If they don’t fear you, they won’t be nice to you

Here is an eye-opening video report about how rabid illiterate Bangladeshis are infiltrating Assam — over six thousand of these people are crawling under the fence every day to arrive in India. With them come moulvis and mosques, and soon people of other faiths are chased out from the area, the Muslims grab all land, and Islamic Caliphate is established. The video is in Hindi.


So what is the reason why Bangladeshis illegal aliens, Pakistani Jihadis, missionaries, maoists, communists, leftist liberals, Nepalis, Sri Lankans, White Racists — all of them walk over the Hindus with contempt, and that too in India, their homeland? The answer is given in Ramcharitmanas in the shape of a universal principle of human behaviour:

Binay Na Maanat Jaldhee Jad, Gaye Teeni Din Beeti

Bole Ram Sakop Tab, Bhay Binu Hoey Na Preeti

Here, Lord Rama has requested the sea to provide him and his army a path across it so that they can reach Lanka. But his polite requests fell on deaf ears. There was no answer from the arrogant sea and Lord Ram was ignored. After a pattient wait of three days, Lord Ram finally became angry and said: “Without fear, there is no respect.” He then pointed his agni-baan (fire arrow) at the sea to dry it. Terrified, the sea got rid of his ego, took the form of a brahmin, ran to Lord Rama and fell on his feet for mercy.

Hindus should read this again and again — without fear, good relations with others (people, races or countries) are not possible. When others fear you, they respect you, don’t want to offend you and want to be friends with you. Look at how America grovels in front of China but walks all over India, how Muslims don’t infiltrate into Punjab (they still remember the bloodbath of 1947 when Sikh swords were out), why there are no riots in Gujarat anymore (they remember the lesson taught after Godhra), and why people fall over each other to respect the sentiments of Muslims.

If they don’t fear you, they won’t respect you. Listen to Bhagwan Ram and forget what Gandhi taught you about throwing down arms and turning the other cheek.



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13 responses to “If they don’t fear you, they won’t be nice to you

  1. Vineet

    Here, Lord Rama has requested the King Bali to do something for him, but his polite requests have fallen on deaf ears. There was no answer and he was given a cold shoulder

    Pls get the context correct. It is Doha number 56 or 57 of Sundarkand and the three day wait was for the Saagar Devta, Sea God.

    Lord Raam asks for path to Lanka and fasts/prays for 3 days and when Sea God doesn’t budge then this doha comes in

    Vinay Na Maanhi Jadhee Jab, Gaye Teen Din Beet
    Bole Ram Sakop Tab, Bhey Bin Hoey Na Preet

    The word is not Jadhee Jab it is Jaldhee jad

    Rest agree with your post

    • Indian Realist

      Thanks for the correction. I just flipped through Ram Charit Manas to identify the doha and have now made the changes.

  2. Ram Sharma

    Another version:
    Vinay Na Maanat Jaladhi Jad, Gaye Teen Din Beet
    Lachhiman baan saraahiye, Bhey Bin Hoat Na Preet

  3. indglish

    Sagara is equated with Varuna and an older Rta (order) and Riti which had a different ethos from Bhakti devotionalism. The question was whether Vaishnavism, which shows equality of devotees and tender care of the Lord for all regardless of status, should ‘stay within its borders’ i.e. not challenge the old or supposedly ‘natural’ way of things.
    However, the Lord is the all powerful and all compassionate one who created the entire World and thus His Will is Supreme.
    It should be noticed that casteist sentiments are put into mouth of Sagara, however Lord Ram easily can vanquish over it. This does not mean Lord Ram showed an arrogant or haughty temprament towards the Ocean. He is model of politeness and courtesy. Even with sinners, he gives a lot of time to repent. Still it is noteworthy that he takes a firm line with Samudra who said- ‘Dhol,gawar, shudra, pashu, nari, ye sab tadan ke adhikari”- which shows that upholding lower status for uneducated or dependent people is itself the mark of lower status or uneducated behavior. Even the mighty Ocean which sets limit to the domain of Land has to admit it is nothing but an ignorant school boy, requiring the cane, in front of the true Lord, who is creator and maintainer of the World.
    Unfortunately people think that Tulsidas himself expressed this sentiment. This is quite mad. If I write a play against corruption and put the following words into the mouth of a corrupt politician ‘Some corruption is needed for Development’- does it mean that I believe Corruption is a good thing which should be tolerated?
    The Hindu Religion is not deficient in any way. But please look at what is being taught in the Universities and how it is coming down into the Schools to poison young minds. When I was preparing for the U.P.S.C exams, my Hindi teacher told me don’t express such sentiments re. Swami Tulsidas. You will be plucked in the exam. Just write on alamkar aspect and conclude by saying ‘unfortunately Tulsidas expressed Casteist sentiments prevalent at that time!’ Since then the situation has got much worse. People can get sacked or boycotted if they even suggest there is two sides to the question.

  4. karan

    Rama is a great hero to the adherents of Agama Hindu Dharma and to the Muslims who practice Abangan, a syncretic form of Islam and Hinduism, in Indonesia. He is revered by the people throughout Indochina who otherwise adhere to different forms of Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism. His regal bearing and fighting prowess is emulated in various Indian martial arts which in turn influenced various Southeast Asian fighting systems such as silat. The Rama Leela is performed across South East Asia in numerous local languages and the story has been the subject of art, architecture, music, folk dance and sculpture. The ancient city of Ayutthaya stands in Thailand, as the tribute of an ancient Thai kingdom to the great legend. Many ancient and medieval era kings of India and South East Asia have adopted Rama as their name.

    • som

      The essential tale of Rama has also spread across Southeast Asia, and evolved into unique renditions of the epic – incorporating local history, folktales, religious values as well as unique features from the languages and literary discourse. The Kakawin Ramayana of Java, Indonesia, the Ramakavaca of Bali, Hikayat Seri Rama of Malaysia, Maradia Lawana of the Philippines, Ramakien of Thailand (which calls him Phra Ram) are great works with many unique characteristics and differences in accounts and portrayals of the legend of Rama. The legends of Rama are witnessed in elaborate illustration at the Wat Phra Kaew temple in Bangkok. The national epic of Myanmar, Yama Zatdaw is essentially the Burmese Ramayana, where Rama is named Yama. In the Reamker of Cambodia, Rama is known as Preah Ream. In the Phra Lak Phra Lam of Laos, Gautama Buddha is regarded as an incarnation of Rama.

    • som

      Unlike Rama who had the straight and narrow path of maryada, or rules and regulations, Krishna elaborated“ lila”, meaning ‘divine play’, as the central principle of the Universe. The lilas of Krishna, with their expressions of personal love that transcend the boundaries of formal reverence, serve as a counterpoint to the actions of another avatar of Vishnu.
      According to the Ismailia sect of Islam, Krishna was a “Manifestation of God”. In Aga Khan III’s famous book “Islam is the religion of my ancestor”, Krishna and Shiri Ram were prophets of God for the people of India.
      Bahá’ís believe that Krishna was a “Manifestation of God”, or one in a line of prophets who have revealed the Word of God progressively for a gradually maturing humanity. In this way, Krishna shares an exalted station with Abraham, Moses, Zoroaster, Buddha, Muhammad, Jesus, the Báb, and the founder of the Bahá’í Faith, Bahá’u’lláh.
      Members of the Ahmadiyya Community believe Krishna to be a great prophet of God as described by their founder, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Ghulam Ahmad also claimed to be the likeness of Krishna as a latter day reviver of religion and morality whose mission was to reconcile man with God.Ahmadis maintain that the term Avatar is synonymous with the term ‘prophet’ of the middle eastern religious tradition as God’s intervention with man; as God appoints a man as his vicegerent upon earth. In Lecture Sialkot, Ghulam Ahmed wrote:

      “Let it be clear that Raja Krishna, according to what has been revealed to me, was such a truly great man that it is hard to find his like among the Rishis and Avatars of the Hindus. He was an Avatar—i.e., Prophet—of his time upon whom the Holy Spirit would descend from God. He was from God, victorious and prosperous. He cleansed the land of the Aryas from sin and was in fact the Prophet of his age whose teaching was later corrupted in numerous ways. He was full of love for God, a friend of virtue and an enemy of evil.”
      Krishna worship or reverence has been adopted by several new religious movements since the 19th century, and he is sometimes a member of an eclectic pantheon in occult texts, along with Greek, Buddhist, Biblical and even historical figures.For instance, Édouard Schuré, an influential figure in perennial philosophy and occult movements, considered Krishna a Great Initiate; while Theosophists regard Krishna as an incarnation of Maitreya (one of the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom), the most important spiritual teacher for humanity along with Buddha.Krishna was canonized by Aleister Crowley and is recognized as a saint in the Gnostic Mass of Ordo Templi Orientis.

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  6. pran

    Modi is going to get a US Visa after UK.

  7. Padmanabhan

    Modi is going to get a US Visa after UK.

  8. Kamlesh Upadhyay

    Its a very practical approach to one’s life to follow “Bhaya Binu Hoya Na Preet”, if he really wants to be loved and respected, either in his family or society. Other methods do not work for a long time. When you love and respect God, you also afraid off him. As soon as you stop fearing, you stop respecting and loving.

  9. Laiba khan

    its tru k bhay bin hoye na preet

  10. sandeep raghuwanshi

    binay na manahi jaladhi jad gaye teen din beet
    bole ram sakop tab bhay bin hoy na preet

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