Recent Massive Congress rally in Gujarat

The only crowded part is the stage!!



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5 responses to “Recent Massive Congress rally in Gujarat

  1. nitha

    This situation would be visible other part of India.

  2. Ramjam

    Obviously not surprising because they deserve this

  3. Anonymous

    The congress do not cleanse the corrupts .It seems the corrupt one says that ‘Agar muje passayega tho sab ko passayega” the party lost its credibility

  4. ravi

    Congress is loosing it’s identity ,not due to BJP, Hindutva,sangh pariwar etc. but their main vote bank such as minority,tribal,iower section of society shifted to Samajwadi party,Bahujan Samaj Party, trinmul congress,Biju Janta dal jharkhand mukti morcha ,DMK ,ANNA DMK,Telugu Desham and other reginal parties .
    These regional parties have strong existence in their region.
    There is no possibility of two party democracy UNLIKE U.S.A.( Republicans & democrats ) and U.K.(Conservative & Labor ).
    Probably , near future, this situation will remain unchanged .
    Either ,it is sad situation or encouraging it is another matter.

  5. Santosh Kumar

    There is nothing new in this. Things were worse in 2008 elections but anti-Hindu Congress still won. Why? Because of money they received from the US nuclear companies…remember Sonia’s visit to the U.S. then…the same thing is happening now….even now money has already started flowing to Congress local leaders….The bigger problem that India faces is not a corrupt anti-national Congress but a weak, complacent and stupid opposition.

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