view that the Earth is only a few thousand years old as “a preposterous, mind-shrinking falsehood”

      ON THE OTHER HAND Christopher Hitchens continued to regard both Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky as great men, and the October Revolution as a necessary event in the modernisation of Russia.In 2005, Hitchens praised Lenin’s creation of “secular Russia” and his discrediting of the Russian Orthodox Church, describing it as “an absolute warren of backwardness and evil and superstition”.

    • karan


      According to legend, BRAHMA is the son of God, and often referred to as Prajapati. The Shatapatha Brahman says that BRAHMA was born of the Supreme Being Brahman and the female energy known as Maya. Wishing to create the universe, Brahman first created the water, in which he placed his seed. This seed transformed into a golden egg, from which BRAHMA appeared. For this reason BRAHMA is also known as ‘Hiranyagarbha’. ,
      The peace-loving deity of the Hindu Trinity,VISNU is the Preserver or Sustainer of life with his steadfast principles of order, righteousness and truth. When these values are under threat, VISNU emerges out of his transcendence to restore peace and order on earth.
      VISNU’s earthly incarnations have many avatars. His ten avatars are Matsyavatara (fish), Koorma (tortoise), Varaaha (boar), Narasimha (the man lion), Vaamana (the dwarf), Parasurama (the angry man), Lord Rama (the perfect human of the Ramayana), Lord Krishna (the divine diplomat and statesman), and the yet to appear 10th incarnation called the Kalki avatar.

      In his commonest form, VISNU is portrayed as having a dark complexion – the color of passive and formless ether, and with four hands.

      SHIVA (meaning “The Auspicious One”), also commonly known as Mahadeva (meaning “The Great God”) and Shankara, is a popular Hindu god and is venerated as the Supreme Being within Shaivism, one of the three most influential denominations in Hinduism.
      In several branches of Hinduism other than Shaivism, SHIVA is regarded as one of the primary forms of God and “the Destroyer” or “the Transformer” among the Trimurti, the Hindu Trinity of the primary aspects of the divine.

      SHIVA is described as an omniscient yogi, who lives an ascetic life on Mount Kailash, as well as a householder with wife Parvati and two sons, Ganesha and Kartikeya. SHIVA is usually worshipped in the aniconic form of Lingam. SHIVA has many benevolent as well as fearsome forms. He is often depicted as immersed in deep meditation, with his wife and children or as the Cosmic Dancer. In fierce aspects, he is often depicted slaying demons.

    • karan

      The terms genotype and phenotype were created by Wilhelm Johannsen and first used in his paper
      ‘Hiranyagarbha’ is the first genotype and all other are phenotype and these phenotype can be treated as genotype for further creation of phenotype and this is process of evolution.From Matsyavatara (fish), to Koorma (tortoise), .from Koorma (tortoise) to Varaaha (boar), from Varaaha (boar) to Narasimha (the man lion), from Narasimha (the man lion) to Vaamana (the dwarf), from Vaamana (the dwarf) to Parasurama (the angry man),from Parasurama to Lord Rama (the perfect human of the Ramayana), from Lord Rama (the perfect human of the Ramayana)to Lord Krishna (the divine diplomat and statesman) is the complete evolution process depicted in our cosmology like genotype to phenotype
      and this phenotype would became genotype to produce their phenotype.
      this is the journey from ‘Hiranyagarbha’ to different species with the effect on environment and to environment simultaneously.
      This idea makes bridge between one specie to another,from environment to living organism from living organism to environment from low intellect to high intellect from high intellect to super intellect – from consciousness to higher consciousness from higher consciousness to
      cosmic consciousness i.e.self realization- the ultimate goal..

      • karan

        You have correctly made link between Hindu cosmology with modern evolutionary biology ,because our cosmology is based on science.
        The people of Britain became atheist after reading “The Selfish Gene”, which popularised the gene-centred view of evolution by Richard Dawkins .because they were the follower of CHRISTIANITY which could not compromise or survive with science,but Hindu cosmology is complete science.

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