Gandhi was Gay!

What is the Congress government trying to hide by buying letters that “prove” that Gandhi was guy. The Gandhi cult will collapse if it is proven he was sleeping with other men. The Daily Mail of the UK reports: 

Indian government spends £700,000 to buy letters which ‘prove national hero Gandhi was gay’

Letters between Mahatma Gandhi and Hermann Kallenbach are said to shed light on their ‘loving relationship’

They are among archive of documents which cover Gandhi’s time in South Africa, his return to India and his contentious relationship with his family
Papers were due to have been auctioned at Sotheby’s in London this week

A year after a controversial biography of Mahatma Gandhi claimed he was bisexual and left his wife to live with a German-Jewish bodybuilder, the Indian government has bought a collection of letters between the two men days before they were to be auctioned.

India paid around £700,000 (60million rupees) for the papers, which cover Gandhi’s time in South Africa, his return to India and his contentious relationship with his family.
The auction was to be held at Sotheby’s in London on Tuesday but was called off at the last minute.



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6 responses to “Gandhi was Gay!

  1. Could be categorized under Humor….

  2. Sage

    Even if he was, how does it matter. He was sure an IMPOTENT (in Geeta’s terminology), who failed to stand up against Mohammad Ali Jinah and the British design to divide India. He was not an Abraham Lincoln, a pacifist, who went to war to stop the partition of his motherland.

    • I think Gandhi did his best given an extremely difficult and complex situation. I doubt if he had time to be a ‘gay’, unless he shagged some fellow prisoners during his numerous incarcerations. Like many gurus, he may have expressed a deep love and affection for some of the men in his life and thus, some perverted materialists may assume that he was also injecting his organ into other men’s privates. I seriously doubt this and it goes to show just how low India’s leaders and intelligentsia have sunken.

      • Indian Realist

        Let us not turn Gandhi into a cult. He had many psychological problems. Let light be shed on his peculiar behaviour patterns like his obsession with bowel movements, treating his own family shabbily, recommending mass suicide to Jews, etc.

      • ravi

        Gandhi is not a cult ,bur a new (extreme ) version of Christianity(A MENTOR OF PASSIVE RESISTANCE ),introduced and brainwashed by(a Jew) Leo Tolstoy (e.g “A Letter to Hindoo”)and furnished by (again a jew) Rothschild(banker and actual owner of British East India Company) by gifting 110 acres of lush green land( with fruit trees) in South Africa (Tolstoy Farm) to work as a SOLDER reciting agent for WW II ,to eliminate every possibility of armed struggle for independence of India (that can cause MUTINY OF BRITISH ARMY),an agent (most cunning deployment by Britishers) to safeguard their interest.


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